Revisiting the Bailey case ~ So you can understand the Olympic Animal Sanctuary Fiasco

When I write I don’t want you to automatically believe anything & everything I say. I want you to think, I want you to dig deeper.

I provide all of the documents I have and give you an interpretation of what I see. Sometimes it is very straight forward & doesn’t require more than just reading it, sometimes it requires further investigation

Sometimes it only gives part of the story so I keep digging until I can’t find anything more. I strive for integrity in what I write. I am not a journalist, hell I’m barely a blogger but I want to make sure if you have wasted 5 minutes of your day here that you have learned something or maybe can think a different way about something.

Sadly some of the stories I write about are so convoluted that it takes many many stories to sort through the drama that authorities & their cohorts throw in the mix. My case is a perfect example of what happens when groups of miserable women get together & some have a position of power.

I have been trashed & slammed because I have stood up for Steve Markwell at Olympic Animal Sanctuary, even got my own story on craven’s desire ~ a pit bull hating blogger. I have lost friends, had people block me, been personally attacked.

I have stood my ground because I have seen so many of these types of cases turn out not to be ANYTHING they are portrayed to be. Worse yet I have found that some of them are connected by people who have been defeated in one arena who have focused on someone else as retribution

The Bailey Case & The Olympic Animal Sanctuary fiasco is the PRIME example.

TO RECAP: Bailey’s Farm got raided, by Kitsap Humane, charges were dropped but not until they had given away or sterilized most of their animals without a court order, the only animal that died was the cow that Officer Julie Goode DEMANDED the family keep food out for at all times which proved deadly to the cow who bloated & died in the middle of the night. That resulted in the firing or resignation of almost everyone at Kitsap Humane including Officer Goode. So she lands in Forks, where the Mayor & the former Snohomish county chief LIE by omission & don’t notify the citizens of Forks that she was the lead officer in the Bailey case which gives her the perfect platform for revenge, which she IMMEDIATELY utilizes. Then you take a bunch of miserable other women who don’t like the way that Steve is doing anything because they don’t understand the types of animals that Steve deals with, put them all together with an Officer who is trying to save face & they get Scotlund Haisley on board to bring the HSUS agenda into a rural & farming community. Well that doesn’t work, so they start a facebook page, & lie their butts off.

The Peninsula is a very close-knit community, they are out there because they don’t like the big city crap, it is a fishing & farming community. I remember when we lived in Olalla some rich shit came out there & built his house, an imposing ugly creation with brick walls all around it… within a week of him moving there he started calling AC on everyone for barking dogs, howling coyotes, mooing cows, neighing horse, ribbitting frogs. It was ridiculous, last straw was when he called on our dogs a very large group of us walked up to his door & told his stupid ass that is WHY we lived out here. So our animals could live free, so our kids could make noise, so that we could hear the music of the coyotes & the frogs when we went to bed & if he didn’t like it to get some damn earplugs or take his ugly monstrosity of a house & move it back to the city. He never called again but he did get a big security gate. He can’t even go into a store ~ all 2 of them ~ the clerks simply turn their backs on him. No one wants him or his business out there.

A group came together for the Bailey’s like NO ONE has ever seen though which Kitsap Humane was not counting on. NONE of the animals were sick, skinny or in bad shape, they were food animals, no one is going to buy or eat a sick skinny animals

Media Coverage of the Bailey Case and Related Topics

Olalla couple may seek restitution for seized animals
Quote from the article: “
Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Claire Bradley wrote in an email that her office did not believe that the county could provide proof strong enough to convict the couple in court.

‘(I)n the interest of justice, we have dismissed the charges against both defendants,’ Bradley wrote. . . . ‘Given the current state of affairs at the Kitsap Humane Society, we are unable to meet our discovery obligations and unable to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.'”

Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped Due to Lack of Evidence
The prosecutor’s office admits they couldn’t prove the animals were neglected. Too bad that didn’t stop the involved agencies from taking them, altering them and adopting them out despite the Baileys’ petition to get them back and the judge’s order putting a hold on them.

