Taking the city of Everett to task & dealing with corruption in govt

I have big big big plans for my future: Most of that involves getting the people who are running this city & county out of office or unemployed. My issue started with:

1) An ignorant prejudice portly animal control officer ~ Lori Trask, Lemaire, Staib Carlon
2) A POS shelter manager & assistant manager ~ Bud Wesman & Shannon Johnson, Delgado

Bud Wessman was running the city shelter & the non-profit for the shelter which is a conflict, then he went away & left Shannon Delgado in charge.

My foster son was just murdered 2 days ago & I see my attorney who texted me previously to tell me that the city of Everett is dragging me back into court, he never told me what time though. At no time have I been given proper notice but that is the norm.

I seen him on Wednesday & he tells me that Judge Mitchell is coming out of retirement just for me to hear my case. If that doesn’t show how personal his vendetta is against me then I am not sure what does. So what does my attorney do? Well the usual ~ NOTHING.

THIS is the corruption that is so rampant in this city & county.

So for everyone I have written about: Thank your city shelter workers Trask, & Delgado, the city of Everett Prosecutor Mike Fisher, the city attorney Jim Iles & Judge Mitchell. They started this new path I am on. All I wanted was my dogs & cat back & to get on with my life. Now they are probably dead & I don’t have anything else to focus on but them & all the corrupt leaders in this county

If they hadn’t screwed me so completely & violated every single right I have as a human being I never would’ve known about any of this. I’d just be in my own little world rescuing animals, but they did & now…

I have learned & so will they

There are some very important things that people need to know. YOU are responsible for all of the corruption going on. Yes, YOU. You & I vote these morons in, WE allow them to act this way.

Most of my regular readers know I am a Minister. I originally became ordained to make money for my rescue by doing weddings & blessings.

One of the perks of being a Minister is you get a press pass which means that I can go to council meetings & other functions as a member of the press/ministry. So I don’t have to fill out their little comment forms for them to pick & chose IF they will let me speak ~ so far they NEVER have.

So that got me to thinking, I am a “Blogger” but I have the same qualifications & protections as a “Journalist” because I “gather & disseminate information to serve the general public”

So why not just start an online newspaper? I have people who will advertise on our page & I can get a business license for it & register with the state. I can also get at least 2500 “subscribers” to begin with which meets all the legal definitions. Now here is the beauty of it, I can designate it as a not for profit newspaper.

Newspapers get most if not all of their public records for free. “Freedom of the press” so that will make it possible for me to get the info I need to be able to do more in depth stories & get the truth out about these lowlifes we are letting run amok in our government.

Mainstream media tends to bash folks who blog, or make multiple records requests almost to the point of demonizing them. Why? I am not sure, maybe it’s the editor’s call, maybe they don’t want the competition, maybe even both. They tend to have a monopoly on breaking news & scoops but as the internet grows so does access to information that was once jealously guarded by the big media outlets. Yet even they have to get their info from a few blogs. I know that there have been at least 5 other stories done on information I broke here, maybe more.

Sitting around whining about the condition this country is in is useless, you have to get involved in the process. You don’t have to spend 24 hours day at it, just a couple hours a week. Get a group of like minded folks together & get involved in your local city, or town government to start with, then look at your county & your state.

Hell even if you just focus on your own city or town that is enough if enough people do the same. If people spent the time on getting involved in the process as they did on Facebook things we could wipe out corruption in no time flat! (Then you can get back to playing with angry birds)

Here are 3 simple things YOU can do:
1st ~ check out the candidates that you are voting for, thoroughly.
2nd ~ VOTE!
3rd ~ Make your presence known to keep them on their toes ~ question every thing they do, & every dime they spend

Go to council meeting, get copies of the city town or county’s operating budget, learn how your local govt works & why.

On that note my new accomplices & I will be going to different communities to help people learn how to blog, request records, & start their own organizations to fight corruption in their own communities. I predict that this will be a raging success.

I do believe a lot of people WANT to get involved in the process, they just don’t know how to start. I am going to change that.

I will also be putting up a page here with the information you need to get things started as soon as I am able. I need to be able to grieve for a while so I will either get right on it or be sitting in a corner crying ~ Please bear with me


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John E Pennington criminal record/misuse of time Snohomish County D.E.M.

Remember when I said…

If I ever got the chance to meet Anne Block that there was going to be a problem for Snohomish County?

I did & there is.

I thought they screwed me over, but they have done everything humanly possible to destroy this woman. They seem to have gotten away with most of it, & they seem to always prevail at all the dirty tricks they use but as the saying goes “Every dog has it’s day but every dog has it’s dog”

It’s like the conga line of corruption. Not just one person or one agency, they all seem to be working together to destroy her. Evidently they ALL have something to hide.

Why else would they come together on account of one single woman?

Public records are a powerful thing ESPECIALLY when the people in charge so blatantly conspire against this woman on the county dime & as a group. They believe they are so untouchable that they don’t even try to hide their crimes. Yes they are crimes but in Snohomish County they can they have & they will get away with it.

