Now let me explain what is going on behind the scenes at the Prosecutor’s office

Okay so everyone is asking: What is going on?

It breaks down to this, the prosecution is crapping themselves. The Mayor is pissed, the council members are pissed (especially the one’s up for reelection) the City Attorney is trying to cover his butt, for writing the brief he did for the Superior Court hearing, the prosecutor is scrambling all across his contacts to get help to make sure he gets a conviction. The judge is almighty pissed & since he & I are both from the Mitchell line I know exactly how pissed he is. (Screwed up isn’t it? That my own blood could screw me over so badly & hurt my innocent animals in the process) The 3 meetings (that I know of, there may be more) about my Tort Claim, the HOURS & HOURS spent copying & pasting my pages & my blogs, are all just part of the grand standing, they are copying & pasting everything like mad so they dissect it & take out parts that make ME look bad, but once they introduce any of this into evidence I can request that ALL of it be introduced. The order was given to use ALL resources to “shut me down” but the one thing they didn’t count on was the fact that I don’t won’t, & can’t back down from this fight. If there is even ONE SINGLE IOTA of a chance that my animals are still alive then they will have to fight me to my death. If they have killed my animals then they have left me with nothing & the ONLY thing my entire life will be devoted to is destroying them. It is a fight they just can’t win, like the dumb ass nerdy kid that calls a fight after school in the lunchroom with the Captain of the football team cause he thought he was going to be out at practice but practice was cancelled that morning. Oops! Screwed that one up didn’t you?

Now the biggest problem is this: Animal Law as it is written in almost every state, & every jurisdiction is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, & all of the agencies that are scrambling right now to help the City are sh*tting bricks because they all know it too. Good Lord almighty I even have the Dept of Defense on my sites looking at that specific term, HSUS is a daily visitor, & about 4 different colleges that are trying to pump out new Animal Law attorneys. So it is going to screw me in the long run because some numb nuts will come up with some crap to try to bamboozle the law, but… some attorney somewhere is going to pick up on it, then he or she is going to share it, & then pretty soon it will become common knowledge, then the laws WILL have to be changed. Unfortunately that will leave a lot of animals vulnerable in the meantime. It will also give a defense to animal abusers who truly deserve to be prosecuted sadly enough. The worst part will be when my case goes to appeal, once it goes on record the entire country has access to it & will know better how to defend animal abuse & cruelty cases, to the benefit of true animal abusers.

The most stupid thing about all this is if they would’ve just given me back my animals, my babies more correctly I probably would’ve just pleaded out & walked away, but they had to be cruel & keep them from me, mutilate, abuse & torture them, they had to deny me the knowledge of if they are even still alive. The problem is that they went for my throat, but forgot to cover their own. Now I am going for their throats. They have driven me literally past insanity, there is a part of me that died over a very long period of time. In trying to break me & destroy the bond my animals & I have they have ROYALLY screwed themselves. I might add that by using my blog & my web pages they will do nothing more than show a jury my descent into insanity caused by their cruel & unusual punishment, of my babies & of myself.

So now that I know this attorney is not going to fight for me, I know what I have to do, & it is just going to prolong this nonsense. The city still has not produced the discovery we requested back in April, no date or time stamped photos, no lab results in regards to what we asked for, the last packet of crap they gave us was just another bunch of papers they “made up” no lab results because they know I can’t get a vet for an expert witness without them. Since they haven’t produced the photos we can’t verify which ones are missing, or even when they were taken & if they have to come up with all of them showing my dogs bloody & battered it obviously won’t help their case, it would be grounds for a dismissal, (if I had an attorney who was going to fight for me) Keep in mind this attorney was willing to let me go to court with NO expert witness & hadn’t even spoke to my witnesses at all, one of my witnesses, actually 2 were subpoenaed the day before court!!! The investigator didn’t even start interviewing witness til 2 days before court when he should’ve started 5 days before that. My attorney did not even know about the Motion of Limine, he knows nothing about the case, he is not going to challenge anything, & not asking for a change of venue.

So basically this is a case of egos at this point, they can’t figure out how to break me, they can’t use anything against me because it will backfire on them, they can’t figure out why I haven’t backed down, or where I even got the cajones to challenge them, they most certainly didn’t expect me to learn this fast or get as much help as I have, from the places & people I have. They sure as hell NEVER expected me to write a blog about it or put up a web page about it & I guarantee you NO ONE expected my little YouTube videos.

So here is the deal, even if I win, I will have to fight them for the costs of boarding my dogs & medical, but they have their own 501(c)3 so they can hire a private attorney to fight me for custody of them & still try to bill me, even though they took my animals illegally. Remember what I said before, they have 92K maybe more by now in assets, they have only used 40K for vet services, so they have 50K plus at their disposal to hire an attorney to fight me as well as backing from the City of Everett & the Mayor, Ray Stephanson.

This is a classic case that shows that when people in power f*ck up, they will do anything & everything in order to cover their *sses, they will spend every dime they have at their disposal (The BOTTOMLESS pockets of the tax payers of the city of Everett) to make themselves look better & to win. I am going to have a ball posting the QUARTER MILLION DOLLAR MISDEMEANOR once this is over & I get the public records for this whole thing, oh & once I post all of my tracking stats that shows just how much time they spend on my sites.

I honestly don’t feel sorry for a majority of the citizens, because they voted these idiots in, they chose the corrupt leaders that are in power today, none of them question the higher taxes, levies & fines, they just bend over & take it like good little sheeple, they whine for about 5 minutes, hand over their paycheck & don’t even ask WHY!!!

So basically even if my animals are alive they have the power & the money to keep them from me til they die, & I believe that is exactly what they will do. After 10 months of being apart from my babies who knows what is left of them if they are alive, 2 of my dogs are seniors, so they won’t be long for this world, my cat is only 7 & the other 2 dogs are only 3 & 5 yrs old.Oh but wait!!! As soon as the court is over then the 501(c)3 will start begging for donations for my animals & that will be EXACTLY where I get them, any claim they make if it is not in black & white from a LAB, any disparaging remarks they make to private donors or on-line & then we will dance.

This is most of it, but there are other things, like they watch my rescue page to see what animals I have in rescue, then go to my facebook to see if the new owners add me to their friends list so they can contact them, which they have already done, or if I talk to anyone on my witness list they can charge me with witness tampering, which is what another county told them to do, & they are gearing up for a counter suit because of my blog, web page & video’s to keep me occupied but I have a friend in law helping me as far as posting, & everything I post is true & backed up by documentation, there is undisputable truth, there is also this pesky little thing called the 1st Amendment, created by brilliant minds & signed, sealed & delivered by the blood of generations of Soldiers. Yes they have no respect for the Constitution, they do not believe they are bound by “those rules” but the United States Supreme Court… They think otherwise.

The worst part of this? I have only posted a fraction of what I actually have, obviously I can’t afford to show my entire hand but once you see it ALL you will absolutely be shocked & amazed beyond all belief & understanding

I don’t know who created the image above but    please read it & take it to heart & please share it.

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