Prosecutors drop animal cruelty charges against Olalla couple
All charges, both civil and criminal, have been dropped–but the animals are still gone. Lots of activity in the comments below the article.
** Please note that the article is incorrect when it says that the cow carcass was discovered during the raid. Court records show that the Baileys called KHS to notify them of the cow’s death (and that they felt it was due to overfeeding as per KHS’ instructions) more than a week previous to the raid, on 11/2/2011.

The ACOs (animal control officers from KHS) were shown the location where the cow was buried in a visit to the Bailey farm on 11/3/2011, a week before the raid. At that visit Officer Goode’s records note that animals had food and water, dogs had been recently groomed and did not appear to be matted, the number of animals had been reduced, and many enclosures had been freshly cleaned. On that date the Baileys were given a deadline of Dec. 1st to comply with some other things KHS asked them to do.

The next time KHS came to the Bailey property was 11/10/2011, when the raid took place. On that date the ACO’s records again indicate that animals had food and water, some had been recently groomed, water containers had been cleaned, additional shelter had been built, and food was stockpiled on the premises.

Prosecutor’s office charges Olalla couple with animal cruelty
The fact that the Baileys were charged with 2nd degree cruelty most likely means the autopsy did not show the cow died of starvation, as starvation would be a 1st degree cruelty offense in WA. Some very interesting comments under the article.

More than 180 animals seized from Kitsap County property
An article which says the animals were taken because “they just deserve better” and where authorities bring up issues like stormwater infiltration (includes video, slideshow and aerial footage).

Kitsap Humane Society seizes animals from property in Olalla:
This article says most of the animals were of healthy weight according to the veterinarian, cites algae growth in the water as cruel conditions, and says that they did have food on the premises for the animals every time they were inspected (KHS claimed they needed $700 worth of food per week and that all animals must have food in front of them at all times).

Kitsap Humane Society seizes nearly 200 animals
An article saying that KHS got a warrant because of an anonymous phone call.

Owners of animals criticize Humane Society rescue – Port Orchard Independent 
Article giving a bit more of the owners’ side of the story. The truly stunning quote in this article is where Jake Shapley, KHS Director, admits the seizure wasn’t actually about the condition of the animals.

Once healthy again, 180 animals will need new homes – Port Orchard Independent
An article where the KHS claims it will cost $700 per WEEK to feed the animals, an amount experienced farmers feel is astronomically inflated for the number and type of animals being fed species-appropriate types and amounts of food.

Suspected Cruelty Case Prompts Kitsap Humane Society’s Largest Ever Animal Seizure
Posted on the 15th of November and updated on the 18th, this article points out that KHS doesn’t have adequate housing or feed to be able to care for the animals they chose to take into their custody.   Also in this article is this quote:  (KHS Executive Director Sean ) “Compton explained that all the rescued animals will remain in custody until the investigation is resolved . . .  ”

Barking up a different tree – Kitsap Humane Society wants to forgo nuisance calls in favor of cruelty investigations
Jake Shapley quoted in a 2010 article, saying that KHS is now going to focus solely on finding cruelty cases because nuisance cases and stray animals aren’t lucrative enough.

Jake Shapley | LinkedIn 
Linked-in Profile of Jake Shapley, the director in charge at KHS who made the decision to confiscate the animals. According to the qualifications listed here, he appears to have no experience or interests relating to domestic or farm animals previous to becoming KHS director. His training is in archaeology.

Pursuing the ‘cruelty’ scam
Commentary from a writer pointing out how KHS stands to benefit from the seizure.

Guest column: Humane Society wrong in this case to seize animals – Port Orchard Independent
A local, retired farmer stands up and speaks out on the subject . . . will you?

Hearing in animal cruelty case gets testy
Richmond claimed the couple had not received any sort of due process regarding the animal cruelty charges or the seizure of their animals. He said authorities had failed to notify the couple of the charges in writing, and they only heard about their arraignment hearing through documents sent to them by a concerned reporter.

