Answers about my case & how Rose Adams arrest will affect it.

I have had thousands (literally) of people asking me how Rose’s arrest will affect my ongoing case in Everett because of the lies that her, Christine James & Ginger Luke told about me.

I am now on my way to the state Appellate courts, so there I might stand a chance once real judges & a real court see all the crap they have pulled.

I was hoping that the Superior court Judge would have the decency to rule for the law & dismiss this entire case but it appears I was wrong, horribly wrong about him, he is just another Snohomish County piece of work in the wheel.

I don’t say this because I am so well versed in the law, or because I know that much about it but because I have other prosecutors & lawyers scratching their heads asking me WTF is going on with that county. Some of those same people also helped me with my own briefs so they know what they are doing.

Some of you thought it would mean that the city would go “Oops we were wrong, come & get your dogs & cat & we’ll fix this mess” That is not the way it works, they have screwed themselves so badly that they have no way out but to count on the corruption in their county, it is now out of county hands but don’t get too happy because the state has an interest in keeping this going because they are liable for the actions of the city & the county.

The sad reality is that Soffie my Schnauzer is almost 14 yrs old & Hoki my Kelpie is almost almost 11 yrs old, my cat is almost 9, George my American Eskimo was 14 yrs old & was mutilated days after they took him. I have had to accept the fact every day that I may never see the others alive again. I can & will sue them in state & federal courts but that can never bring back the time I have lost, or the pain they went through.

For those of you that have followed my case if you remember they took my animals at around 11am & didn’t get to the shelter til 4:40pm at which time Soffie was bloody, missing teeth & hypothermic, her teeth were perfect & I have 8 years of vet records to back that up. Hoki was in full on seizures, & George who had lymphoma & was on the last few days of his life was bleeding from his rectum & unable to walk, whether they manually raped him with an object or hit him so hard with some object that he bled internally is unknown.

I can never give my boy George a proper burial because they threw his body away like trash. In my culture that means his spirit will roam the earth forever lost & I live with that every day.

The one instinct in most human beings is to protect what they love with their lives, whether they are your human kids or furry kids, & I couldn’t even do that. That day I had no choice but to hand them over knowing they would be hurt, knowing they would be abused, I wish I could say I was wrong… I know that I will never be able to forgive myself for that, I only pray to God that where ever they are they have forgiven me. How could they understand that the person they trusted the most in the world just handed them to these people? Who knows what condition they will be in if I ever get them back. I have no idea where they are at or how they are being treated, that is what I wake up thinking about & what I fall asleep crying about.

Obviously they tortured them for that time because if my animals would’ve been in that condition when they picked them up I would’ve gotten charged with MORE then not having water out 24hrs a day.

George wordpress file Hoki wordpress file Soffia wordpress fileAs a matter of fact I was never allowed to present that evidence or any other evidence at trial.

My jury was an even bigger joke, all violent crime victims who were friends or family of local judges & cops as well as a former cop who led them,

I wasn’t allowed my witnesses & the ones they did allow me to call they harassed so badly that I just had to let them hang up.

I was never allowed to have a vet go in & examine my animals & I have never been allowed to see them since January, 6th 2011 at 11:09 a.m.

No they can not go back now, their butts are in such a bind right now the ONLY hope they have is to keep my in litigation for the next 10 years or so. Any judgement I would win they will appeal & my case has topped over the million dollar mark all to prosecute me for a 1000 dollar misdemeanor, or rather a 500.00 citation.

They dropped 6 GROSS misdemeanor charges against Rose Adams to get at me because I complained about them.

In 2009 I was pulling (rescuing) pitbulls, staffies & American bullies from there & EVERY SINGLE DOG I pulled from there was injured or maced.

Typically pit bulls are the most abused dogs, but not every single one of them!

2 of them that I returned to their owner were the most loved dogs you could hope for, that owner moved out of Snohomish County to keep them safe after that because he had went into the shelter over 6 times looking for his dogs, but didn’t see them in front or in the book which clued me in… I started taking notes of the dogs in the back where they keep all the bullies so the general public can’t see them, versus the dogs in the book & MANY of the dogs in the back were not listed in that book.

Even more sinister is that I have paperwork for dogs I NEVER even got… Now why would they have me listed as pulling a dog I never got unless they killed it & didn’t want anyone to know?

There is far more to all of this then just my case. The animal control officers knew that at that time Rose had 7 dogs, they also knew the abuse they were suffering then & did nothing. It was more important to “get me” I highly suspect that Edmonds was not doing anything & still trying not to do anything because Everett still needs her as a witness against another person she lied about & still needs to lie under oath about. They sure did hit the “jackpot” with that woman, though.

The prosecutor Mike Fisher, even hid a convicted child rapist Michael Pilkington, wanted on a felony warrant because his girlfriend Jennifer Speelmon was one of their witnesses. He claimed they were living in Spokane when they never even left town, as a matter of fact they did not get evicted until almost 3 months after my trial from the same place Rose got kicked out of. You can see they both have the same idiot landlord who can’t spell their names right.

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-05-27 04-25-45 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-05-27 04-29-35  Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-05-27 04-33-13Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-05-27 04-31-39They are both in jail now, him on 6 charges, & she is being held on 31 charges. Oh but again don’t get too happy, if you look most of these are Everett charges, 26 of them with no bail & no charges pressed just noted as a PC (probable cause), only 1 Everett charge has a bail & that is a PC too, so it “looks good on paper”. She often bragged that her & her boyfriend were “bullet-proof” on her facebook page & they could get away with anything. Here is proof positive, once Snohomish County, Skagit & King counties drop her charges she will be out there with the rest of us.

Snohomish County - dailyJailRegister 2013-05-27 02-19-28Snohomish County - dailyJailRegister 2013-05-27 02-22-00This is how you get treated if you are a snitch, you can lie, break into people’s homes, carry weapons, abuse children, & animals, steal people’s mail, & their identities & be protected, you can break the law any way you want to & get away with it. That is Rose Adams & many other scumbags “Secret To Success”

This is the SCUM I had to face, to try to defend myself against: Seasoned criminals, child rapists, child abusers, animal abusers, & liars.

Even though I have MORE then proven she was lying: the prosecutor & the city look like such a bunch of dipsticks now that they will have to fight me harder because they have no way out. Just to make matters worse they have violated so many of my civil & constitutional rights that they lost their immunity personally so their homes & assets are mine for the taking.

Oh & don’t forget they have millions of hard earned tax-payer’s dollars to use any way they see fit & if they run out of YOUR money they have an insurance carrier to foot the bill for their screw ups. Funny thing is I am writing several briefs right now & they are refusing to give me the name of their insurance carrier.

This is what our system has become… A joke, something to be used for bureaucrats pleasure & to play out personal vendettas. So ask yourself: How does not having water out 24hrs a day equate to the horrific abuse that Rose Adams dogs & children have suffered? It is the SAME charging equivalent, two different names but the same penalties.