This corruption runs so deep that there is no place, no agency, no division that is not dripping in shit.

Let’s start with John Pennington…

So the county has ran several background checks on Ms Block Tit for tat.

Pennington001So I am getting mixed messages about this criminal background check. A very seasoned PR/HR person tells me that the “Harrassment W/Prior Harsmnt” is that just means he had prior acts of harassment that culminated in this one charge but a very seasoned detective said that he has a prior conviction of harassment.

The fact remains he was kicked out of his church for sexually abusing kid(s), (confirmed by church members) & that he is the prime suspect in the rape of a child, (confirmed by police ~ still waiting for those records & will post)  that he is a wife beater, stalker & an abuser & he is getting paid for his govt job with OUR tax money with a FAKE degree. That should piss you off, if it doesn’t then I don’t know what would.

So I made a trip down to the court house & what I found was horrifying, there are SO many people involved in his cover up that it would make your head spin. Government employees all emailing back & forth writing statements to bash his ex-wife during county & state time which is illegal but it went in front of a Superior court Judge who did NOT take notice or even mention that it was happening: Not just in ONE case but in TWO. You cannot conduct personal business on city, county, or state computers when you are supposed to be working, period.

Here is just one just at the county level. The other one has to be an entire blog post on it’s own because it involves the other people involved in the cover up of the abuse that this woman endured.

Some would say his private life is his own & that would be true if he wasn’t using county resources & tax-payer money to abuse one of his many wives. Reading these files just broke my heart to imagine this woman living like this for YEARS with no one to reach out to, no one to believe her & with people in power protecting this man…. but this is the “norm” in Snohomish County. There are 100’s of pages so I got what I could I will get more as finances permit

Pennington002Pennington003Pennington004Pennington005 Pennington006Pennington007Pennington008Pennington009Pennington010Pennington011Pennington012Pennington013Pennington014Pennington015Pennington016Pennington017Pennington018Pennington019Pennington020Pennington021Pennington023Pennington024Pennington025




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Now everyone knows that everyone else knows… I don’t know what else to do :~(

In my frustration I sent an email to everyone I could think of… The ONLY response I got was from the Washington State Bar Association that said they don’t take grievances via email! If you have any questions as to why corruption is SO RAMPANT in our state then refer back to my blog. Any grunt employee or reporter could’ve simply got off their hind end, & even read my page, I HAVE ALREADY DONE THE WORK FOR THEM, & done a story or investigated these matters themselves, but they won’t. I mean how rude of me: Why in the world would I expect them to do their jobs, or go to bat for justice or honor, silly me…

