Please share our newest petition to end BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) for all of Snohomish County

Our newest petition is under way to end the BSL that the city of Everett & the Snohomish County Assessor Carolyn Weikel ENACTED BY PROXY ON THE ENTIRE COUNTY

Everett has BSL enacted decades ago, the real reason was because all of Mexicans & African American’s starting moving into Everett so this was at the time the only tool they had to harass young ethic kids & families.

Most of Snohomish County does NOT have any type of BSL, but because of Carolyn Weikel’s under the table deal with the City of Everett Animal Services, now all dogs in every area they contract with that are terrier or mastiff mixes are killed.

So why can’t folks from other areas in Snohomish County simply go in and claim their dog? Well because they keep the dogs in the back anything that perceived to be a terrier or mastiff mix is locked away in the back of the shelter away from where the public can see them they claim to have a book in the lobby with pictures of the dogs of it are in the back but I know for a fact (because I’ve seen it with my own eyes) that most of the dogs back there are not listed in the book.

What I never stopped to consider in this past year though; is that the city of Everett has BSL, the outlying portions of Snohomish County and most of the major cities do not have BSL. So how is it that they can enact BSL by proxy on the outlying areas and cities of Snohomish County? The answer is they can’t, but they are: because that’s the way that things are done in the city of Everett.

So I just started this petition a few days ago and we have 337 signatures on it so far & once I get up to at least 5000 then I’m going to start taking action by filing an injunction against Ms. Weikel and against the city of Everett animal shelter on behalf of the citizens of Snohomish County because they cannot enact any type of legislation without voter approval and they most certainly cannot go into another jurisdiction and enact any type of legislation in that area.

End Breed Specific Legislation in Everett Wa , & the City’s Animal Services

End Breed Specific Legislation in Everett Wa , & the City's Animal Services.

Petitioning The Governor of WA

End Breed Specific Legislation in Everett Wa , & the City’s Animal Services.

Petition by   Finally Home Humane Society

Breed Specific Legislation is usually directed at Bullie breeds, the practice is outdated as Washington has perfectly good Dangerous Dog Laws that don’t single out any breed & only focus on behavior. Everett has had BSL for almost 2 decades, it was enacted by the city council & was never given a vote by the citizens of Everett, most people don’t even know it exists. Most of Snohomish county however: Does NOT have BSL…

Since the county auditor & the shelter manager for the city pound are buddies the City shelter was given the County contract. (I won’t call it a shelter because it is a house of horrors)

The problem is that ONLY the City of Everett has BSL but once an animal is impounded, even from an area of the county that doesn’t have BSL the dogs are still killed.

Furthermore ANY dog that they perceive to be a Pit or American terrier or mastiff mix are kept locked in the back of the shelter where the general public & owners can not see them, they claim that they take a picture of each dog & place it in a book out in the front lobby, but while I was pulling pit bulls from there I seen MANY dogs in the back who were NOT in the book.

I can only imagine how many owners came in looking for their animals & were told to look in the book but didn’t see their dogs. Those poor dogs must’ve smelled their owners & wondered why they left as they were taken to die.

They stopped me from pulling dogs from there after I started to complain because EVERY dog I pulled from there was either injured or maced, & in retaliation they took my animals & had them somewhere for 5 hours & upon arrival my dogs were having seizures, unable to walk, bleeding from their rectum, hypothermic, bloody & missing teeth. It has been a 25 month long battle which I am still fighting

It is time to end the city’s animal services & turn them over to another agency that can be trusted, who have the animals best interest in mind, not a rabid hatred for bully breeds. We have 3 very good agencies who are better equipped & staffed that can assess the needs of the animals much better & their BSL is antiquated, outdated & unconstitutional. They can adopt Washington State’s dangerous dog ordinances & resolve the whole issue.

This county is in so much turmoil as it is & facing so many multi-million dollar lawsuits for it flagrant disregard for the law, can we really afford more liability? My suits alone are going to cost the state upwards of 10 million dollars or more. This is the state the County & City is in yet NO ONE is ashamed, no one

The Governor of WA
The WA State Senate
The WA State House
City of Everett Washington Mayor Ray Stephanson, Mayor of the City of Everett
City of Everett Washington Animal Shelter, Shannon Delgado
Paul Roberts, Everett City Councilmember Position #1
Jeff Moore (President), Everett City Councilmember Position #2
Scott Murphy, Everett City Councilmember Position #3
Ron Gipson, Everett City Councilmember Position #4
Scott Bader, Everett City Councilmember Position #5
Brenda Stonecipher, Everett City Councilmember Position #6
Shannon Affholter (Vice President), Everett City Councilmember Position #7
Carolyn Weikel, Snohomish County Auditor

End BSL in Everett, & City Animal Services.

