What YOU can do to stop corruption in your town

Now that you have figured out that something is wrong with your local govt… What do you do?

1) Tell everyone you know, ask them to help you.

2) Go to city or council meetings, & question your leaders

3) Start a blog & record your issues, add documentation, get input from your community, get guest authors, get as many people involved as you can. Here on wordpress you can actually have multiple authors on one blog

4) Send the link to your blog to newspapers, tv stations, reporters, anyone you can think via email, facebook & twitter.

5) Most importantly if there is a candidate running against someone you feel is not working in your or the community’s best interest ~ send your info to any new candidates republican or democrat, even independent. (Especially Independent!) There is no room for political affiliations when you are trying to clean up corruption!

6) Make fliers about what your issues are, take them to the malls, city hall, your local churches, fairs, carnivals, parks, courthouses, anywhere there are large groups of people. For a fee you can even create postcards that can be mass mailed to a specific target area or group.

It is much more detailed then this obviously but I am willing to come to your community & show you how to do it & to show you how to get started. Just contact me at finallyhomerescue@yahoo.com & we will get you up & running in no time.

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