I know all of this is hard to believe, I wouldn’t believe it myself if I wasn’t going through it. That is why I always have documentation to prove what I am saying because it all sounds absolutely mad. This has ruined so much of my life, I got to the point where I was suicidal, but on my way off a cliff I realized if I do that, they win & there would be no one to fight for my animals, or the animals that Rose has been abusing for so long. I have lost everything I owned, I haven’t been able to hold a steady job because I have been to court over 100 times for this nonsense, probably more by now. I have had people I thought were my friends turn on me & try to destroy me, I have had another minor stroke, it just never ends.

The worst part is it won’t end for a very long time. There was a councilman who in his own weird way tried to help me before he died, he told me that at a council meeting they were given the authority to “shut me down any way possible” & they were given unlimited funds to do so. That is the City of Everett, & Snohomish County. That is how they operate, & if you don’t fight back you will never know that. I have no choice but to keep fighting, they have the last of what is important to me, my furry kids. Honestly I don’t know if any of them are even still alive, they better hope & pray to God that they are though.

As for Christine James & Ginger Luke I will take them to court. I now have plenty enough evidence to slam Christine James right smack dab into the truth. In her efforts to cover herself with being involved with Rose she has told on herself & she has lied so many times that it wouldn’t take a jury 15 minutes to figure it out, but that is another story…

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Updates for everyone on the Rose Adams case

First & most importantly:

1) Sadie has been released from the vet’s office & is recovering at Adix Bed & Bath

2) Brownie the main dog attacking her is still being treated for his injuries

3) The other dogs are at Adix as well & they are being well cared for.

In answer to the other questions:

Rose got ~ Missy, Trace, Snoop & Buster from Karla Matilla at Second Chance Rescue. Snoop was attacked & killed after being left alone with some dogs in the back of a truck, overnight, yes that is the dog she got a plaque for & has all over her page. Missy is Trace’s mom & she has bred them together, but none of the pups survived past a few days.

Christine James has known for years what Sadie has been going through, yet she turned around & gave Rose even more dogs. She also had dogs she gave her listed on her account & lied to the Edmonds Animal Control for Rose on numerous occasions but if you listen to Christine’s own versions that also changes every 5 minutes.

On facebook she says: “Sadie is safe, The photo above is from an attack that happened in Nov. 2012 and I paid the vet 2400.00 for her & the other dog to be treated because Rose Adams had no money. Helping Rose Adams with things like this is why my name is being splashed around. Sade got away with a few tears and puncture wounds this time around”

Pardon my question if its already been answered - For Sadie's Sake 2013-05-16 06-08-53The story she gave to the police was far different then that… Now she is the “victim” of Rose Adams & she didn’t “remember that she had the dogs listed on her petfinder. You know: Because she gets confused. Now Rose used her account without her consent….

Rose Adams037

Then she goes from having these dogs listed to not knowing what kinds of dogs that Peppy, Little Guy & Coy are… but they are listed right on her page! I don’t even KNOW WHY that lie was even neccesary but she can’t seem to help herself: Maybe she got “ahem” confused again

Logan Broliath 2013-05-20 08-37-35

Rose Adams025


What I want to know is if she is licensed to have 20 dogs? She keeps all of them locked up in crates in her garage, so if that is any kind of a life then it is a sad one, but she has had many dog fights on her property so she is no stranger to what dogs look like after fights


Christine James 2013-05-20 08-51-31

Just to be very clear. Rose is the one who abused Sadie & many other animals, but Christine gave her many of these dogs & she had the power to get Sadie out of there 2 & a 1/2 (or more) years ago.

Christine also seems to think that money is the ONLY thing that matters. Once she realized her lies weren’t working she resorted to saying “I live in a hotel room & I am poor” IT IS NOT AN F-ING HOTEL ROOM!!!! It is a 1 bedroom basement apt & really what does money have to do with anything. Yes I am poor but I still manage to do free community shots, wormer, flea treatments & the occasional spay & neuter for other low income folks, I have also managed to get pert food to our local food bank, because of her, Rose & Ginger’s bullshit I can’t do all I want to do to help but by the grace of God I do get out there & do something!

Hey we can’t ALL be trapped in a loveless marriage with a drunk who pays all of our bills, buys us a nice home & pays for thousands of dollars in vet bills. These are just 2 of many emails where she bashes him too. In her world anyone is eligible to be thrown under the bus so she can play the martyr…

(19 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo! Mail 2013-05-19 04-48-57(22 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo! Mail 2013-05-19 04-15-51

Rose got Poncho from Ginger Luke.

Yes Rose is a foster for Ginger’s Rescue & for Christine’s rescue AKA CJ’s Rescue

Did I mention that I HATE liars? Christine, & Rose couldn’t tell the truth if they were reading it from a script.

So I had to make sure to send a letter to the city of Everett to let them know how their “Star Witness” was doing. Never forget that it was the City of Everett who let this go on in their jurisdiction, with their blessings. I know this is a lot of info but this whole thing is so convoluted that I started out with this blog, then made a webpage, then got a radio show, then got so much info on Rose Adams that I had to make her her very own page. 28 months of my life has been destroyed by this sociopath but I can & have fought back, those animals had no where to run & no one to help, just like mine didn’t. The very people who were supposed to protect them instead spent valuable time & tax-payers money to prosecute me for not having water out for 24 hours a day, I can’t speak for the City of Edmonds but they will have to face their maker one day, KNOWING they let these animals suffer like this for so long is indicative of an ugly soul & God don’t like ugly. It is also indicative of the citizens of Edmonds to let this continue for so long, & that makes them just as guilty as Rose Adams, Christine James, & Ginger Luke as far as I am concerned.


Tue, May 21, 2013 at 1:29 PM 1:29 PMFROM Life Matters TO 13 recipientsRose Adams ~ City of Everett’s “Star Witness”
TO: Judge Mitchell, Mayor Stephanson, City of Everett Council, City Attorney, Animal Services Officer & Manager, & city of Everett Prosecutors:
I just thought you would all like to know what has become of your “Star Witness” the woman you believed when I tried to tell you THIS IS WHY I wouldn’t & couldn’t bring my animals near her. Never mind that your other “star witness” is sitting in your own county jail for over 31 charges for forgery, drugs, theft, illegal weapons, mail theft, possession of stolen property ID theft, & burglary right along with her child rapist boyfriend that you knew where he was the whole time & refused to turn him in even though he had a felony warrant.
The woman you worked with & wasted hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars for because you knew she was just as good of a liar as you have been. The woman you: Shannon Delgado, Lori Trask, & Mike Fisher, gave my personal information to so she could harass me mercilessly to the point I almost killed myself. The very same woman you had threatening my life every day for 28 months.
I am filing all of my relevant paperwork & lawsuits this week, & I am personally going to sue each & every single one of you involved in this, your immunity is gone. The Washington State Supreme Court agrees with me on this, Judge Mitchell whether “you think so or not”
Worse yet YOU could’ve stopped this abuse of her animals 3 years ago but you were too intent on nailing me, so you let sex predators & animals abusers run free so you could garner your precious conviction. Even to the point of slandering me & accusing me of crimes I am not guilty of via the city council, city attorney James Iles & Mike Fisher. Shame on you, you have my animals & more then that you have my world. I will not stop fighting for them. After all of this do you think ANY jury is not going to find in my favor in my Federal & my civil suit? All of the taxpayer money you have at your disposal can not & will not stop me
I have not even had a home to go to since this, because of your stupid orders & judgement.
Mr Smith I would suggest that you make my court hearing very soon, it is not my fault that you did not notify the courts that I was not able to make it because I have to stay in Deer Park Washington across the state to have somewhere to sleep.
As for Snohomish County I will deal with you separately. I keep telling everyone you can not hide from the truth. Even though all of the court recording have been spliced & diced I recorded my proceedings myself…
SINCERELY: Brandia Taamu
(425) 319-3298