The time has come for Everett to move into this century, to give up the unconstitutional codes & to stop violating it’s citizens rights. By giving the city the animal control contract, you have enacted BSL by proxy on all of the outlying cities in your county far overreaching your legal jurisdiction. The history of the shelter & it’s abuses of animals & peoples have not been nor will they be rectified by the status quo. It is time for the city to get out of the animal business & hand them over to a qualified agency. In the face of a 10 million dollar budget shortfall it is the responsible thing to do for the voters of the city & the county.

[Your name]

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If Snohomish County was a soap opera you would watch

You wouldn’t believe it but you would watch it every day!!!

Someone commented to me that the whole county sounded like a clown convention… It is worse then that. It has become the new age Sodom & Gomorrah. The sad truth is that it is all real, & no one comes back the next season (but they can be reelected ad-nauseam) . Worse yet, if the local media gets it in for you: you are screwed.

There is no clear place to start because it all makes no sense, but it never ends & where one problem lies 40 other problems pop up weekly.

So I’ll start with my case… 874,000.00 spent on a 500.00 citation you know: because I fought back, & with the lack of concern or representation it looks like we are going to the Washington State Appellate & possibly Supreme Court. I may shoot myself in the face for this one though. I actually have faith in the Superior Court Judge to actually rule in favor of the law & the Constitution, most Superior court judges are far more educated & knowledgeable about the law as opposed to my municipal court judge/divorce attorney.

Oh we now have a firefighter selling items from a burned out building on craigslist where the owner caught him with multiple items in his home & his reaction was to DEMAND she buy her own items back & he is walking away scott free… There evidently “wasn’t enough evidence to charge him”  WTH?????

No worse then the cop who was stealing items from some random persons house claiming some criminal told him to pick up the items, the good news is that Snohomish County had no say in this he was charged in King County so he was actually charged… Don’t get too happy because “charged” doesn’t mean convicted as evidenced by this travesty…

Everett cop Troy Meade shoots a Niles Merservey, an unarmed man in the head at a bar parking lot, gets charged with murder & is acquitted. (maybe he had the same jury as I did with ex-cops & judges buddies) That only cost the tax-payers of Everett about 12 million bucks, possibly more

Atleast this kid was only kneed in the groin & arrested by Officer Anders of the Everett Police Dept along with his girlfriend for calling the cops after he & his girlfriend were assaulted in a Goodwill, to date the right guy has never been arrested & he is still stalking & torturing the victims. (I’ll be doing a separate story about this when I get the rest of their paperwork)

There is also the matter of all the deaths at the jail…
1) Leon B Moore –  February, 28th, 2013 Medical Death
2) Bill William –  Sept 14th, 2012 Tazed to death

3) Michael Saffioti – July, 3rd, 2012 Died from allergies

4) Jason ? 32-year-old Mill Creek man – Dec, 21st, 2011 Committed Suicide
5) Lindsey Lason – Nov, 11th, 2011 Died from a lung infection

6) Diane Cowling – April, 20th, 2011 Died from a heart failure

7) Landon Taylor Hays –  April, 6th, 2010
8) 25 yr old man from Monroe – April,  2009
9) David Herget – July,1st, 2005 Committed Suicide

When the guards aren’t trading cookies for sex or raping the prisoners & stealing bail money  or making prisoners strip naked & having their mommy cover for them, It should be noted that this guard filed a discrimination claim against the jail right before these allegations surfaced so take that with a grain of salt) they are busy beating the crap out of each other or pulling each others hair when a Sergeant doesn’t like a hairdo

These folks managed to make it out alive & sue the jail but keep in mind these might also be lawsuits instigated by family members of those who died in jail & this is only a few cases in the Federal Courts
1) Johnson v. Monroe Correctional Complex et al
Filed: March 7, 2013 as 3:2013cv05167
2) Renee Bishop v. Snohomish County Jail, et al
Filed: December 10, 2012 as 12-36013
3) Bishop v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: March 22, 2012 as 2:2012cv00493
4) Bartholomew v. Snohomish County Jail
Filed: September 30, 2010 as 2:2010cv01570
5) Thompson v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: June 1, 2010 as 2:2010cv00902
6) Bell et al v. Snohomish County et al
Filed: June 15, 2007 as 2:2007cv00927
7) Hardee et al v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: January 4, 2007 as 2:2007cv00019
8) West v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: October 6, 2006 as 2:2006cv01453
9) Bland v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: July 11, 2006 as 2:2006cv00980
10) Guillory v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: May 25, 2006 as 2:2006cv00747
11) Pimption v. Snohomish County Jail
Filed: June 8, 2005 as 2:2005cv01050
12) Olson v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: April 1, 2005 as 2:2005cv00638
13) Heggem v. Snohomish County
Filed: August 4, 2009