Subject: Tim Rasmussen-Stevens County, Ginger Luke-Pet Rescue Scam, Snohomish County Jail Deaths, Thurston County Ponzi scheme, Taamu V the City of Everett
From: Life Matters (saving_them_all@yahoo.com)
To: AskDOJ@usdoj.gov; cjc@cjc.state.wa.us; Commissioners@hum.wa.gov; hispanic@cha.wa.gov; info@oah.wa.gov; ltgov@leg.wa.gov; mail@sos.wa.gov; ocla@ocla.wa.gov; mhurtad@goia.wa.gov; opd@opd.wa.gov; pdc@pdc.wa.gov; support@leg.wa.gov; timf@atg.wa.gov; us.marshals@usdoj.gov; wmaurer@ij.org; alex.acosta@usdoj.gov; harts@ojp.usdoj.gov; john.g.malcolm@usdoj.gov; paul.d.clement@usdoj.gov; Peter.Keisler@usdoj.gov; aaronreardon@yahoo.com; aschauffler@king5.com; ari.kohn@postprisonedu.org; ariels@nwjustice.org; brad.klippert@leg.wa.gov; bruce.chandler@leg.wa.gov; jnessel@ccrjustice.org; rabbi@jewishsnohomish.com; Charlotte_L._Montiel@who.eop.gov; cegan@king5.com; cdaniels@king5.com; droseontv@yahoo.com; david.frockt@leg.wa.gov; davidk3@atg.wa.gov; deborah.eddy@leg.wa.gov; dsmith@heraldnet.com; firstfreedom@usdoj.gov; dginsburg@cadc.uscourts.gov; doronlinetaxfacts@dor.wa.gov; douge@wsba.org; editor@isspress.com; inlocoparentis2dogs@hotmail.com; frank@heraldnet.com; fdiamondstone@seanet.com; ian@950kjr.com; gchittim@king5.com; sgarza@komotv.com; getjesse@king5.com; herbw@komonews.com; hoemann.tom@leg.wa.gov;
Cc: info@oah.wa.gov; institute@wsipp.wa.gov; jmccarthy@krem.com; info@jayinslee.com; jholtz@heraldnet.com; isaac@jimkastama.com; jirius@gmail.com; jkress2@hrsa.gov; joe@joemcdermott.org; mashburn29@msn.com; John.Elwood@usdoj.gov; john.g.malcolm@usdoj.gov; johnw@rutherford.org; jtaylor@king5.com; rbaker@co.stevens.wa.us; pat@skokandmonasmith.com; Judge_Samuel_Alito@njb.uscourts.gov; rbsanders@aol.com; lvancise@nwcn.com; ln_thompson5@hotmail.com; Luis.Moscoso@leg.wa.gov; mail@sos.wa.gov; Maria_Cantwell@cantwell.senate.gov; marko@markoliias.com; maryhelen.roberts@leg.wa.gov; mmillman@kirotv.com; mjung@king5.com; mornings@komo4news.com; newstips@king5.com; nick@nickharper.org; paul.d.clement@usdoj.gov; pdc@pdc.wa.gov; problemsolvers@komo4news.com; questions@wsba.org; RaderR@cafc.uscourts.gov; MaryLou.Dickerson@leg.wa.gov; rob@robmckenna.org; ross@rosshunter.com; sabre7us@yahoo.com; snorth@heraldnet.com; seattlekingcountynaacp@gmail.com; seattlepostglobe@yahoo.com; seattlerockscene@gmail.com; sodonnell@komonews.com; supreme@courts.wa.gov; tips@q13fox.com; tips@komo4news.com; TribalLawyer@hotmail.com; victims@fear.org; voice9696@comcast.net;
Date: Thursday, September 27, 2012 1:33 PM
Dear Members of the Media, Justice System & various state & private agencies,
My name is Brandia Taamu, I am the victim of NUMEROUS violations of my civil rights & a very malicious prosecution beyond all understanding & belief. Almost 875,000.00 spent to prosecute me for a 1000.00 misdemeanor. (Possibly more as that is only my rough estimate & we are STILL in litigation going on for 22 months & almost a hundred combined court appearances!)
Because of all that has happened to me I started to investigate other corrupt agencies & people & what I found was astounding. Some of you I have given the evidence to, only 2 of you have acknowledged it, the rest of you either don’t know about it or have completely ignored it. I think you can check with the city of Everett to confirm that I will not, & do not just shut up & go away.
I have posted stories on my blogs & sent a lot of them forward to the appropriate agencies & NOTHING has been done. I now understand WHY there is the level of corruption in our Government that there is: Because no one does anything
1) Tim Rasmussen the Stevens County Prosecutor was being investigated for alleged fraud in regards to his charity, lawyers were donating to another charity for a sweeter deal, & he lied & said his charity had nothing to do with the one they were donating to, the money was in fact being sent to that charity which the Washington state AG has dinked for fraudulent business practices down to an agency called Versacare, which is the 7th Day Adventist Blanket charity. I sent the proof to the Washington State Bar Association, & they did NOTHING, as a matter of fact they cleared him of all wrong doing! He is now so bold that he freely admits on the bottom of his charity page that he is an affiliate of Children’s Care International!!! So it seems to me as long as he keeps paying his Bar Dues he will be able to get away with anything, & they will clear him everytime.

2) Ginger Luke & her Husband Jakob Lueck’s Pet Rescue Scam & Prior Bad Acts of Animal Abuse. Ginger & Jakob have been convicted of animal cruelty abuse, neglect & illegal transport, just recently Jakob Lueck was busted for a major Pot Grow Operation, & in the charging documents I found out that one of the first customers on his “List” is the animal control officer I am having trouble with. I will be starting litigation against her as well as she, the officer & their friend Rose Adams all started this garbage. She has WAY too many properties she’s been using charity money meant for the dogs to buy it with, upwards of 20 different properties, she doesn’t claim most of her sales & has been kicked out of Petco, Petsmart & just about every other store in this state because of her practices.

3) Snohomish County Jail deaths. So 6 people have died here & yet Snohomish County is still ALLOWED to do it’s own investigations, & send the bodies to their own morgue which has been plagued by a plethera of problems as well. Is anyone going to pick up the ball on this one or is it going to be swept under the rug?

4) Thurston County Rescue “Scheme” AKA Scam. This is by far the sickest most disgusting use of power & funding that I have seen. Cop goes out & investigates people for animal cruelty, take the people’s animals, get donations from the public & the county, ask the judge at the people’s hearings for 10 to 20K & when the case is over they sell the animals to slaughter, or if you call in to ask for help from the agency they take your animals too. Cop is married to the lady who started the rescue, & the head of it now is also the head of the County shelter, all of the expert witnesses are either family friends or on the board of the rescue. Everyone is making money, lawyers, judges, court, probation, vets, rescue, shelter, all riding the gravy train of animal suffering.