Here is my Appeal Brief as promised Part 4 (Discussion & Cases)

Here is a short list of the violations of my Constitutional Rights that have not only been trampled on, the city backed up over me with a steam roller.

I am not going to make much of a commentary here but to say that my case is not the norm, there are about 12 other things here possibly more that I left out that has been done to me, there is no way on God’s green earth that a jury will not see this for what it is: Malicious Prosecution & Whistle~blower Retaliation, as well as numerous civil rights violations. This is the “norm” in this city.

Statement of additional grounds to be considered

1) My animals were taken & I was charged via unconstitutional codes

2) The AC Officer made very clear with her numerous references to my ethnic & physical attributes that she was prejudice

3) Her & Officer Ingrid Weaver both filed false statements most of Trasks’s statements were lies & Officer Weaver’s statement that my vet had been worried about my dogs for years was impossible since the vet had only been my vet for a couple of months

4) I was never given a copy of the probable cause I was not given a copy of the warrant on the day it was served nor was I was not given a copy of the warrant inventory til 5 months later. My cat & some meds were not included on it, even though they claim I put it in my pocket when the pictures clearly show I had no pockets

5) In a Superior court hearing they made remarks in violation of Rule 3.8 & they were accusing me of crimes I was not guilty of or being charged with & in the same Superior court hearing they also never informed me of my 5th amendment rights, the hearing where I laid claim to my animals to try to get them back, RCW 69.505, the judge said I did not file all the necessary paperwork but I did & I have receipts for it, & everything I put in my statement for return of my animals was used in court against me. At that hearing the prosecutor stated they were not accountable to the Constitution & presented examples of a first class city to back his claim.

6) They dismembered & disemboweled my dog & pasted sticky notes all over his internal organs in violation of my native beliefs which I asked them not to do & told them of my beliefs, the shelter manager Shannon Delgado laughed at me while I cried for him

7) I was not allowed to have a vet go check my animals on impound making it impossible to get an expert vet witness, thereby also destroying any defense I may have had

8) Judge mitchell stated that the supreme court thought I had the right to defend myself but they in everett didn’t.

9) At another hearing he stated “You abused your animals so I think that the city of everett knows what is better for them, when I asked if he had already convicted me he refused to answer that has been removed from the recording.

10) I was 8 minutes late for court so he gave me a warrant for 5000 for a 1000 misdemeanor even though I was there, even the police were shocked & apologized to me all the way to jail

11) At another hearing the judge was screaming at me & said that the lab results said all of the animals were in horrible shape according to the vet records, but we were at a hearing trying to get the vet records because we didn’t have them all so how did he know what they said?

12) The city of everett shelter shared personal information to their states witness some of it not true in order to help her harass me further by placing some 100+ ads about me on craigslist & emailing well over 500 people with this info. The prosecutor also felt the need to report to her every word at every trial so she could continue her campaign against me. Their witnesses have threatened me several times as well.

13) At no time was I ever given competent counsel & the one who was equipped to fight them wouldn’t file anything in my behalf because “Judge mitchell wouldn’t listen to it anyway”

14) I was never given full discovery, as a matter of fact 3 weeks after trial I got a letter from the clerk stating my records were ready but what I requested could’ve been given to me by the city attorney

15) I was never given a jury of my peers, they were all friends of judges, law enforcement, victims of violent crimes & a former cop

16) My evidentiary hearing was canceled & I was left to defend myself 1 week before trial

17) My standby counsel never sent out subpoenas & I still don’t know what happened to the 1000.00 for the investigator, since he didn’t make but 3 phone calls the day of & before the trial

18) The judge abused my witnesses that I could reach, even yelling at a child.

19) The prosecutor made a false complaint against me accusing me of crime to our local animal control stating I had 20+ dogs in my 1 bedroom apt in feces encrusted cages with no food & water which he KNEW not to be true

20) Once I presented proof that I got animals from the everett shelter the prosecutor accused me of a crime during trial which I was not guilty of or charged with nor convicted of by saying I used fraud to pull the pit bulls from the everett animal shelter & I kept asking him if he was accusing me of a crime & if he was going to charge me or not, he refused to respond.

21) The judge used numerous court hearings to harass me & then called me names, verbally abused me at almost every hearing, & violated just about every tenet of the Code of Judicial conduct that is written

22) The prosecutor also pretty much violated every tenet of the rules of proceeding including conduct as was humanly possible.

23) I watched them throw away some of my evidence that I presented in court, & I was only allowed to enter my ministry credentials, business license & the AC officer’s statement on the day of trial. I was not allowed to enter my 12+ years of vet records for some of my animals

24) Some of the proceedings from the court hearing have been removed & that is not allowed at the Municipal Court level.

25) I was never allowed an expert witness & they would never release discovery so I could get one, they wouldn’t approve funds for them & made me fill out a financial form just about every time I went in at the end of these proceedings. It is only obvious because all of my hearings are split on the 5 minute time frame & you can tell there are parts missing.

26) The judge & prosecutors ending statements were wholy innapropriate, verbally abusive & they were lies, since I was not allowed to enter any evidence I could not defend myself, where the prosecutor had asked for 3 days the judge gave me 30 days.

As dismal as this may all sound there is a case that was recently decided that will make them accountable for their actions, personally responsible & personally liable. In order to “Teach these kinds of people a lesson” you have to take it to the extreme that they have taken you to. They took everything from me so my goal is to take everything from them. They have beautiful homes, & assets, & they don’t have immunity for their actions. Maybe they will think before they do anything this egregious to some other living being… who knows.