Olalla couple pleads not guilty to animal cruelty charges
Tensions ran high during the first court appearance Tuesday of an Olalla couple charged with animal cruelty.   In a 45-minute appearance that included 12 supporters, Simon and Rosalind Bailey pleaded not guilty to second-degree animal cruelty charges.

Kitsap County Humane had a history of abuse of authority evidently. Sadly my experience with them was perfect, we worked together, they were kind fair & polite to me. Other people not so much. I screen garbbed a few comments from the news stories above that made me go WTH???

Former critics of Humane Society mollified by external audit » Kitsap Sun 2013-07-25 00-03-21 Kitsap Humane Society's PR and development director resigns » Kitsap Sun 2013-07-25 00-07-06 Three longtime Kitsap Humane Society board members to retire » Kitsap Sun 2013-07-25 00-01-57My point is this whole fiasco caused the shake up of almost the entire staff of Kitsap Humane & in trying to save face they made things worse for themselves. The Bailey raid was merely the tip of the iceberg so to speak…

On January 26th we find out the head of Kitsap Humane is gone

Executive director out at Kitsap Humane Society » Kitsap Sun jan26Then on January 31st we find out about a petition being circulated by angry donors

Humane Society director's departure raises suspicion, concerns » Kitsap Sun jan31

In a move to placate they announce a new director

Kitsap Humane Society hires interim executive director » Kitsap Sun feb16The very NEXT DAY comes the announcement that the Bailey’s charges have been dropped

Prosecutors drop animal cruelty charges against Olalla couple » Kitsap Sun feb17But now because they can NOT keep their yaps shut when they are behind instead of telling the truth, that this was an illegal seizure that could potentially cost tax payers millions of dollars, they had to blame it on “red-tape”

Staffing shake-up at humane society jeopardized animal cruelty case » Kitsap Sun feb29.So we have a whole lot of people running around with egg on their face & the potential loss of millions of dollars & even perhaps the end of Kitsap Humane, all the while.

The main cause & creator of this entire catastrophe? OFFICER JULIE GOODE

Now in interviewing numerous people I have found out I was pretty much the only idiot that didn’t know that the Bailey’s & Steve Markwell were related in the whole county we have motive. Cant crush the Bailey’s want to save face & get yourself a grab in the spotlight? Well she went to work on Steve right away, (when she is not busy t-boning other drivers & getting various other collisions on duty) so much so that he had to retain an attorney long before the facebook page came out & she was removed from his case & told to not have any contact with him. In another act of retaliation she throws in citations & investigations that were never entered & in all truth we don’t even know if they were written then or not, she may have doctored for them for her hero Scotlund Haisley. Now most of her friends went down the crapper for her stupid decisions in Kitsap which makes you wonder how far down she’ll take the city of Forks

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Here is my letter inre: Olympic Animal Sanctuary to the City of Forks

I sent this letter to a couple of people this evening….

To whom it may concern:

I recently seen the statement that Steve Markwell made to “Yes Biscuit” The city of Forks & it’s actor violated many laws, some included below, most are considered gross misdemeanors.

Since we KNOW that a ticket which Ms Goode issued after she was pulled from the Markwell case was released to the public. It was never officially filed, & qualifies as private information. It was also simply a retaliatory act against Mr Markwell for her own personal reasons

Furthermore her involvement in Mr Markwell’s family farm raid should & DID create a conflict & she should’ve notified a superior of this conflict & removed herself from dealings with Mr Markwell. Instead she chose to create a hostile environment for Mr Markwell making it impossible for him to live in peace & enjoyment on his own property & severely handicapped his ability to do his job.

Whether Ms Goode was “starstruck” by the presence of Mr Scotlund Haisley is unknown but a jury of her peers might be led to believe so. Maybe it was merely an attempt at trying to regain her lost credibilty after the Bailey fiasco which sent her & most of her co~workers running for the hills, Ms Goode’s “run” landed her in Forks & gave her the perfect opportunity for retaliation, again any sane minded jury could & should make this distinction.