5) Taamu V The City of Everett & the Everett Animal Control. My case has gone on for 22 months with 94 violations of state & federal laws, with a cost to taxpayers of close to 874K to prosecute me for a 1K misdemeanor, in Municipal Court, they took my animals & showed up with them at the shelter almost 6 hours later with one bleeding from his rectum, another having seizures, and another bloody, hypothermic & missing her perfect teeth. I have not seen them in 22 months, almost 2 yrs I will never get back with my senior animals & they threw away my one dogs body after they desecrated him in violation of my Native beleifs & customs, they have thrown me in jail for being 8 minutes late asking a 5K bail on a 1k misdemeanor, the jude gave me 10 times the sentence that was requested after I was found guilty because I was NOT allowed an expert witness, or ANY witnesses, & a jury of my peers. My case is so convoluted that I had to make a web page, a blog & a radio show to cover it all. Now Snohomish County has joined in their harassment, along with the City Attorney & death threats from the city’s witnesses, as well as hundreds of emails & posting on an internet board called Craigslist

I don’t understand WHY none of you have done anything about any of this! I know the ACLU told me that unless media was involved they couldn’t do anything, the Dept of Justice is just passing me around with promises to help & doing NOTHING, the only one of you that has done something is KOMO4 news that reported on a dog that the Everett Shelter murdered, unless it has something to do with Aaron Reardon’s wanker the Everett Herald is not going to do any stories telling the truth about this shelter. Senator Maria Cantwell is currently trying to help, the Judicial commission is actually doing an investigation, the Medical “Quality” Assurance Board is obviously too challenged to read their own WAC’s, the Bar… yeah they have done what they will continue to do: Nothing.
The ridiculous part is that all the stories on my blog, show & page ALL have documentation to back them up, I have proof, none of my mediums are blocked or hidden, they are there for the public -including you- to see, to act upon, to do something about but as of yet nothing has been done. I may be autistic, & I understand the challenges in understanding me sometimes, but I am fairly sure I am dealing with college educated people who can easily understand what I am saying. I don’t care if I don’t hear from most of you, I don’t care if you want to take credit for the stories or investigation, that is not why I am doing this. I would just like SOMEONE to do SOMETHING
Brandia Taamu

The reason you can not beat an abused child…

My friend was crying & screaming because she got passed up for a promotion that she worked hard for & that she honestly deserved. Although I sympathized with her & she was truly distraught I didn’t understand why she was so upset…. In her anger at my lack of understanding she said “Oh what the hell do you know, you never had a good life, you’ve been let down & backstabbed by everyone you have ever trusted & you’ve learned to expect to be let down”

Ya & so what’s your point?

I let her say what she said in her anger & just simply said “I still love you & we both know you deserved the promotion but you may do well to realize that you don’t always get what you want or deserve, life is like that sometimes.”

That got me to thinking about me, about my life, about who I am & how I approach life. She was right to a point, but also more wrong then she could have ever known. I still have a very gentle loving soul, & I still want to believe that people are good, that there can be joy in life. For every 10 times I have been hurt, let down or backstabbed, there is that ONE time when I find a person to believe in, when I find out that my trust was well placed. In my mind that makes it all worth it.

People that I have shared my childhood with have always lamented about how horrible it was & it was, but it also made me who I am, & I truly honestly love myself, a very rare thing in this world today. I have not always been successful or right but I have always gotten back up on my feet & tried again, I have never let life beat me. I get depressed, even suicidal, just recently because of all of this crap with the Everett Animal Control, & my dogs I was hospitalized for trying to drive myself off a cliff: as my foot was bearing down on the gas pedal all of a sudden a screaming thought came into my head: If you do this they will win. I hit the brakes & called my husband because there is also the matter of my 7 children & 10 grandchildren, the kids are grown & on their own but the funny thing is they still need me, the grand kids have so much to learn, & I still have so much more to accomplish in life.

In order to survive I developed certain coping mechanisms, little did I know I would need them to survive my adulthood. I honestly believe I would be a horrible person if I had not developed those coping skills & outlook on life. I am very proud of who I have become, of what I have done for my children, & for other people & animals. I have made lots of mistakes but I have always learned from them & moved on, I don’t do everything right but I do try to do it better the next time.

Yes I have horrid dark thoughts, I have days I want to give up & die but I’m still here & yes there are days I am pissed about it, there are days when I wish I didn’t have the life I had but I did & no amount of want or wishes can change it. I have been royally screwed over, my animals are now being held hostage by a bunch of people who’s ONLY power is to hold them.They even tried to act like they wanted to give them back, if you all remember they gave me an offer to return them if I would drop my tort claim, but the conditions they put down would’ve never have gotten them back to me & I would’ve lost any chance I had at getting any retribution. They have had 15 months to do the right thing & give them back to me, & dismiss all this stupid crap but their little egos just won’t let them. Honestly I think they have killed most of my animals or most of them which is why they have to put up this wall of bullcrap…. I live with that every day, there is NO WAY I can walk away from this now, no way in hell.