United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
Viilo v. Eyre
United States
547 F.3d 707 (C.A.7 (Wis.),2008)
Virginia Viilo sued the City of Milwaukee and two of its police officers under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 after an officer shot and killed her dog ‘Bubba.’ The district court denied the defendants’ motion for summary judgment on the basis of qualified immunity and the defendants took an interlocutory appeal challenging this denial. The court found that defendants’ interjection of factual disputes deprived the court of jurisdiction. Testimony indicated that there were disputes as to whether the dog was actually menacing toward the officers; in fact, witnesses indicated that an officer followed the whimpering dog after it had been initially shot to shoot it again with a shotgun. The court, in aligning itself with other circuits, held that it is a violation of the Fourth Amendment for a police officer to shoot and kill a companion dog that poses no imminent danger while the dog’s owner is present and trying to assert custody over her pet. Moreover, a reasonable officer would or should have known that the actions alleged here would violate the Constitution. The interlocutory appeal was thus dismissed.

Judge CUDAHY, Circuit Judge delivered the opinion of the court.

Opinion of the Court:

*1 Virginia Viilo sued the City of Milwaukee and two of its police officers under the Fourth Amendment via 42 U.S.C. § 1983 after Officer Montell Carter shot and killed her dog Bubba. The district court denied the defendants’ motion for summary judgment on the basis of qualified immunity and the defendants took an interlocutory appeal challenging this denial. The defendants’ interjection of factual disputes deprives us of jurisdiction. Accordingly, we dismiss the appeal.
On the evening of August 15, 2004, Virginia Viilo was relaxing in her backyard with her elderly mother, her boyfriend, his parents and her dog Bubba, a seven-year-old Labrador Retriever/Springer Spaniel mix. Their rest was disturbed when a team of six officers from the Milwaukee Police Department, including Officer Montell Carter, arrived at Viilo’s house. The officers had received an anonymous tip that a wanted felon had entered Viilo’s home accompanied by a pit bull. Carter prepared for this eventuality by arming himself with a shotgun because, as he later said, “the best weapon for a dog is a shotgun through my experience.”

Bubba was the first to hear the officers as they fanned out and approached Viilo’s front door. He ran from Viilo’s backyard to a gangway along the side of the house leading to the front yard, leapt a three-foot high gate and ran toward the officers, who were by now close to Viilo’s front porch. Although the officers testified that Bubba was growling and exposing his teeth and gums, a neighbor who witnessed the scene later testified that the dog was coming out to greet them. Apparently fearing for the officers’ safety, Carter fired two shots at Bubba, hitting him at least once and causing comminuted and compound bone fractures to his front leg. Bubba, in turn, retreated to the bushes near the front window of Viilo’s house where he hid for the next ten minutes.

Carter kept watch over Bubba, while the other officers proceeded to the backyard to make contact with Viilo and her guests. The officers refused to allow Viilo to retrieve Bubba or to call a veterinarian. Some ten minutes later, Sergeant Kevin Eyre arrived on the scene. During this time, a crowd of Viilo’s neighbors responded to the commotion by gathering around the house; some of them were shouting at the officers, telling them that Bubba wasn’t a bad dog. Apparently undeterred, Eyre approached the bush where Bubba was hiding, which prompted Bubba to emerge from the bush and head toward the gangway leading to the backyard. Although the officers stated that Bubba ran out from under the bushes with his teeth and gums exposed, multiple witnesses testified that Bubba was limping and whimpering as he emerged from the bushes and that he was just trying to get back to Viilo.
Viilo’s boyfriend later testified as to what happened next:

I walked to the gate, I opened the gate, and the gate makes a metal sound. And I was calling the dog, and as I opened up the gate to go out the front, I could see the dog move from in front of the house-from what I seen, moving from the front of the house to the side. He just kind of like slowly moved over. And when he saw me, he sat down, and he looked me right in the eye, and he just-in the eyes, and he was just looking at me. And all of a sudden, an officer came out from-it looked like from the front … And he lowered his shotgun, and I just screamed. I went “No.” I says-you know, I just-I remember just hollering “No, no.”

*2 Eyre raised his handgun to shoot Bubba. Although he later professed to fear for his own safety, he nevertheless reconsidered his decision to use his handgun and ordered Carter, who had a shotgun, to shoot Bubba instead. The crowd, meanwhile, had grown larger and people were yelling at the officers not to shoot. Ignoring the crowd’s pleas, Carter shot Bubba a third and then a fourth time. Although Eyre later testified that he ordered the fourth shot to end Bubba’s suffering, he made no mention of this to the police lieutenant who wrote the official police report.

Although this is not, to say the least, a record that paints a sympathetic picture of the defendants’ actions on the night Bubba was killed, the defendants nonetheless argue that they are entitled to qualified immunity as a matter of law.

Qualified immunity protects government officials from liability for civil damages if their actions did not violate “clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known.” Harlow v. Fitzgerald, 457 U.S. 800, 818 (1982). Unless and until the Supreme Court overturns Saucier v. Katz, 533 U.S. 194 (2001),FN1 the defendants’ assertion of qualified immunity is subject to the familiar, two-step analysis: first, we ask “whether a constitutional right would have been violated” on Viilo’s version of the facts; if so, we then ask “whether the right was clearly established.” Id. at 200.

FN1. In Pearson v. Callahan, No. 07-751, the Supreme Court directed the parties to brief and argue “[w]hether the Court’s decision in Saucier v. Katz, 533 U.S. 194 (2001), should be overruled.” See http:// (visited Oct. 1, 2008).
There is no question that Viilo’s account of events establishes a violation of her constitutional rights. Every circuit that has considered the issue has held that the killing of a companion dog constitutes a “seizure” within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. See Altman v. City of High Point, N.C., 330 F.3d 194, 204-05 (4th Cir.2003); Brown v. Muhlenbergs Twp., 269 F.3d 205, 210-11 (3d Cir.2001); Lesher v. Reed, 12 F.3d 148, 150 (8th Cir.1994); Fuller v. Vines, 36 F.3d 65, 68 (9th Cir.1994), overruled on other grounds by Robison v. Solano County, 278 F.3d 1007, 1013 (9th Cir.2002); see also Siebert v. Severino, 256 F.3d 648, 656 (7th Cir.2001) (holding that the seizure of a horse is a Fourth Amendment event). The defendants’ actions, therefore, were constitutional only if reasonable. See United States v. Place, 462 U.S. 696, 703 (1983).

Both common sense, and indeed Wisconsin law, see Wis. Stat. § 174.01(1), counsel that the use of deadly force against a household pet is reasonable only if the pet poses an immediate danger and the use of force is unavoidable. See, e.g., Brown, 269 F.3d at 210-11. The defendants make two attempts to resist this conclusion: first, they argue that the killing was justified based on the risk that Bubba might interfere with their investigation; second, they argue that it was not clearly established in 2004 that the seizure of a dog was a Fourth Amendment event.

This first argument is obviously and vigorously contested. Despite the police testimony, at least seven witnesses testified that Bubba wasn’t interfering with the officers when he was shot for the third and forth time. Rather, according to the witnesses, he was attempting to limp back to his owner. It should go without saying that this testimony, if it is credited by the jury, does not support the conclusion that the decision to shoot Bubba a third and fourth time was reasonable.

