Animal Law News & Abuse – Why we are here

I have been… more correctly my animals have been the victims of arbitrary animal laws, not intended or used to help animals but used consistently to abuse animal owners.

My story starts out with the piece of crap animal shelter in Everett Washington, but it has gone much further over a 13 yr period. I am an animal rescuer & years ago I was puling pit bulls from that shelter in a town with BSL, all of the animals were coming out with injuries & were all maced, I complained often & loudly so in retribution they took my animals & charged me with not having water out 24 hours a day.

My animals arrived at the shelter 5 to 6 hours later bleeding from the rectum, unable to walk, bloody, missing teeth & hypothermic as well as having seizures, then they took my 14 yr old terminally ill American Eskimo who was from the Kennewick puppy mill, disected him & put sticky notes all over his internal organs but to make sure they totally desecrated his remains they threw him away like garbage in violation of my Native beliefs.

This was 2 years ago & I have not even laid on on my furchildren since that day, but this fight is far from over. Very far


If you see this pig faced woman at your door, call an attorney before you say a word to her, & do NOT let her near your pitbulls. She changes her last name like people change socks. REMEMBER, this is the woman had my animals somewhere for 5 to 6 hours doing only God knows what to them Fat cow

If you have the misfortune of ever seeing this woman, get as far away from her as you possibly can, she lives in the Edmonds area off of Highway 99 according to the latest police reports against her for beating her 2 pit bulls with a bat to get them to stop fighting. Her & pig face (up above) work together to take people’s animals away. The lady down below has lost custody of her children for abusing them & is a certified, mentally ill, & is a known danger to society, animals, children & the citizens of this state. She has a violent criminal history & 2 people in her care have died under mysterious circumstances, the 3rd is still up in the air. She generally has at least 1 eviction per year but as of the past year & a half she has not because she is living off of an emotionally disabled man who’s parents recently passed away. I have filed an endangered adult report with the state’s Social Services division so nothing “mysteriously” happens to him as well. Crazy cunt   In the course of my nightmare I found out about so many others going through the same things, if I have proof & documentation I write about it here, if you have a story you would like to share then please send it to me with documentation & I will gladly write about it or post your own story in your own words here.

I intend to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to & I am taking it to the Federal Courts as well.

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5 thoughts on “Animal Law News & Abuse – Why we are here

  1. Same thing happened to me in Wisconsin and it seems it’s always some pig-faced fat woman behind these things. They killed my 9 year old Springer Spaniel, who was my son’s pet, my 12 year old Maltipoo because he had missing teeth and a 2 year old German Shepherd. I would like to speak with you.


  2. I am going through this right now in Mt Vernon, Washington. I could use some help. I have no money to hire a lawyer and am treading water. February 28th 2014 Animal Control (Skagit County Sheriff) and the Skagit Valley Humane Society came onto my property with a search warrant and confiscated all my animals. Four dogs are still at the Humane Society. I am neither a “puppymiller” or an “animal hoarder” but I have a lot of animals, mostly dogs because I wanted to start a quality kennel. All this started by one anonymous “tipster” who apparently thought my dogs were too skinny and lived in crates. This was his conclusion after visiting my property on one occasion. I have had three hearings at district court and one hearing at Superior court, all to no avail. The health of my animals is no longer contested. The problem seems to be my refusal to allow Emily Diaz, the animal control officer, access to my property without a search warrant. The judge wants her to make periodic unannounced “inspections.” I have learned the hard way that her so called “inspections” are just opportunities for her to collect more “evidence” (usually an empty water bowl or food bowl) to support her attempt to nail me for Animal Cruelty in the first and second degree, send me to jail, confiscate all my animals permanently, and turn me into a felon. Since I was skewered in the press and on facebook too, all you doubters should come and visit me and meet my dogs, and goats, and chickens, and rabbits, and ponies… See “animal cruelty” up close and in person.


  3. Help… I have just read the info here on Ginger Luke in Seattle,, there is so much going on and we are looking for the reporter that uncovered her years ago.. she is selling dogs as meat dogs.. from South Korea and they are actually being pulled from shelters in South Korea and flown to her and sold. for great profit.. please email me


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