Yes it breaks my heart, yes it is not fair, it is not right, but it is what it is. The one institution I trusted & had faith in, the courts: I found out they were corrupt, okay, not good but I was also raised by the likes of Dave Riechart, Gene Doeman, Ken Conder, Larry Gross, Jack Meduna, Marylin Brenneman, & so many other detectives, judges & prosecutors who ARE good, who are honest, who are NOT corrupt. I had counselors like Bill Camp, Probation officers like Mr Bates, most of the Seattle Vice Squad , & Green River Task force up my butt around the corner & to the left as a teen keeping me in line, & on occasion kicking my butt & handing it to me. I have always had people in my life to look up to, my hero as a young adult was Alva Long, now he was a renegade if ever there was one. If he was still alive I guarantee the City of Everett would be one hurting unit, I would’ve had my animals back that day & we’d be in Federal Court right now kicking their asses… but the Alva Longs in this world are few & far between, there are not many people who are willing to fight for what is right, there are not hardly any people who will go against the crowd & stand up for the truth, that is the sad reality.Most people are too afraid to even do the right thing…

People can say whatever the hell they like about Dave Riechart the Congressman but I know him as a human being, as a cop, as a person. He, McMillan, Jensen, Meduna, Doeman, & a few others are the ONLY people who cared when those girls were coming up missing, they were the only one’s who even noticed. If it wasn’t for them Gary Ridgeway would still be killing at will.

I remember when I used to hitchhike everywhere, pretty much hitchhiked around the country, one day I caught a ride with a guy in a VW & I was so stupid, this old man is asking me for a “date”, now why the hell would I want to “date” someone as old as my grandpa? Right about the time I was trying to explain to the guy about how I felt our age difference was a big no no for me Jack Meduna was on motorcycle patrol, he pulled us over & he was just screaming at me about hitchhiking & the guy was about to piss himself when I said well geez I was just trying to get a ride & I’ve got you yelling at me & this guy who’s old enough to fart dust asking me if I want to date him, forget you both & I started walking. He pulled up next to me & explained what a “date” was & all kinds of other things & gave me bus fare & told me to quit hitchhiking. I never did again after that.

Shortly thereafter Guenter Mannhalt took me in at the Donut Shop downtown, I worked, went to school, got into fights, believe it or not they used to call me “Joe Lewis” I was a very good fighter, because of the rage I had inside of me, then I went into a foster home once Guenter was locked up with 3 to 4 gay men depending on who was in town. They got me through school, & taught me how to be a good human being.

I have also had to deal with the likes of my step-father, George Freeman, from the infamous Monostary a nightclub of horrors that he used to lure young boys & abuse them & then to have to find out that the infamous strip club owner was my grandfather’s cousin, so my “Uncle”… I accidentally got the leader of the Jamaican Posse released from Federal Prison, my family married me off to a guy who was 20 yrs older than me & to get them “back” I married the biggest loser American Samoa has ever produced who ended up getting my house, all my money & everything I owned taken away including my kids for a little while because he didn’t pay his taxes to the IRS & he had about 10 other women he was sleeping with calling CPS on me pretty much every day, I got my kids back once I proved the truth, but never got anything else back, but I got what mattered!

I have had my back broken twice I was paralyzed the first time & I was also fighting cancer, I have lost a baby when he was young, I lost my twin at 11 yrs of age, & lost my real father 15 yrs ago, (but at least I found him & got close to him) I was almost murdered 12 yrs ago & literally had to have my whole face reconstructed, & I had a stroke at 40 yrs of age… Just to name some of the trials I have faced head on & overcome.

It all comes down to this: Kids who were abused growing up learn to cope in many ways, the one’s who are successful & don’t end up dead, on drugs or behind bars are the one’s who are the most equipped to deal with life, even the ones who end up on drugs or in prison have infinitely more tools to cope & succeed than a kid who’s life has been relatively easy.

You screw with the bull & you’re going to get the horns when you screw with a childhood abuse survivor, they survived much worse then most people can ever imagine. A child who has survived night after night of fear & terror, who has learned how to negotiate around someone who is unpredictable at best, & can still go out in the world & put on a smile, yeah… There’s not much you can throw their way & put a dent in them, they’re already dented. Even if they occasionally lose a battle they are sure to win the war


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Rose Adams Beutler Moon.

This is the beauty of this case finally being over at the Municipal level!!! I can finally tell you about these people, who they are, what they have done, & what they are capable of…

So let’s start with the city’s main witness. Rose Marie, Landers, Beutler, Adams, or Moon or any variation of the above, her boyfriends name is George Beutler. She has over 17 evictions that I have found so far since 1990 in King & Snohomish County, she has multiple issues where she tried to sue George’s family in Thurston County to take over his mother’s Estate, land & money before the woman even hit the grave. She sold a child in Florida, she lost 2 more to the state for physically & mentally abusing them, she claims to be “sanctioned by HSUS” claims to be a representative for several rescue groups, she claims to be a rescuer, who spends 1000’s every year saving dogs.

Here is a small sampling of her run in with the law, evictions & of her getting protection orders against all the people she has screwed over in the past few years

A man I talked to said she is every landlord’s nightmare… She files extensions, notices, replies, motions & makes the owner go to court for as long as possible & knows every delay tactic in the world. She is very adept at using the court systems to violate other people’s rights. It took her last landlord almost 5 months to get rid of her even after she had not paid the rent for well over 4 months, but since her SSI is not attachable none of these people can ever recover their money even if they “win” in court, she knows this & has been using it to her benefit for well over 2 decades.