Evidently the Dept of Justice is off in the corner playing with their own winkies because in 2003 they launched an “inquiry” into two other deaths at the jail… problem was the jail didn’t even know they were being investigated & I quote:

Snohomish County Jail officials said yesterday they didn’t know of the federal inquiry into events at the jail. “No one from the federal government or the Justice Department has contacted me or anyone in our department that I’m aware of,” said Steve Thompson, the jail’s director.” No wonder the Seattle Police Dept is essentially telling them to blow it out their holes
Diane Stults, – on Feb. 11, 2003
Joy S. Miller – Mar, 19th, 2003

So 2 deaths in one year, a DOJ “inquiry” that no one knew about except the newspapers: but at least there were only those two deaths. As soon as the Sheriff’s Office took over we see a skyrocketing death rate at the jail 8 in 4 years, so about 2 deaths a year & somehow that is supposed to be better? Thank the Snohomish County Council for that liability!

Aaron Reardon grasped the problems with this 5 years ago but no one listened “Thompson’s concerns have been echoed by County Executive Aaron Reardon, who said Thursday that neither Lovick nor anyone on his staff “has any experience in the corrections field.” In a strange twist of irony Lovick is now trying to take Reardon’s job!

Unfortunately Aaron Reardon himself is the source for much more material, hell he could be his own soap opera! It boils down to an affair, an intimacy kit billed to his county credit card on a “busines” trip… that instigated several investigations including the state patrol & an out of county agency which found 6.00 unaccounted for.

Oh & then allegedly making calls to campaign during work hours, aides with fake profiles, public records requests, a county council & a local newspaper with a MAJOR hard on for him. Seriously, the local paper actually went as far as to call together a posse to find out who was making the records request for the prosecutors office!!! This is the call from the paper for the “Posse” That may just be bluster, but we think it is time to whistle up a digital posse to see if readers can help flush this person into the open.

Please take a look at this link, it contains links to SIXTY stories they have done about him just lately!!!  I almost have to wonder what the newspaper will do once Reardon steps down, I sense there will be lay-offs since most of their “material” will be gone.

There has been a long standing battle with the County Council & the county Exec, anyway. Some time ago Reardon put a hiring freeze due to the economy, the council went over his head voted against him & hired their friends & family then instituted a hiring freeze like it was their idea!!!

I do however find it funny that the two men who are hot on his tail as liars & drunks themselves. Mr Somers ensured Ms Dutton that everything would be kept confidential but once he got the information he was running around screaming like the town crier with it. Then there is Mr Sullivan the County Council President who must’ve been taking notes from Judges Ryan & Fisher after his DUI, out of Mukilteo
Council hiring freeze welcome but late

The State Public Disclosure Commission confirmed that it is investigating Reardon Oh but enter a certain Gold Bar Blogger/Attorney Anne Block, she has filed a few petitions with the courts to recall Aaron Reardon & in retaliation a fake Wiki page was set up about her…. She doesn’t strike me as a woman you want to screw with. The good news according to the Everett Herald is that she now has her sights set on Lovick & has filed a recall petition against Lovick, hopefully some of the info I have compiled here will help her accomplish that goal. The problem is that the Herald is reporting the recall petition but it is not listed on the state website which isn’t surprising, but they say it’s there

Speaking of Willies… never go golfing with a drunk county planner or else you may get to see his wee willie winkie whether you want to or not. Former Snohomish County Planning Director Craig Ladiser pleaded guilty this afternoon to a sexually charged assault of a woman while he was in a drunken stupor at a golf tournament last summer. I guess there is no designation for assault with a dead weapon so they took the next best thing. No worries though they cut some kind of a deal so the woman is not going to sue the county on public record, nice under the table hush money works though
Craig Ladiser

Being a Judge in Snohomish County has it’s perks too! One district court judge gets pulled over for a DUI, he refuses a breathalizer, gets to keep his license gets off scott free retires on public money because his buddy the other Judge Roger Fisher tells investigators Ryan wasn’t drunk: Problem is none of their stories matched but that’s okay, you’re a judge you can do what ever you want

If you ever do end up on the wrong side of the law then DON’T give this guy Fredrick Bletson Jr your money & make sure if you’re a girl to dress frumpy or you’ll never see your money again. I wonder how many people paid this guy & got their diversions revoked after he stole their money? According to the Herald Bletson is accused of pocketing about $14,000 from clients he supervised as part of his job as a diversion counselor with the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Bletson came to the attention of his bosses in June 2010 after a female client complained about him making inappropriate sexual comments.
Frederick Bletson Jr.