*3 As to the defendants’ second argument, it is true that to be “clearly established,” a right must be specific to the relevant factual context of a cited case and not generalized with respect to the Amendment that is the basis of the claim. Brousseau v. Haugen, 543 U.S. 194, 198-99 (2004). Nevertheless, the defendants had reasonable notice that killing Bubba would constitute the “seizure” of an “effect” within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. In 2001, the Third Circuit said that “the state’s interest in protecting life and property may be implicated when there is reason to believe the pet poses an imminent danger…. This does not mean, however, that the state may, consistent with the Fourth Amendment, destroy a pet when it poses no immediate danger and the owner is looking on.” Brown, 269 F.3d 205, 210-11 (emphasis added). Along the same lines, in a case decided after the events at issue here, the Ninth Circuit held that it was clearly established in 1998 that an officer cannot kill a person’s pet unnecessarily. See San Jose Charter of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club v. City of San Jose, 402 F.3d 962, 977-78 (9th Cir.2005).

While Brown and Hells Angels clearly establish that it is unreasonable for officers to kill a person’s pet unnecessarily, these decisions are not essential to reaching this conclusion. “[T]he very action in question [need not have] previously been held unlawful” for a public official to have reasonable notice of the illegality of some action. Anderson v. Creighton, 483 U.S. 635, 640 (1987). In 2001, we held that domestic animals are “effects” within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. See Siebert, 256 F.3d at 656. The Siebert decision is enough to give police officers reasonable notice that unnecessarily killing a person’s pet offends the Fourth Amendment.

In fact, were we able to reach the merits of this appeal, there would be a strong case for affirming the district court. However, the existence of disputed issues of fact deprives us of jurisdiction to address the defendants’ qualified immunity defense.
Because 28 U.S.C. § 1291 gives appellate courts jurisdiction to hear appeals only from “final decisions,” interlocutory appeals are the exception, not the norm. In Mitchell v. Forsyth, 472 U.S. 511 (1985), the Supreme Court clarified the scope of this exception, holding that orders denying summary judgment are immediately appealable under the collateral order doctrine where (1) the defendant was a public official asserting a defense of qualified immunity, and (2) the issue appealed concerned not which facts the parties might be able to prove, but rather whether or not those facts showed a violation of clearly established law. Id. at 528.
The basis for the Mitchell decision was the Court’s conclusion that pretrial orders denying qualified immunity were “effectively unreviewable,” since review after trial would come too late to vindicate the right of public officials not to stand trial in certain circumstances. Id. at 525-27. At the same time, the Court made it clear that the right of public officials not to stand trial is far from absolute, and that orders denying summary judgment on the basis of qualified immunity would be immediately appealable only when

*4 [an] appellate court reviewing the denial of the defendant’s claim of immunity need not consider the correctness of the plaintiff’s version of the facts, nor even determine whether the plaintiff’s allegations actually state a claim. All it need determine is a question of law: whether the legal norms allegedly violated by the defendant were clearly established at the time of the challenged actions.
Id. at 528. The Supreme Court unanimously reaffirmed this limit to the immediate appealability of orders denying summary judgment on the basis of qualified immunity in Johnson v. Jones, 515 U.S. 304 (1995), holding that “a defendant, entitled to invoke a qualified immunity defense, may not appeal a district court’s summary judgment order insofar as that order determines whether or not the pretrial record sets forth a ‘genuine’ issue of fact for trial.” Id. at 319-20.
Of course, a district court’s mere assertion that disputed factual issues exist does not automatically preclude an immediate appeal. See Behrens v. Pelletier, 516 U.S. 299, 312-13 (1996). To the contrary, rulings remain appealable where the defendant appeals the denial of qualified immunity on the basis of stipulated facts, on the facts as alleged by the plaintiffs or on the facts the district court deems sufficiently supported to create jury issues. See Salim v. Proulx, 93 F.3d 86, 89 (2d Cir.1996) (Newman, J.). However, as Judge Newman went on to emphasize, “[w]hat we may not do, after Johnson and Behrens, is entertain an interlocutory appeal in which a defendant contends that the district court committed an error of law in ruling that the plaintiff’s evidence was sufficient to create a jury issue on the facts relevant to the defendant’s immunity defense.” Id. at 91. Guided by these principles, we have not hesitated to dismiss interlocutory appeals where the defendant interposes factual issues in the appeal. See, e.g., Dufour-Dowell v. Cogger, 152 F.3d 678, 680 (7th Cir.1998); Gorman v. Robinson, 977 F.2d 350, 355 (7th Cir.1992).
The present case easily fails the standard for appealability in the aftermath of Johnson and Behrens. The district court held that “[a] reasonable jury could find that at Eyre’s order Carter shot Bubba as he was crying, sitting down, moving slowly, or headed to the backyard.” Viilo v. City of Milwaukee, 552 F.Supp.2d 826, 840 (E.D.Wis.2008). The defendants have manifestly not based their appeal on these facts. Indeed, even on appeal, the parties’ views of the facts could not be more different. Viilo introduced evidence from two experts who concluded that as a result of Bubba’s injuries after the first two shots, he would not have posed a threat. This conclusion was corroborated by the testimony of Viilo’s boyfriend and at least six neighbors, each of whom stated that Bubba was limping, crying and trying to get back to the gangway leading to the backyard when he was shot for the third and fourth times.

*5 The defendants reject this testimony. According to them, Bubba “came out of the bushes, with its gums and teeth exposed, growling and barking.” They insist that “[t]he third shot … was intended to protect Sergeant Eyre, Officer Carter and the other officers” because “[t]here is no evidence that Bubba became less dangerous after the first two shots.” Further, they gloss over factual issues regarding Eyre’s motivation for ordering the fourth shot. In denying rather than embracing the facts the district court held to be sufficiently well-supported to create jury issues, the defendants have pleaded themselves out of court. The appeal is therefore
C.A.7 (Wis.),2008.

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If Snohomish County was a soap opera you would watch

You wouldn’t believe it but you would watch it every day!!!

Someone commented to me that the whole county sounded like a clown convention… It is worse then that. It has become the new age Sodom & Gomorrah. The sad truth is that it is all real, & no one comes back the next season (but they can be reelected ad-nauseam) . Worse yet, if the local media gets it in for you: you are screwed.

There is no clear place to start because it all makes no sense, but it never ends & where one problem lies 40 other problems pop up weekly.

So I’ll start with my case… 874,000.00 spent on a 500.00 citation you know: because I fought back, & with the lack of concern or representation it looks like we are going to the Washington State Appellate & possibly Supreme Court. I may shoot myself in the face for this one though. I actually have faith in the Superior Court Judge to actually rule in favor of the law & the Constitution, most Superior court judges are far more educated & knowledgeable about the law as opposed to my municipal court judge/divorce attorney.