Her new alias is Moon, her maiden name is Landers,  George’s last name is Beutler, & her ex husband is Adams

Adams, Rose Petitioner Kcdc-east Div (sho) 95-000843 07-05-1995 2

Adams, Rose Respondent Sno Co-everett Div 97-311AH 08-26-1997 3

Adams, Rose Appellant Coa, Division I 506374 06-19-2002 4

Adams, Rose Defendant Snohomish Superior 00-2-09388-6 12-06-2000 5

Adams, Rose Respondent Sno Co-everett Div 97-171AH 05-22-1997 7

Adams, Rose Defendant Snohomish Superior 05-2-10520-6 Available 08-02-2005 8

Adams, Rose Defendant Snohomish Superior 98-2-09032-2 12-02-1998 9

Adams, Rose Defendant Snohomish Superior 09-2-11839-4 12-18-2009 10

Adams, Rose Defendant Thurston Superior 08-2-01621-5 Available 07-08-2008 11

Adams, Rose Plaintiff Thurston County Dist 27974 07-29-2008 12

Adams, Rose Petitioner King Co Superior Ct 95-2-17127-3 07-07-1995 13

Adams, Rose Petitioner Kcdc-east Div (sho) 95-000841 07-05-1995 14

Adams, Rose Petitioner Kcdc-east Div (sho) 95-000842 07-05-1995 15

Adams, Rose Appellant Coa, Division I 506366 06-19-2002 16

Adams, Rose Defendant Snohomish Superior 07-2-07370-0 Available 09-07-2007 17

Adams, Rose Defendant Snohomish Superior 01-2-01649-9 Available 01-08-2001 18

Adams, Rose Defendant Snohomish Superior 10-2-02911-5 Available 02-24-2010

Adams Rose M Petitioner King Co Superior Ct 89-2-13774-7 07-17-1989 2

Adams, Rose M Petitioner Kcdc-east Div (sho) 95-000749 06-12-1995 3

Adams, Rose M Petitioner Kcdc-east Div (sho) 95-001200 09-13-1995 4

Adams, Rose M Plaintiff King Co Superior Ct 97-2-16445-1 06-30-1997 5

Adams, Rose M Petitioner King Co Superior Ct 90-2-02137-8 01-29-1990 6

Adams, Rose M Petitioner Pierce Co Superior 93-3-01866-4 04-19-1993 7

Adams, Rose M Petitioner King Co Superior Ct 90-2-13305-2 07-03-1990 8

Adams, Rose M Petitioner King Co Superior Ct 91-2-19788-1 09-10-1991 9

Adams, Rose M Respondent Snohomish Superior 95-2-05009-1 07-05-1995 11

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Adams, Rose Marie RESPONDENT Thurston Superior 08-2-30502-1 07-29-2008 48

Adams, Rose Marie PETITIONER Thurston Superior 08-2-30628-1 09-12-2008 49

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Adams, Rose Marie PETITIONER Thurston Superior 08-2-30307-9 05-09-2008 60

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Adams, Rose Marie Petitioner Sno Co-south Div U10-00011 01-19-2010 63

Adams, Rose Respondent Thurston County Dist 95-293HAR 08-23-1995 64


Here is the results of her psychological profile according to several mental health care professionals. Please note she abuses her children & George, & then blames them for all of her troubles, also PLEASE NOTE that all of this… This is what the prosecutor & judge were trying to say about me, so evidently they read the case as well. It was absolutely scripted, right along with saying I was on SSI disability when it was her who was & still is on it.

Dr. Wagner diagnosed Adams with antisocial personality disorder, finding her to be hostile and with little insight into the events involving her children.Adams also displayed features of narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.  Adams generally blamed “the system” for her children’s behavior and emotional difficulties.  According to Dr. Wagner, it is difficult to treat individuals with a similar profile because they tend to blame others.Dr. Wagner, who diagnosed Adams with an antisocial personality disorder, noted that during the psychological evaluation, Adams frequently became angry and raised her voice, cursing and going off on tangential topics. Adams dominated the conversation whenever Beutler was present and frequently abused him verbally.  Despite her acknowledgement at the time of the agreed dependency order that there had been extreme family conflict and inappropriate discipline, Adams blamed X.X., Beutler, and “the system” for the family’s difficulties, and characterized X.X. as manipulative and dishonest. Based on her evaluation, Adams’ inability to control her anger, lack of insight, poor prognosis for treatment, and failure to benefit from many years of services, X.X.’s strong desire to remain in her father’s home, and X.X.’s expressed fear of Adams, Other State witnesses reached similar conclusions.  Ellis Amdur, a
child mental health specialist, interviewed Adams in conjunction with an assessment of X.X.’s placement with her father.  During the interview, Adams asserted that all of X.X.’s allegations were false and blamed X.X. for many of the things that had happened during the dependency. Adams denied any personal responsibility.Dr. Bramhall diagnosed Adams with a bipolar II disorder, “characterized by alternating cycles of hypomania and depression and recently mixed states.” During the interview, Adams insisted that prior CPS referrals had all been based on deliberate lies.  Dr. Bramhall concluded that Adams’ inability to control her anger prevented her from forming significant attachments with her children and setting appropriate limits. Leila Copeland testified that she provided in-home parenting services for Adams for approximately 18 months.  Copeland concluded that Adams had “minimal” insight into the effect of her actions on others.