Oh & if there is any question why your electric bill is so high, well you are paying back the 20K that one of the employees helped themselves to, More than $20,000 belonging to Snohomish County Public Utility District ratepayers has turned up missing from a safe kept at the utility’s Paine Field-based operations center & they have NO IDEA who did it, only 4 people had the combination to the safe… but of course they don’t have any suspects.

Good God I am tired, this article has taken 3 weeks to compile, but I still have so much more to add. Please keep in mind I am only reporting on the current issues! If I went back a couple decades it would take me atleast 40 articles just to list the crap that goes on daily in this joke of a county, not to mention I have information on well over 400 things that I can not release until I get documentation which I have stored somewhere else.

Maybe in the next story I can cover the Lake Stevens cops who bust into people’s homes & stalk them, harass & threaten them that are being given another chance. You don’t even want to know how much these officers are costing the city & county in lawsuits, along with civil claims for the one who likes to beat people up at bars

Better yet we can also discuss the craziness going on in Granite Falls where the former Mayor was charged with drug dealing but the kicker was he was being investigated by a cop who is under investigation for illegal seizures & missing funds from the evidence room.

There are the every day things that go on here, like the county assessor giving Snohomish counties animal control jurisdiction to the Everett Animal Shelter you know because they are buddies & all. The problem with that is that Everett has BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) & they will kill anything they perceive to be a terrier mix even if the dog came from another jurisdiction then the city of Everett. The next problem is they hide them in the back so the owners CAN’T find them.

Then we have Officer Franklin of the EPD, who likes to cancel ambulances for black men he or store employees may have beat at QFC I swear that he & Meade are total aberrations of what the Everett Police Dept is like. Even as a little girl I personally never had a problem with one single police officer in Everett, the Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace & Mukilteo Police have been nothing but kind & good to me as an adult. I got pulled over for no brake lights in Edmonds instead of a ticket the Officer was trying to help me fix them, you should’ve seen the looks I got as people drove by & there is half a cop hanging out of my trunk. I was wandering around lost in Mountlake Terrace lost & a cop pulled me over to ask if I needed help & got me directions where I was going & escorted me most of the way there! The Lynnwood cops pretty much helped me raise my bunch of goofy teens, the Mukilteo police are just damn funny, they’ll have you laughing so hard even if you get pulled over you can’t even be pissed about getting a ticket, then drive & realize they didn’t give you one. I have been pulled over by the Everett Police because they were bored, & they wanted to know if my night was more exciting then theirs was which turned into a conversation about chocolate chip cookies, chafing & who driving training course was better then who’s.

There are more & more stories about police corruption & brutality just in 2011 the statistics were terrifying

I know many of you have read my story & some of you have even emailed me asking if I am serious, or if I am delusional, honestly I WISH this was all a bad dream or a figment of my imagination but this is Snohomish County, this is how the county is run, this is what the people act like & conduct themselves like, there is nothing sacred, there is no law that is off limits. The saddest part is most of the people who email me are AFRAID to post publicly on my blog here & that just isn’t right.

I wish to God I could tell everything I know, at this point I am trying to make light of it but the sad reality is that this is the truth, this is just the way it is there. I am sure many  of you seen my letter to the Department of Justice which calatogues & documents every allegation I have made. I have given them proof but they just sit in a corner yanking their little wankers. The ACLU is ONLY interested in things that will get them some news coverage, the Snohomish County Human Rights Commission is a GD tea & cookie party that does NOTHING but surveys, I am not black enough for the NAACP to give two shits about what I am going through especially since one of them is a black man, most every attorney on this side of the state is nothing more then an ambulance chasing money grubbing chicken shit that is scared to face off with this county, unless of course it is an easy win they can arbitrate down the line. The municipal judge is about as corrupt as they come, the city attorney & council will do anything to cover their ass legal or not. Mr Nielsen filled me in on a few of their meetings about me before he died & even then he couldn’t help me.

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Commercial Kennel Vs. Puppy Mill HSUS, ASPCA Coming to a farm near you

Being in the rescue business I hear that distinction all the time. I always figured anything with over 20 dogs was a puppy mill.

I have learned a lot over the past 8 years sadly enough. I have seen Commercial Kennels with socialized, clean happy animals with plenty of staff, good food, self cleaning & watering systems, & lots of enrichment activities for the dogs with upwards of 75 dogs.

I have also seen puppy mills with only 15 dogs, dogs who have never felt the touch of a loving hand, who are bred cycle after cycle until they die, that eat crap food & have to sit the whole day in their feces & wait for others to pee so they can have something to drink.