Oh we now have a firefighter selling items from a burned out building on craigslist where the owner caught him with multiple items in his home & his reaction was to DEMAND she buy her own items back & he is walking away scott free… There evidently “wasn’t enough evidence to charge him”  WTH?????

No worse then the cop who was stealing items from some random persons house claiming some criminal told him to pick up the items, the good news is that Snohomish County had no say in this he was charged in King County so he was actually charged… Don’t get too happy because “charged” doesn’t mean convicted as evidenced by this travesty…

Everett cop Troy Meade shoots a Niles Merservey, an unarmed man in the head at a bar parking lot, gets charged with murder & is acquitted. (maybe he had the same jury as I did with ex-cops & judges buddies) That only cost the tax-payers of Everett about 12 million bucks, possibly more

Atleast this kid was only kneed in the groin & arrested by Officer Anders of the Everett Police Dept along with his girlfriend for calling the cops after he & his girlfriend were assaulted in a Goodwill, to date the right guy has never been arrested & he is still stalking & torturing the victims. (I’ll be doing a separate story about this when I get the rest of their paperwork)

There is also the matter of all the deaths at the jail…
1) Leon B Moore –  February, 28th, 2013 Medical Death
2) Bill William –  Sept 14th, 2012 Tazed to death

3) Michael Saffioti – July, 3rd, 2012 Died from allergies

4) Jason ? 32-year-old Mill Creek man – Dec, 21st, 2011 Committed Suicide
5) Lindsey Lason – Nov, 11th, 2011 Died from a lung infection

6) Diane Cowling – April, 20th, 2011 Died from a heart failure

7) Landon Taylor Hays –  April, 6th, 2010
8) 25 yr old man from Monroe – April,  2009
9) David Herget – July,1st, 2005 Committed Suicide

When the guards aren’t trading cookies for sex or raping the prisoners & stealing bail money  or making prisoners strip naked & having their mommy cover for them, It should be noted that this guard filed a discrimination claim against the jail right before these allegations surfaced so take that with a grain of salt) they are busy beating the crap out of each other or pulling each others hair when a Sergeant doesn’t like a hairdo

These folks managed to make it out alive & sue the jail but keep in mind these might also be lawsuits instigated by family members of those who died in jail & this is only a few cases in the Federal Courts
1) Johnson v. Monroe Correctional Complex et al
Filed: March 7, 2013 as 3:2013cv05167
2) Renee Bishop v. Snohomish County Jail, et al
Filed: December 10, 2012 as 12-36013
3) Bishop v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: March 22, 2012 as 2:2012cv00493
4) Bartholomew v. Snohomish County Jail
Filed: September 30, 2010 as 2:2010cv01570
5) Thompson v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: June 1, 2010 as 2:2010cv00902
6) Bell et al v. Snohomish County et al
Filed: June 15, 2007 as 2:2007cv00927
7) Hardee et al v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: January 4, 2007 as 2:2007cv00019
8) West v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: October 6, 2006 as 2:2006cv01453
9) Bland v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: July 11, 2006 as 2:2006cv00980
10) Guillory v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: May 25, 2006 as 2:2006cv00747
11) Pimption v. Snohomish County Jail
Filed: June 8, 2005 as 2:2005cv01050
12) Olson v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: April 1, 2005 as 2:2005cv00638
13) Heggem v. Snohomish County
Filed: August 4, 2009

Evidently the Dept of Justice is off in the corner playing with their own winkies because in 2003 they launched an “inquiry” into two other deaths at the jail… problem was the jail didn’t even know they were being investigated & I quote:

Snohomish County Jail officials said yesterday they didn’t know of the federal inquiry into events at the jail. “No one from the federal government or the Justice Department has contacted me or anyone in our department that I’m aware of,” said Steve Thompson, the jail’s director.” No wonder the Seattle Police Dept is essentially telling them to blow it out their holes
Diane Stults, – on Feb. 11, 2003
Joy S. Miller – Mar, 19th, 2003

So 2 deaths in one year, a DOJ “inquiry” that no one knew about except the newspapers: but at least there were only those two deaths. As soon as the Sheriff’s Office took over we see a skyrocketing death rate at the jail 8 in 4 years, so about 2 deaths a year & somehow that is supposed to be better? Thank the Snohomish County Council for that liability!

Aaron Reardon grasped the problems with this 5 years ago but no one listened “Thompson’s concerns have been echoed by County Executive Aaron Reardon, who said Thursday that neither Lovick nor anyone on his staff “has any experience in the corrections field.” In a strange twist of irony Lovick is now trying to take Reardon’s job!

Unfortunately Aaron Reardon himself is the source for much more material, hell he could be his own soap opera! It boils down to an affair, an intimacy kit billed to his county credit card on a “busines” trip… that instigated several investigations including the state patrol & an out of county agency which found 6.00 unaccounted for.

Oh & then allegedly making calls to campaign during work hours, aides with fake profiles, public records requests, a county council & a local newspaper with a MAJOR hard on for him. Seriously, the local paper actually went as far as to call together a posse to find out who was making the records request for the prosecutors office!!! This is the call from the paper for the “Posse” That may just be bluster, but we think it is time to whistle up a digital posse to see if readers can help flush this person into the open.

Please take a look at this link, it contains links to SIXTY stories they have done about him just lately!!!  I almost have to wonder what the newspaper will do once Reardon steps down, I sense there will be lay-offs since most of their “material” will be gone.

There has been a long standing battle with the County Council & the county Exec, anyway. Some time ago Reardon put a hiring freeze due to the economy, the council went over his head voted against him & hired their friends & family then instituted a hiring freeze like it was their idea!!!

I do however find it funny that the two men who are hot on his tail as liars & drunks themselves. Mr Somers ensured Ms Dutton that everything would be kept confidential but once he got the information he was running around screaming like the town crier with it. Then there is Mr Sullivan the County Council President who must’ve been taking notes from Judges Ryan & Fisher after his DUI, out of Mukilteo
Council hiring freeze welcome but late

The State Public Disclosure Commission confirmed that it is investigating Reardon Oh but enter a certain Gold Bar Blogger/Attorney Anne Block, she has filed a few petitions with the courts to recall Aaron Reardon & in retaliation a fake Wiki page was set up about her…. She doesn’t strike me as a woman you want to screw with. The good news according to the Everett Herald is that she now has her sights set on Lovick & has filed a recall petition against Lovick, hopefully some of the info I have compiled here will help her accomplish that goal. The problem is that the Herald is reporting the recall petition but it is not listed on the state website which isn’t surprising, but they say it’s there

Speaking of Willies… never go golfing with a drunk county planner or else you may get to see his wee willie winkie whether you want to or not. Former Snohomish County Planning Director Craig Ladiser pleaded guilty this afternoon to a sexually charged assault of a woman while he was in a drunken stupor at a golf tournament last summer. I guess there is no designation for assault with a dead weapon so they took the next best thing. No worries though they cut some kind of a deal so the woman is not going to sue the county on public record, nice under the table hush money works though
Craig Ladiser