But Rose went on to abuse the system even further. Now it is her who is calling CPS & making false allegations, I sat right in her living room while she called on her ex son in law, & his girlfriend, I watched her call every hospital in the area & tell them he was a drug addict & was only trying to get drugs so to not give him any, I watched her abuse George without mercy, I watched her post lies on line about her best buddy, postings I was getting blamed for. I’ll have the craigslist subpoena soon to show the proof of this but all it takes is common sense: Every since I had her craigslist shut down there have been no more postings about this rescue with that story line about fostering, there have been no more posting for her looking for the son the state took from her.

Now she is trying to get 40 dogs up here from California no doubt in conjunction with Christine James & her other little buddy.

If you look at the court case in bold up above you will see it is for 3 gross misdemeanors, for dangerous dogs running at large, & 3 misdemeanors for failure to show license, the way she got them dropped is to create a false claim against me, & lie under oath in a court of law.

Granted it was a Kangaroo Court, & the Judge & the prosecutor were going to screw me anyway,

Nevermind that I didn’t get to enter any of my own evidence, or get any witnesses to actually testify,

I didn’t get an expert witness, I didn’t get most of my discovery I requested, & during that time the prosecutor LIED and called Animal Control on me, & had this twat file false police reports against me.

Now she will tell you she single handedly shut down the Rene Roske puppy mills… but there is more to the story & now that I am actually digging into it it seems like there was something dirty going on there as well…

I got an email from some man stating he had seen an emaciated dog, a rottie or a dobie at a “friends” house, I was busy working on something else so I forwarded the info onto Rose who I was told had ties to the Snohomish County prosecutor, it seems she used that email to make friends with all of them so she could get in there & cause trouble, instead of simply forwarding it on to the Snohomish County authorities so she could interject herself into the situation, & that is all you seen & heard through this whole case was Rose claiming she had found the info , that she was sanctioned by HSUS, that she was a rescue representative, by her doing that she left those animals in harms way for months so she could grab a few minutes on camera, IF ANYTHING SHE SAID WAS TRUE… Now i am left to wonder, she has worked with the City of Everett Animal Shelter before and all the they did was lie, so what else have they lied about? Who else have they lied about?

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One year ago today… You took my life.

One year ago today, I was sitting in my car with my doggies, & my kitty cat. I was holding George my terminally ill dog & coming to terms with the fact that the kindest thing to do was to take him to the vet & let him cross over, he had been on pain management for a couple of days & it didn’t seem to be helping. he was giving me little Georgie kisses, & as he looked into my eyes I promised him I would let him go on Friday & take him to be blessed & wrapped at the river where my twin brother died so that he could watch over his soul & that by the water he may be able to cross back over to come back to me again.

Humans are stupid, they like the feeling of being high, dogs not so much, so pain management is a last resort, for me it was finances, I didn’t get paid til Friday. George was always a very stoic little old man, had his glands not swollen I never would’ve known he had cancer. All I can think of is that night, he didn’t want to sleep with me, he gave me a kiss & pawed at a kennel so I got up & opened it for him but kept my hand on him for the night, it was the first time he did not lay by my side since the day he came to my home almost 2 yrs earlier. Soffia & Misty took turns sleeping with him & me that night.

In my grief I never could’ve guessed that in the morning a fat ugly evil little pig would come & take my animals, little did I know that the next day they would show up at the shelter almost 7 hours after they were taken from me bleeding from the rectum, unable to walk, bloody, missing teeth, having seizures & hypothermic. What did they do to George to make him bleed from his butt & be unable to walk? Why was my Soffia, hypothermic, bloody & missing teeth??? What the FRICK is wrong with that stupid pig faced b*tch to do something like to helpless animals, what the frick is wrong in the prosecutors mind to prosecute me & protect her KNOWING FULL WELL HE DOESN’T HAVE A CASE.

Just take a look at her little pig face… Oh & that little pit bull she is dragging in has probably been beaten & maced & was grateful for the release of death, yes it was killed, for being a pit bull

George lived for 12 miserable years in a puppy mill, he was a victim of some woman’s greed, then he became the victim of that stupid b*tches hatred & prejudice

It takes a special kind of monster to do this to him… Who would do something like this to an innocent helpless creature? When you look at these pictures remember that was a living breathing feeling thinking creature who was loved, who was cherished, who had worth. A simple blood test would’ve confirmed lymphoma & that was already verified & she is not a licensed forensic vet, she just did this for “funsies”