I also am the weird rescuer because I work with breeders, a good breeder is a wealth of knowledge about the breed of dogs they breed, things you can’t find in any book or online, even about mixed breeds. Then there is also the fact that they truly love their breed & have huge waiting lists, so when I get a full breed or even mixed breed they will go through their list & make some calls to help me get the dog adopted out or even take the dog & have them fixed & find a suitable home for that dog.

There are all kinds of breeders, some good some bad, some I haven’t made up my mind about yet. I know a few breeders that make breeding their income & business, some have to work up to two jobs to support their breeding.

HSUS, PETA & ASPCA would have you believe that all breeders are simply puppy millers in disguise. It makes them more money & feeds the hatred & blame game. As they point out up to 25% of all animals in shelters are pure breeds. So what about the OTHER 75% well those are what we call “Oops puppies”. Again HSUS, PETA, & your local shelter would have you believe that every dog owner is a miscreant who lets their dogs breed harey carey as well & so it is ALL breeders & owners who are to blame for the euthanasia rates.

People confound me anyway with all this animal rights crap as it is. Save the dog, the whale the wolf, while they are eating the cow. We have always started out a little back-asswards as a nation anyway. Settlers came, killed off the Natives as much as they could, then they brought slaves, those slaves were considered “property” much like our animals are now, & Chief Standing Bear had to go in front of the United States Supreme Court to earn the right for Natives to even be considered a human being, well now the Natives are “people” & someone set the slaves free… but hey! We still got wives, kids & animals! So now wives & kids are people too so that just leaves animals & the irony is: Child Protection laws were modeled after Animal Protection laws which incedently were written centuries before protections for women & children & they were specifically written for livestock AND pets


Being the backwards nation we are we have found a way to differentiate discriminate against animals too! Can’t eat dogs cats & horses, but you can eat pigs cows & chickens. Why? Because we identify with dogs cats, & horses so we have justified the difference in treatment, but no worries we still make sure as a nation that we pick a dog breed to hate… Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans & now Pit Bulls. You know: So our pointing fingers & hatred will always have a place to go. The biggest irony in all of this? Now we are ALL considered property by our Government & we have all seen how “property” gets treated, we are now the cattle.


So… as most of you also know I help breeders who’s lives have spun out of control for many reasons. Generally I keep my mouth shut & get down to business, get the dogs safe & move on. I have seen some pretty bad things but at least the owners were reaching out for help. I get a lot of crap for doing it, some folks think I just just let animal control “handle it” the problem with that is law enforcement can’t do anything until the animals have suffered past the point of no return, what you may not know is sometimes I go in to these places & situations with animal control. The bottom line has to be the dogs, or whatever other living creature is in harms way.

I have also walked into situations where I just turned around walked out & called the Sheriff & Animal Control… that is what I should’ve done this Saturday in Eastern Wa.


This is just 2 of the 5 dogs we rescued but the good news is 21 more got out, the bad news is that there is still 22 downstairs & 27 upstairs in the house alone, never mind the 3 car garage, the barn, the motor home & the sheds.

This was at one time a beautiful farm & country kennel, with a painted porch, perfectly groomed dogs, beautiful horses & a rolling view of a beautiful lake. Or atleast they were groomed for pictures…

So she has all these adult children, 2 workers & an extended family… and this is the condition her dogs are in?!?!? . I never post pix of any of the rescues I did but this one I did, & of course all of her children & friends came out of the woodwork telling me I was bashing such a good woman. Awwwwww horseshit

When we got there I wanted to throw up, but once one of her daughters got there & started talking crap I understood exactly what was going on, they were trying to sell the dogs they could to make money & didn’t want us there taking “their” money. I couldn’t understand why they kept freaking out about puppies, I wasn’t there for puppies I was there with the one breeder who was going to take most of the big dogs, the breeder who was supposed to pick up the little dogs & 1 or 2 puppies gave me a ride. I was not supposed to take any dogs… my husband even warned me not to bring ANYTHING home

Unfortunately these types of operations are run for decades before anything is done. This woman was in business for 30 yrs. 30 years of misery for countless animals but the tides started to turn when her property was raided in 2010 (See Video Here)

UNBELIEVABLY this misery was allowed to continue for 3 more years. Somehow after numerous violations & nothing being done, SCRAPS was finally able to put an end to this  woman’s business & the Commissioners put their stamp on it as well

Here is the Commissioners findings when you read all 18 pages, yes 18 pages of violations you should ask yourself how this misery is allowed to continue.

reality for Pandareality for Mistywhattheyreposed2looklike

I have dealt with the people at SCRAPS, & I cried the day I found out that they got the city contract, for joy. SCRAPS is the kind of agency that won’t just kill an animal at whim. They already have a great group of volunteers & are rescue friendly as well as Pibble friendly. So that is why it mystifies me even more how this was allowed to go on under their watch.