So this begs the question: Why is Ms Goode still employed in any position with the City of Forks? It would seem the city would be well aware of the liability they are creating by retaining Ms Goode in their employ

It seems all of the little trolls that were posting documents ad naseum on our Facebook page in support of Olympic Animal Sanctuary are backpedaling & doing a mad dash to remove those now but no worries I do a screen grab of everything so they can’t deny anything when Steve decides to sue them all

So here is the false instrument because it was never filed but was maliciously given to a person doing a public records request yet never given to Mr Markwell, so it is NOT public record…. I don’t think one needs a JD to figure that out. Oh & I do have a copy of Ms Goode’s so~called “investigation” 9 days AFTER she supposedly filed her report which was also not on public record.

Perhaps the saddest part of this whole fiasco is that Forks, & the Penninsula areas are rural areas, people move out there to get away from the urban ideals & attitudes, this is a fishing & farming community & THAT is what the residents want. To start bringing in the animal rights activists & psychopaths is giving them an inch ~ Once you have done that they will take over the Penn & a way of life that has sustained people out there will be GONE. Animals are a source of help, food & companionship where you are. I am a vegetarian but I understand that my way of thinking is not feasible or even practical to people in a farming community. In the city our pets are merely companions, on a farm they are working animals dog or cat, whether it be to chase mice off or to guard livestock & I guaren~damn~tee ya that doesn’t mean people in rural communities love their animals any less. Mark my words, if you don’t stand your ground you will destroy many more lives & livelihoods. Just look back to the Bailey case & what was done to them.

Some of you included in this email have been responsible for passing these new unconstitutional animal laws, & the state will bear the burden of those costs. We don’t need stricter laws, we just need the ones we have enforced, not arbitrarily used to harass honest tax paying law abiding citizens to make criminals out of them to fulfill personal vendettas. I am hoping Mr Richmond will get an injunction against the city of Forks & hold their representative Julie Goode accountable for the egregious misconduct on her part.

RCW 42.52.050 Confidential information — Improperly concealed records.   
(2) No state officer or state employee may make a disclosure of confidential information gained by reason of the officer’s or employee’s official position or otherwise use the information for his or her personal gain or benefit or the gain or benefit of another, unless the disclosure has been authorized by statute or by the terms of a contract involving (a) the state officer’s or state employee’s agency and (b) the person or persons who have authority to waive the confidentiality of the information.

RCW 9A.80.010 Official misconduct.   
(1) A public servant is guilty of official misconduct if, with intent to obtain a benefit or to deprive another person of a lawful right or privilege:
(a) He or she intentionally commits an unauthorized act under color of law; or
(b) He or she intentionally refrains from performing a duty imposed upon him or her by law.
(2) Official misconduct is a gross misdemeanor.

RCW 42.23.070 Prohibited acts.
(4) No municipal officer may disclose confidential information gained by reason of the officer’s position, nor may the officer otherwise use such information for his or her personal gain or benefit.

RCW 42.20.040 False report.
Every public officer who shall knowingly make any false or misleading statement in any official report or statement, under circumstances not otherwise prohibited by law, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

RCW 42.20.050 Public officer making false certificate.

Every public officer who, being authorized by law to make or give a certificate or other writing, shall knowingly make and deliver as true such a certificate or writing containing any statement which he knows to be false, in a case where the punishment thereof is not expressly prescribed by law, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

RCW 40.16.030 Offering false instrument for filing or record.
Every person who shall knowingly procure or offer any false or forged instrument to be filed, registered, or recorded in any public office, which instrument, if genuine, might be filed, registered or recorded in such office under any law of this state or of the United States, is guilty of a class C felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in a state correctional facility for not more than five years, or by a fine of not more than five thousand dollars, or by both.