Here is my precious little Soffia, before & after… What you DON’T see because they are only giving us black & white photos, is the dark coloring around Soffie’s mouth is BLOOD, & you will notice that poor little Libby looks totally terrified, & George at the bottom of the other picture is unable to walk. Why didn’t they take pictures of them when they took them from me? THEY DID BUT THEY AREN’T GIVING THEM TO US BECAUSE THEY WILL SHOW WARM DRY NON BLOODY DOGS. Please also keep in mind they said Soffie’s fur was all matted but ALL YOU SEE ARE RINGLETS not mats, if she was matted she would’ve been lumpy, but you can DISTINCTLY see all the curls in her hair after they probably tried to drown her

The same woman that can smile in the face of one animal, & take it’s life from them, no matter how much they cry, no matter how hard they resist, she fills her needle up with the pink liquid & takes their lives, for nothing more than being my dogs, or for being pitbulls, then she goes off to lunch, a laughs her day away. In one day she KILLED 82 cats, a woman after Hitler’s heart…

You might also want to note that the dog above is a pit bull so she smiles for the picture but when the camera was gone she will end it’s life, a puppy with so much love to give. Just gone.

It has always been strange to me that most of the pictures they take for the local papers are with pit bulls or terriers, that they are going to kill… but as a friend suggested they are probably trophy pictures so they can look at that & smile knowing they killed that one too.

But here… Here is the biggest JOKE of all, the Oath of David C Mitchell that he took on 1/6/2010 Exactly 1 yr before they stole my animals. Notice he was late, laughing & stuttering. Yep really funny…

OATH OF OFFICE Superior Court Judge Joe Wilson administered the oaths of office to Municipal Court Judges Timothy O’Dell and David Mitchell.


Sorry I could not find a picture of him or Mr Fisher as was requested. I will continue looking, though

So if you were a jury & you seen this WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

I have 7 yrs+ of vet records or my dogs, none were underweight, none were starving, none were abused, none were sick except for George… Whereas while they have been in the care of Everett, they have been given medications known to kill that certain breed, they have gotten tape worms which means they had fleas, they have had those stupid fricking b*tches, animal control officers treating my dogs, probably taking them around a corner & beating the sh*t out of them again, Soffie had to be brought in for stitches, for “lacerations” whether she made it or not I don’t know, I don’t know if she got run over, or attacked, or beaten, Hoki is in full on epilepsy after being seizure free for over a year, Libby is having outbreaks & reactions to the meds they are giving her, no one has heard from my cat, & they won’t tell me what they did with Lilly kitty, so who knows if any of them are still alive, the city of everett vet did an unauthorized necropsy on George, when she is not accredited to do so & then took pictures of her playing in his guts, not to mention while he was alive for 5 days in that putrid hellhole they were only giving him a QUARTER tablet of tramadol, which is about 1/4 of what he should have had ONLY ONCE A FRICKING DAY, so they just let him suffer in pain after they did God knows what to him in the hours they had him, we know he was bleeding from his butt, we know he was unable to walk.

None of my dogs were abused, abandoned, injured, or neglected, we were just sleeping in a car until we could get our house ready which came up 7 days after they were taken, 2 days after they murdered & mutilated George. ALL BECAUSE OF THE B*TCHES PICTURED ABOVE, & THIS B*TCH. IF YOU EVER SEE THIS WOMAN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

IT WAS HER LIES & LORI TRASK, CARLON, LEMAIRE WHATEVER THE FRICK HER NAME IS THIS YEAR PREJUDICE &  the dirty corrupt prosecutor & judge who thought I was just going to take the illegal seizure of my animals, the torture of them & myself just lying down… well evidently NONE OF YOU KNOW THE POWER & THE FURY OF A MOTHER’S LOVE.

Happy One Year Anniversary to you, just remember

EVERY DOG HAS IT’S DAY… BUT EVERY DOG HAS IT’S DOG. My new Mantra is do unto other what they do unto you…

Remember this, now that I know I don’t have to have an attorney & that I can now represent myself, we are going to have a ball in court, because everything you have done to my animals, & myself is going to be public knowledge, every law you have broken, every Constitutional law you have broken. You should just drop this matter & give me back my animals, I already sent the motion & I have given you 72 hours, & remember since you used part of this blog in my records you have to use it all, so the jury will see this, they will see all of it. If you don’t follow the law, drop the charges, & return my animals & property I have entire Communities coming to help me out. I have already sent them power of attorney to take over my matters in the event that you try to lock me up illegally again! I do not consent to your authority, I do not recognize your jurisdiction, I have rescinded all of my contracts made with you by way of duress per minas… But you already know this: Don’t you?

Oh & just try to sue me for this… I AM BROKE BECAUSE I CAN’T GO TO WORK OR GET A JOB BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN IN COURT 62 TIMES IN THE PAST YEAR. You will choke on your words & your deeds. I WELCOME a trial, or a call sometime between now & Monday to tell me when I can come & get my dogs, crates, & their meds.

***Oh Hey! For all of my readers out here, I got the tapes & someone is working on putting them up for me so you can hear this judge convict me before trial & then you can hear him say he didn’t say it. I put in a request for all 50 court appearances & someone is going to splice them all together so you can see what I have to go through almost every week, sometimes twice a week.


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