I did take MAJOR issue with their raid at the Elk Washington property with a woman who was actively working with them to try to alleviate the situation, that was just plain sh*tty & of course HSUS was there disguised as HEART (Humane Evacuation & Rescue Team) which just fissed me off even more. They are representing themselves as an agency that was created in conjunction with the red cross for emergencies but so far all they have done is assist in raids if you look at the home page they are holding one of my Eskies, but at that time they were telling the truth about being HSUS. Now they are acting like it is a separate agency though… You know: Because we are all that stupid

These pictures were taken by HSUS and have been posted with their permission

So… SCRAPS is affiliated with HSUS? Yes, but it is also associated with the ASPCA

Below are 2006 statistics for three of the ASPCA’s shelter partners: Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services (SCRAPS), SpokAnimal C.A.R.E. and Spokane Humane Society.

2006 Totals

At this point you should be very afraid. Any agency that gets in bed with both of these agencies has an AGENDA

Furthermore the Euthanasia rate is over 40% how is that conducive to their so called “Mission”?

So at this point you are thinking “What is your point already!?!?!?” My point is how do puppy mills like the one above stay in business for so long & people who are actively working with AC get their animals taken? You have a big city smack dab in the middle of a farming community, the seeds are ripe to test out all of these new laws that violate people’s Constitutional Rights, terrorize the farming community, & “practice” on going after the big boys. A lot of the farmers are struggling & don’t have the money to fight them… What better target then someone who can’t fight back? Evil geniuses I tell you.

Do you really honestly believe that the city of Everett has over $110,000.00 to prosecute me for a $1000.00 misdemeanor or a $500.00 citation? No they don’t but they are being bank-rolled by our local HSUS I know this for a fact & after my case is over I can show you proof. One of the leaders of the city told me point blank that I was fighting something 10 times more sinister then a piss ant city hall before he left this world, he told me many other things which: again, I will share after my case is over.

I wish they would’ve LISTENED to me when I told them that a woman with nothing left to lose it society’s MOST dangerous creation. I will never back down… their worst mistake was screwing with my furkids & by the time I am done with this state I will turn their asinine legislation on it’s head. It’s kind of my new mission in life

Oh & in answer to the question of why these puppy mills are allowed to continue… because people in Govt & politics don’t care about animals, they care about money: puppy mills pay wonderful taxes.

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City of Everett shelter… The beginning of my story 2000

2000 Everett Wa…

In 2000 I moved back to the city of Everett after I was almost murdered. I had to have many facial reconstructions, was blind in one eye, & not able to move or function very well.

I had a little pit bull named Dre, & he was sweet as he could be. I later got another little pitbull named Anna, I came upon her when I walked out my door one day & seen some boy hanging her by the leash & punching her in the face. I punched him in the face & took the dog & hobbled back up the stairs in the house, my version of “running”. He came up to the door & started crying to my teen son & brother that I just “stole” his dog, they asked me what happened I told them, & he said he was only trying to make her mean so she would be a good fighting dog… At about the same mili-second both my son & brother reached out & punched him right in the nose. We never seen him again.

That is when the torture began & a pig of a “woman” first crossed my path, Lori Trask, Staib, Carlon, Lemaire (whatever her name was from one year to the next). She would harass the kids when they were walking the dogs, harass my mother, harass me, harass my brother & even our guests, it was endless, til it all came to a head one day. I was home from work for a surgical appointment & all of a sudden my front door swings right open & this  woman WALKED IN MY HOUSE & GRABBED FOR ONE OF MY PITBULLS!!!! I pushed her out & was just screaming at her, & from then on I called the police on her every time she so much as said one word to us.

That was the scariest day of my life, I did not know if it was my stalker coming to finish me off or what, then when I got better & went back to work all I could do was call every 1/2 hour to make sure my dogs were still there & okay. Every day I left not knowing if I would come home & they would be gone & dead, it got to the point where I got injured at work because I wasn’t paying attention to my work. I finally made arrangements for them to be adopted by someone else.

Then everything spiraled out of control, I was afraid for my life, for my kids, my family, my dogs, & I started to fall apart. My agoraphobia took over & I couldn’t work, I was afraid to leave my house or stay in my house, I was afraid to sleep, & this evil woman STILL would not leave me alone!

