Good Bye Norma Jean… You are still missed.

This post has nothing to do with ANYTHING. It is what happens when I hit typos because it is 1 a.m.

As a teenager I used to model, could’ve had a career in it if I didn’t knock the photographer out for calling me a fat pig because I went from 98lbs to 99.6lbs, so while all the girls are screaming the make up artist who seemed to me to be older than dirt came & shuttled me out off the set PDQ & she told me, none of us could’ve hold a candle to Marilyn Monroe, & she was a big girl then she said she dared him to call her a fat pig. Well all the photos I have ever seen of her were of a bean pole dame. She showed me a signed picture of her with a bathing suit, with thick arms, thighs & a very voluptuous figure. I was star-struck from that moment on. I never found that picture again, maybe it was the only one, I’ll probably never know but surfing the web for something totally different this picture came up, THEN I got on Facebook & there it was again, but with the true message on it. I had to share it, true beauty should be shared, it should live forever. Please enjoy the picture & watch the video,

Good Bye Norma Jean… You may be gone but you will never be forgotten & you will always be missed



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