9.91.010 Denial of civil rights — Terms defined.
(b) “Deny” is hereby defined to include any act which directly or indirectly, or by subterfuge, by a person or his agent or employee, results or is intended or calculated to result in whole or in part in any discrimination, distinction, restriction, or unequal treatment,

I doubt this letter will be met with warm regard by most it was sent besides possibly giving Mr Markwell & his attorney a good laugh but you know me: I had to dig deeper, to understand & boy did I find some confusing things

So we have Officer Julie Goode formerly a Kitsap Humane Animal Control Officer at the head of the failed Bailey farm raid but if you look at the “story” that the Police Chief Rick Bart (formerly of Snohomish County)  & Mayor Monohon give she was formerly a Suquamish Police Officer… (No mention of her Kitsap County fiasco)

News 2013-07-25 01-10-44She was indeed a Suquamish Officer who was fired for being out of shape

Suquamish police officers fired after department revamps fitness policy  Kitsap Sun 2013-07-25 00-43-36But it would seem she has been through 2 stints as a Kitsap County Humane Officer, in 2007 she is photographed as a KHO but in 2011 she is fired from Suquamish & then heads back to Kitsap Humane

Comments on the picture titled Animal Rescue Officer J Goode 2013-07-25 01-01-00

Poulsbo Woman Still in Hospital After Pit Bull Attack  Kitsap Sun 2013-07-25 00-50-36She is the person responsible for the Bailey fiasco

Owners of animals criticize Humane Society rescue - Port Orchard Independent 2013-07-25 01-32-07As a matter of fact she basically set them up by DEMANDING that they leave food out at all times for their cow which is dangerous at best, it is unknown if she did this out of spite or SHEER STUPIDITY, since anyone with a brain cell KNOWS you can not leave food out at all times for a cow.

So as we know she is responsible for a good deal of the documents being used to harass & slander Steve Markwell who’s relatives are the BAILEY family, so it is pretty safe to say there was a very clear vendetta there. Even after ALL of this crap she STILL has not been fired, her past has been covered up by city officials & they are constantly covering her ass. Four collisions with police vehicles 3 of them attributed to Officer Goode but in one article it’s like a joke, the next it’s serious…

Driver training ordered after Forks officer-involved collision -- Port Angeles Port Townsend Sequim Forks Jefferson County Clallam County Olympic Peninsula Daily news 2013-07-25 01-28-00 News 2013-07-25 01-20-34So she is creating liabilities for the city of Forks daily just by showing up, yet she is still employed & furthermore being protected & lied for. What gives? YES it is a LIE BY OMISSION to not let the citizens of Forks know her past record of abuse of authority.

Folks I have a feeling this is going to get good… They have created a virtual crap storm for themselves here. I have some more investigating to do & I will bring it to you as soon as I get it!

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Update from Steve Markwell of Olympic Animal Sanctuary


AHA!!! I wrote a couple of stories about the Bailey incident, in January & February of 2012… Now I know where all the people involved in this slunk off to!

I didn’t realize that Steve was any relation to them but I lived up the hill on Banner road from the Bailey’s. They (Kitsap In~Humane) destroyed these people, their animals & their lives. I helped them & their attorney, & now it makes perfect sense why he is now Steve’s attorney. This also answers the question as to why this so~called ticket OAS haters are passing around was NOT listed on his record for the state website

So this Julie no~Goode issues a citation after there is an issue which is never posted on Steve’s record BUT hands it over to the general public. I think Rod Fleck had better worry now because that violates about 14 state laws I can think of & I’m going to send that to his attorney.

So for all the haters, who tried to bash me when they couldn’t get at Steve… How does that crow taste? Salt might help or it might sting just a little but you’ll get used to it.

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Originally posted on YesBiscuit!:

Many readers here have been following developments involving anonymous accusations against Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) in Forks, WA.  I’ve made my position clear.  Accordingly, I contacted Steve Markwell directly when anonymous accusers recently resurfaced in the blog comments to dredge up old news as if it’s new again.  I am reprinting his response here in its entirety.

At issue is an alleged cruelty citation which appears in a Forks police report about OAS spanning October – December 2012.  I posted about OAS in April and linked to an April article in an area newspaper which said:

“Conditions at the sanctuary also were investigated last fall in a six-week animal-cruelty investigation by the Forks Police Department that showed no evidence of cruelty, Bart said.”

Bart is Forks Police Administrator Rick Bart.  I asked Steve for an update and specifically to address the apparently contradictory information about the alleged cruelty citation:

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