Being a Judge in Snohomish County has it’s perks too! One district court judge gets pulled over for a DUI, he refuses a breathalizer, gets to keep his license gets off scott free retires on public money because his buddy the other Judge Roger Fisher tells investigators Ryan wasn’t drunk: Problem is none of their stories matched but that’s okay, you’re a judge you can do what ever you want

If you ever do end up on the wrong side of the law then DON’T give this guy Fredrick Bletson Jr your money & make sure if you’re a girl to dress frumpy or you’ll never see your money again. I wonder how many people paid this guy & got their diversions revoked after he stole their money? According to the Herald Bletson is accused of pocketing about $14,000 from clients he supervised as part of his job as a diversion counselor with the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Bletson came to the attention of his bosses in June 2010 after a female client complained about him making inappropriate sexual comments.
Frederick Bletson Jr.

Oh & if there is any question why your electric bill is so high, well you are paying back the 20K that one of the employees helped themselves to, More than $20,000 belonging to Snohomish County Public Utility District ratepayers has turned up missing from a safe kept at the utility’s Paine Field-based operations center & they have NO IDEA who did it, only 4 people had the combination to the safe… but of course they don’t have any suspects.

Good God I am tired, this article has taken 3 weeks to compile, but I still have so much more to add. Please keep in mind I am only reporting on the current issues! If I went back a couple decades it would take me atleast 40 articles just to list the crap that goes on daily in this joke of a county, not to mention I have information on well over 400 things that I can not release until I get documentation which I have stored somewhere else.

Maybe in the next story I can cover the Lake Stevens cops who bust into people’s homes & stalk them, harass & threaten them that are being given another chance. You don’t even want to know how much these officers are costing the city & county in lawsuits, along with civil claims for the one who likes to beat people up at bars

Better yet we can also discuss the craziness going on in Granite Falls where the former Mayor was charged with drug dealing but the kicker was he was being investigated by a cop who is under investigation for illegal seizures & missing funds from the evidence room.

There are the every day things that go on here, like the county assessor giving Snohomish counties animal control jurisdiction to the Everett Animal Shelter you know because they are buddies & all. The problem with that is that Everett has BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) & they will kill anything they perceive to be a terrier mix even if the dog came from another jurisdiction then the city of Everett. The next problem is they hide them in the back so the owners CAN’T find them.

Then we have Officer Franklin of the EPD, who likes to cancel ambulances for black men he or store employees may have beat at QFC I swear that he & Meade are total aberrations of what the Everett Police Dept is like. Even as a little girl I personally never had a problem with one single police officer in Everett, the Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace & Mukilteo Police have been nothing but kind & good to me as an adult. I got pulled over for no brake lights in Edmonds instead of a ticket the Officer was trying to help me fix them, you should’ve seen the looks I got as people drove by & there is half a cop hanging out of my trunk. I was wandering around lost in Mountlake Terrace lost & a cop pulled me over to ask if I needed help & got me directions where I was going & escorted me most of the way there! The Lynnwood cops pretty much helped me raise my bunch of goofy teens, the Mukilteo police are just damn funny, they’ll have you laughing so hard even if you get pulled over you can’t even be pissed about getting a ticket, then drive & realize they didn’t give you one. I have been pulled over by the Everett Police because they were bored, & they wanted to know if my night was more exciting then theirs was which turned into a conversation about chocolate chip cookies, chafing & who driving training course was better then who’s.

There are more & more stories about police corruption & brutality just in 2011 the statistics were terrifying

I know many of you have read my story & some of you have even emailed me asking if I am serious, or if I am delusional, honestly I WISH this was all a bad dream or a figment of my imagination but this is Snohomish County, this is how the county is run, this is what the people act like & conduct themselves like, there is nothing sacred, there is no law that is off limits. The saddest part is most of the people who email me are AFRAID to post publicly on my blog here & that just isn’t right.

I wish to God I could tell everything I know, at this point I am trying to make light of it but the sad reality is that this is the truth, this is just the way it is there. I am sure many  of you seen my letter to the Department of Justice which calatogues & documents every allegation I have made. I have given them proof but they just sit in a corner yanking their little wankers. The ACLU is ONLY interested in things that will get them some news coverage, the Snohomish County Human Rights Commission is a GD tea & cookie party that does NOTHING but surveys, I am not black enough for the NAACP to give two shits about what I am going through especially since one of them is a black man, most every attorney on this side of the state is nothing more then an ambulance chasing money grubbing chicken shit that is scared to face off with this county, unless of course it is an easy win they can arbitrate down the line. The municipal judge is about as corrupt as they come, the city attorney & council will do anything to cover their ass legal or not. Mr Nielsen filled me in on a few of their meetings about me before he died & even then he couldn’t help me.

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Rose Marie Adams-Beutler animal abuse & filthy conditions caught on tape

There are things in life you can ALWAYS depend on. I keep telling everyone that EVERYTHING that Rose Marie Adams (Beutler) accuses me of is something she is doing, has done or is guilty of…

She accuses me of having “numerous” evictions: She has over 20 of them

She accuses me of having a major criminal record which are almost all parking tickets & 2 divorces… Instead it is her who has had over 100 run ins with the law

She accuses me of being on welfare or social security, turns out she is on both. I do qualify for Social Security because of my Autism & my previous stroke but I am not on it, although I probably should be.

She tells everyone about me getting my kids taken away for a couple of weeks because of a messy divorce, but doesn’t mention she lost her own kids for physically & emotionally abusing them & never got them back, didn’t even try to get them back.

I could go on & on & on but just suffice it to say that if she says something about me: SHE IS TALKING ABOUT HERSELF

I am not sure who sent me these video’s but thank you! I have tried to tell people over & over that Rose Adams (Beutler) is a psycho witch but she has everyone convinced otherwise.

This first video is Rose Adams screaming & cussing her head off at her own dogs, you can hear her calling them by name so I can only imagine how she treats the foster dogs she has locked up in the back of her garage. This is what I had to listen to for the 17 days off & on that I was there & the REASON I wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere near this woman

This next videos are a mom & puppies locked in a filthy room that at first was carpeted but then the carpet gets torn out little by little, & the urine has soaked into the floorboards. The floor planks are swollen & warped with all of that urine & the puppies & mother are sleeping in their own feces. These videos happens over a period of 2 months as you watch the puppies grow it will break your heart seeing how they are forced to live.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

I should be jumping for joy right about now because we just shot the city’s witnesses credibility right down the crapper but all I can think about is all the helpless animals that are stuck with this worthless person

I have no idea what happened to Buster, Mojo, or Snoop, I was told that they were killed but I can see Missy, Trace, Poncho, & Sadie in this video at least. This is who she considers her dogs, so again if she treats them this way & the mom & puppies the way she does in the previous videos, I don’t even want to know how she treats her helpless foster dogs.