I had a prescription for a “service” animal but even that didn’t help with this woman, so I figured since she had some other worldly hatred for pit bulls I would go down to the shelter & find a dog that wasn’t a pit bull, instead I seen the pit bulls & when I asked about adopting them I learned about Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL

I learned that every pit bull I seen in there was going to die, no matter what I said or did, they were going to die. I spent as much time as I could going in there & spending time with them before they were going to die, then I would sit outside in my car & sob, all of my pain was useless, all of my tears were for nothing.

I promised them I would try to find a way to save them some day but you know it didn’t matter to the one’s then. The one’s who licked my hands, who’s tails whipped around furiously when I looked at them at the expectation of a good belly or butt scratch, the one’s who looked at me with love & trust, probably thinking I had come to save them but I was only there to say good-bye. I still see their faces in my nightmares.

It hurt my soul so badly that I couldn’t even bear to get another dog for several years. Sadly I did get 2 dogs, one who was a biter, & another who for some reason decided she wanted to kill her puppies. Me being very stupid & naive I honestly thought shelters were friends of animals & I figured they weren’t pit bulls & that somehow some magic training fairy could fix them & they would live a fairy tail life with someone who deserved to have them…

The next day I came in to bring some of their stuff & found out they had gotten put to sleep, I had sent them to their death, I had helped kill them. That is why I tell people I got into rescue because I was the dumbest pet owner their was, I made every mistake you could make, but part of the truth is that I didn’t ever want to see another animal go to the shelter without even being given a chance to live & that is why I take the dogs no one wants. It doesn’t have to make any sense, it is what it is. I can’t bring back my dogs, but I can help ones who are here now.

The truth is that the city shelters are not a good place for dogs, they won’t rehab your dog & find them a fairy tale home, they get more money from killing the dog then they do by any other means, when you can’t handle your dog & think they are there to help, you are WRONG, they are there to warehouse them & exterminate them. They don’t rehab dogs, & if any thing is slightly wrong with them they are killed, they must pass every test they have or they die, so if you have let your dog learn how to mouth you while playing: Dead, if you have never socialized your dog to other dogs or cats :Dead, If you have let them growl when they are eating their food or playing with toys: Dead, If they are black dogs, or untrained: Dead. Please do not ever take your cat or dog to a city shelter… Even some so called “Humane Societies” put the dogs or cats to sleep.

If you have to turn an animal in ask if they are a No-Kill & even if they say yes ask what behaviors they deem unacceptable, that is their way out, they say they are no kill when in reality they are not. Please keep in mind though there are certain animals that should NOT be released to the public, the one’s that are dangerous so if you have an animal that is dangerous buck up & take them to the vet yourself & have them put to sleep. Most problem dogs are taught to be that way so if you run into that situation get some dog training so you don’t mess up another animal, & be very careful in deciding on your next dog. I had to do it, & even though I am not good at training any animal, I understand them much better now.


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RECAP: Of my situation for our new followers

Short Version (kind of)

2000 I move to Everett & am harassed so badly about my dogs I gave them away for their own safety, AC officer actually walks into my house to try to snatch my dogs. My dogs were pit bulls & they HATE pit bulls in Everett, they have what is called BSL (breed specific legislation)

2009 I start pulling dogs from the Everett animal Shelter, bully breeds, ALL coming out injured maced, or both. I complain they stop me from getting anymore dogs.

2010 Ginger Luke from Ginger’s Pet Rescue had escalated her lies about me to the point that it almost got me killed on a very dangerous rescue, at which time Pasado’s worker Angel Light also started her bullshit. Ginger & I have had issues for 25+ yrs.

2011 I was staying with a lady who was being charged with 6 animal charges, so between her & Ginger & the AC Officer involved in my 2000 & 2009 incidents, they turn it around on me take my animals slaughter one, & violate about 92 different state & federal laws in the process. I finally connected LORI Trask-Lemaire-Carlon-Staib to Hans Lueck & Ginger Luke through court documents & as far the lady I was staying with Rose Adams, she is a very strange pickle, she bashes Ginger on anonymous craigslist postings which I usually get blamed for, but to her face she drips honey on her, all the while feeding me info about her.

2012 I find all the documentation on Ginger Luke & Hans Jakob Lueck & their Wild Eyes Animal Adventures about them buying & selling exotic animals illegally, but they are also starving them, & their poor bear Maye had a collar imbedded in her throat that had to be surgically removed, most of their big cats died in spite of other rescuers best efforts, but then I find out her husband was in jail because he had a big marijuana grow up here that got busted, in  2011 & the first person on his customer list is “LORI” makes sense, she has cancer, & most cancer patients use medical marijuana from LEGAL dispensaries. (I don’t smoke weed, can’t even stand the stinking gross smell of it but I don’t think it should be illegal, booze should be illegal, so my problem is not with pot- it is with criminals & their twisted relationships)

Here are just a few of the things I am fighting or laws they have violated:

The city prosecutor has called & made false reports on me to other agencies. Told SNoCo AC I had 30 dogs in feces encrusted cages with no food & water for one, but they told me who made the report.