The most brutal irony is that Poncho came from the Rene Roske puppy mill, so he went from that hellhole of a life straight to whole new kind of hell, poor little guy just can’t catch a break. She got him from Ginger Luke of Ginger’s Death Row Dogs. Poncho is the mottle colored Chihuahua, Missy is Trace’s mother & yes Rose bred Missy to Trace, I don’t know if those puppies survived or not I was told by Christine James that they did not. Missy Trace Buster Mojo & Snoop came from Karla Matilla at “Another Chance Rescue”… A hell of another chance don’t you think? I have informed her that her dogs are being treated this way so we’ll see if she will do something or not. I don’t know what area Rose is living in but when I find out I will send these to animal control in her area as well.

Doggie Prison


This is White Sadie after a fight with Black & White Sadie the 2 pitbulls that 4 adults could hardly pry apart when I was staying there off & on. NOW DOES EVERYONE UNDERSTAND WHY I WOULDN’T TAKE MY DOGS ANYWHERE NEAR THIS WOMAN OR HER DOGS???


Sadie white sadie

PLEASE remember this is the same woman who claims her work is “Sanctioned by HSUS” right on her own little blog (see below)

I am an experienced animal advocate and puppy mill investigator. My work is sanctioned by the HSUS, the ASPCA, BEST FRIENDS, LAST CHANCE FOR ANIMALS and CAPS, I have also worked with law enforcement on animal cruelty cases. I think it is great that those posting probably really do care about animals and we really appreciate that, we need more like you.

There are several things to keep in mind… NO ONE had commented on the Sierra fish & pet story, she is talking to the other people inside her head, also what she means by she has worked with law enforcement is that she lies about people & turns them in to Everett Animal Control… Mine are NOT the only dogs she has had taken by Everett Animal Control. I am going to let these other agencies know she is saying she is sanctioned by them as well, they might be interested to know that little fact themselves.

Sadly enough there is a worse video out there.

I don’t know if I counted right but there is 15 dogs, plus I know she has a ton of dogs in a garage or shed either connected or behind her house. According to whomever was talking on the video. The bullie Monkey looks like he needs immediate medical attention if he is even still alive.

What I can’t figure out is how after 20+ years of not paying rent they haven’t had a single eviction since February of 2011… all I can figure is they found a free place to live or are squatting somewhere. I do know she got 6 new charges out of Edmonds so I am going to go down & get copies of the incident reports, the clerk said it was about her beating the 2 pitbulls with a bat but that there was more, so I will let you know when I find out.

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This is how cruel the Everett Animal Shelter Manager can be…

This is what makes your shelter manager’s life fun:

Either killing animals or pretending they are dead…
They picked up a disabled woman’s dogs & told her they had killed them after she tried in vain to get the money to “bail” them out. Lo & behold they ended up at another rescue.

Instead of telling her that her time was up & they were going to be transferred they told her her dogs were dead!!!

What kind of a sick twisted, hateful individual does any thing like that to another human being or animal?

Shannon Delgado, Manager
333 Smith Island Rd
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-6000
F: 425-257-6018

When your life is so pathetic that this is the only joy you get then you need to be removed from a position where you can hurt others.

There are so many abandoned, & homeless animals that no one wants, but to take 2 animals that are loved, that have a home, & have an owner who loves them, hold them ransom & then fake their death is beyond all human decency.

They could’ve worked out a payment plan with her, since the Everett City Council has given her SUPREME discretion in this matter


6.04.110 Administration and enforcement by manager.

A.    It is the responsibility of the manager of Everett’s department of animal control and those he/she designates to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

B.    The manager may promulgate such rules and regulations as deemed necessary to implement, administer and enforce provisions of this chapter.

Oh but wait: She wouldn’t be able to do this if she was not allowed to do by the people who keep her in power there. Just take a look at their stupid smiling faces, not one of them cares about you, believe that. Most certainly none of them care about animals, most of this board are the one’s who voted for BSL & sanctioned the murder of thousands of innocent animals

Mayor Ray Stephanson               Message from the Mayor

Councilman Jeff Moore                 

Councilman Paul Roberts             

Councilman Arlan Hatloe                

Councilman Ron Gipson                 

Councilwoman Gigi Burke               

Councilwoman Brenda Stonecipher

Councilman Shannon Affholter        

Why does it make her so angry that animals are loved, that people actually want their animals?

Remember this the same woman who LAUGHED while I cried when I found out they had killed my dog.

This is the same woman who made a dog wait while she went on vacation, only to come back & KILL it anyway, a dog who had been abandoned for months, wasn’t aggressive, who had someone who wanted him, along with 12 other rescues who were begging for him.

The same shelter that killed a dog that a family spent 200 dollars on & wanted to keep, the actual owner signed him over & they IMMEDIATELY killed him then denied it

This woman Shannon Delgado who can’t seem to stay off of this page to see if I written about her, & Lori Trask the animal control worker, who also seems to love to spend all her time on this page as well. I have your IP addresses & you can’t mask them idiots, you should really find something else to do with your nights & weekends & you should ACTUALLY be spending your time working since you are being paid by taxpayers.

Oh & we can’t forget their cohort Rose Adams who just worked with them to get another homeless woman’s dogs taken away & is busy trying to get her kids taken away, the same woman who is facing 6 criminal charges in Edmonds right now because they don’t have their heads up her ass. Those dogs died without anyone to fight for them & I know she enjoyed knowing that. So it seems Ms Adams is a pro at getting animals taken from people by lying…

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0105083 08-29-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0105085 08-29-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0105084 08-29-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0102048 07-05-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal CR0029462 07-05-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal CR0029461 07-05-2012

You can’t hide anything from me, I will find out every single evil hateful thing you band of pathetic excuses for human beings do & I will write about it, I will talk about & I will make it known & once I find the woman you told that her dogs were dead I will tell her too. Does it make you feel better knowing that she cries herself to sleep thinking that now that all she loved is DEAD. Don’t worry you won’t be able to do this forever. I promise this.

On a side note I find this very funny: The shelter has a board who has been in operation for years but they could ONLY manage to post minutes from TWO meetings & OF COURSE one had to be about my case… but if you look at who runs it you will understand why. How pathetic is this?

City of Everett Animal Services Shelter Advisory Board Monthly Meetings April 25, 2012 6:30pm – 8pm

Shelter Board Members

Kathy Eaton Jim Civey, DVM Tyler Rourke Janelle Sgrignolli Barbara Birman

Emmy Schindler Grace Martinez Ian Civey Eddie Jones

Staff Members

Shannon Delgado, Shelter Manager

Deborah Wright, Executive Administrator

Susan Shephard, Minutes

Animal Shelter Advisory Minutes 2 22 2012

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