That has something to do with another crazy loon bin named Christine James who stole 2 dogs from me after I already gave her 3 dogs she is one of those “Poor poor pity me rich Bitches” You know the husband works hard every day, builds her anything she wants, buys anything for her she needs but all she can do is sit around & complain how mean he is a what a piece of shit drunk he is & how we should all feel so sorry for her because she is trapped in a loveless marriage… (I’ve got the emails, I am obsessive compulsive I save every email I get & send them to a mass storage drive)

The city prosecutor has lied about me & defamed me, accused me of crimes I am not even charged with or guilty of with the help of the city attorney

In direct violation of the American Indian Freedom of Religion Act (AIFRA) the AC workers mutilated, desecrated then burned & possibly lost the remains of my dog.

I should also mention, my animals were taken at 10:30 a.m. & there is no record of them at the shelter until 4:40p.m. at which time when they arrived they were hypothermic, bloody, missing teeth, in the full throes of seizures, bleeding from the rectum & unable to walk. They were all fine, dry & non bloody when they left me that morning.

The AC officers are treating my animals: also against the law, & they have given my animals meds which have almost killed them, some are very sick as a result, along with other serious injuries they have had while in their “care”

In 15 months I have not been allowed to see my animals  can’t even get an update on them less than a month ago a Superior Court Judge ORDERED them to tell me something & as of yet they still have not, I have filed a Motion to show cause & haven’t gotten a court date yet. So basically they are telling a Superior Court judge to blow it out his posterior

In direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) they took my Service & Therapy dogs which I have prescriptions for.

The city animal laws are unconstitutional in about 8 different ways which have led them to violate 5 different Constitutional Amendments.

In this day & age of all things I have been discriminated against, really. The AC Officer can NOT make a single statement about me without referring to me as a “Thin Native American Woman” not a single one of her statements DON’T include that statement. Then at one point we were in court trying to make a court date, I declined one date because it fell around a time of Tisha B’Av, & I explained that to which the prosecutor flipped and said I thought you were Native now you’re a Jew? Um I wasn’t aware that you were only allowed to pick ONE Nationality in the City of Everett Municipal Court room. (To clarify I am both Native, & Jewish by blood I follow Native “Religion” & customs but I also honor my Jewish Heritage & do observe certain Holidays in connection with it)

2011-2012 In order to “punish” me for fighting them back, the City of Everett Animal Shelter has stopped letting EVERY SINGLE RESCUER on my witness list pull dogs & are killing any dog that a rescue asks about, that is actually the shelter manager because I have started this blog & my web page exposing her lies.The truth hurts when you don’t know how to tell it I guess.

KOMO4 finally did a story about one of the dogs they killed & are currently investigating their other issues as well!

There are about 100 other things (literally) but like I said this is the short version (((sigh)))

So when you see me flip out on occasion or read something you may think is totally off the wall please refer back to this article. If you had been falsley accused, had your senior animals torn from you, had pretty much every civil & constitutional right you have as a human being violated, had to sit by & watch THOUSANDS of helpless innocent animals murdered in the meantime, not knowing if your animals are still alive or not & all the while the people involved are getting away with it scott free, you’d be just about a whole can of crazy by now too. Most days I feel like I have a locomotive coming right at me but I am stuck on the tracks, I am prone to fits of anger, heartbreak, depression, hatred, pain, crying, & hopelessness. I am also Autistic, I am what is called “High Functioning Autistic” which basically means I am not good at bullshit, or even understanding it, nor was I blessed with more than an ounce of tact. Now I was Autistic before it was the “new” thing to be, before it was popular, so I have come to accept my own limitations but I also understand a good deal of my “limitations” are a direct result of societal distortions, but instead of being able to navigate around the garbage people spew I just call it how I see it & evidently that doesn’t “Win friends & influence people”. Honestly I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded with people who understand me who can see through the Autism & that I know I can depend on no matter what, the folks who have actually taken the time to know me know what is in my heart, & even though I can’t always express it I love so completely & deeply that sometimes it is my undoing. I also never give up or back down from a fight, it is just not in me, it is the same reason I have never given up on a person or an animal that I have in mind to help or save, ever. You can ask 34 foster kids, about 3500 or more animals, & countless other people including my own children adopted or bio & my grandkids.

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