Rose Marie Adams-Beutler animal abuse & filthy conditions caught on tape

There are things in life you can ALWAYS depend on. I keep telling everyone that EVERYTHING that Rose Marie Adams (Beutler) accuses me of is something she is doing, has done or is guilty of…

She accuses me of having “numerous” evictions: She has over 20 of them

She accuses me of having a major criminal record which are almost all parking tickets & 2 divorces… Instead it is her who has had over 100 run ins with the law

She accuses me of being on welfare or social security, turns out she is on both. I do qualify for Social Security because of my Autism & my previous stroke but I am not on it, although I probably should be.

She tells everyone about me getting my kids taken away for a couple of weeks because of a messy divorce, but doesn’t mention she lost her own kids for physically & emotionally abusing them & never got them back, didn’t even try to get them back.

I could go on & on & on but just suffice it to say that if she says something about me: SHE IS TALKING ABOUT HERSELF

I am not sure who sent me these video’s but thank you! I have tried to tell people over & over that Rose Adams (Beutler) is a psycho witch but she has everyone convinced otherwise.

This first video is Rose Adams screaming & cussing her head off at her own dogs, you can hear her calling them by name so I can only imagine how she treats the foster dogs she has locked up in the back of her garage. This is what I had to listen to for the 17 days off & on that I was there & the REASON I wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere near this woman

This next videos are a mom & puppies locked in a filthy room that at first was carpeted but then the carpet gets torn out little by little, & the urine has soaked into the floorboards. The floor planks are swollen & warped with all of that urine & the puppies & mother are sleeping in their own feces. These videos happens over a period of 2 months as you watch the puppies grow it will break your heart seeing how they are forced to live.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

I should be jumping for joy right about now because we just shot the city’s witnesses credibility right down the crapper but all I can think about is all the helpless animals that are stuck with this worthless person

I have no idea what happened to Buster, Mojo, or Snoop, I was told that they were killed but I can see Missy, Trace, Poncho, & Sadie in this video at least. This is who she considers her dogs, so again if she treats them this way & the mom & puppies the way she does in the previous videos, I don’t even want to know how she treats her helpless foster dogs.

The most brutal irony is that Poncho came from the Rene Roske puppy mill, so he went from that hellhole of a life straight to whole new kind of hell, poor little guy just can’t catch a break. She got him from Ginger Luke of Ginger’s Death Row Dogs. Poncho is the mottle colored Chihuahua, Missy is Trace’s mother & yes Rose bred Missy to Trace, I don’t know if those puppies survived or not I was told by Christine James that they did not. Missy Trace Buster Mojo & Snoop came from Karla Matilla at “Another Chance Rescue”… A hell of another chance don’t you think? I have informed her that her dogs are being treated this way so we’ll see if she will do something or not. I don’t know what area Rose is living in but when I find out I will send these to animal control in her area as well.

Doggie Prison


This is White Sadie after a fight with Black & White Sadie the 2 pitbulls that 4 adults could hardly pry apart when I was staying there off & on. NOW DOES EVERYONE UNDERSTAND WHY I WOULDN’T TAKE MY DOGS ANYWHERE NEAR THIS WOMAN OR HER DOGS???


Sadie white sadie

PLEASE remember this is the same woman who claims her work is “Sanctioned by HSUS” right on her own little blog (see below)

I am an experienced animal advocate and puppy mill investigator. My work is sanctioned by the HSUS, the ASPCA, BEST FRIENDS, LAST CHANCE FOR ANIMALS and CAPS, I have also worked with law enforcement on animal cruelty cases. I think it is great that those posting probably really do care about animals and we really appreciate that, we need more like you.

There are several things to keep in mind… NO ONE had commented on the Sierra fish & pet story, she is talking to the other people inside her head, also what she means by she has worked with law enforcement is that she lies about people & turns them in to Everett Animal Control… Mine are NOT the only dogs she has had taken by Everett Animal Control. I am going to let these other agencies know she is saying she is sanctioned by them as well, they might be interested to know that little fact themselves.

Sadly enough there is a worse video out there.

I don’t know if I counted right but there is 15 dogs, plus I know she has a ton of dogs in a garage or shed either connected or behind her house. According to whomever was talking on the video. The bullie Monkey looks like he needs immediate medical attention if he is even still alive.

What I can’t figure out is how after 20+ years of not paying rent they haven’t had a single eviction since February of 2011… all I can figure is they found a free place to live or are squatting somewhere. I do know she got 6 new charges out of Edmonds so I am going to go down & get copies of the incident reports, the clerk said it was about her beating the 2 pitbulls with a bat but that there was more, so I will let you know when I find out.

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Old Puppy Millers never die they just change names & locations (but not their stripes)

It’s a curse, I can’t just walk away from something. If I accept things for face value I would not know most of the things I do.

The poodles I picked up from that wretched place & those awful people… unbelievably IT GETS WORSE.

In 1984 Miss Turner/Dyreson lost 62 dogs in a house fire

The Spokesman-Review  June 2 1984
Kennel Operator was breaking the law
A kennel operator who lost more than 50 dogs in a house fire Wednesday was breaking a city ordinance by keeping so many animals in her home, city officials said Friday. Wilma Dyreson E3330 Montgomery said 18 adult dogs & 38 puppies from 10 different litters were destroyed in the fire. All were in cages in her basement. Some of the puppies were only 2 days old, she said. Dyreson said the Poddes & Shih-tzu dogs were valued at $75 to $350 each. Six cats caged in the basement survived by climbing into their water dishes, she said. City ordinance prohibits keeping more than 3 adult dogs at a residence, city officials said. Puppies under 4 months old are exempt

Here is another story

Spokane Chronicle June,1,1984
50 Dogs die in fire: Ordinance violation cited
A kennel operator who lost more than 50 purebred dogs in a house fire Wednesday was violating a city ordinance by keeping so many dogs at her home, city officials said today. Wilma Dyreson E3330 Montgomery said 18 adult dogs & 38 puppies from 10 different litters were destroyed in the fire. All were in cages in her basement. Some of the puppies were only 2 days old, she said. Dyreson said the Poddes & Shih-tzu dogs were valued at $75 to $350 each. Six cats caged in the basement survived by climbing into their water dishes, she said. Fire Officials said the 3:20 a.m. fire apparently was caused by faulty wiring in a heating pad used for the puppies. City ordinances prohibit keeping more than 3 adult dogs at a residence city officials said. Puppies under four months are exempt. Dyreson said she brought he dogs to her home from her licensed kennel RiverVale Toy Kennel E3910 Joseph, because the small dogs required constant attention. “They can call it illegal if they want” She said today “I call it my nursery”

So if the fire started with a heating pad that was heating the puppies that means those puppies & their mother burned alive, & we can only pray that the others died from smoke inhalation before they were also burned alive, what really struck a cord with me is this: Her attitude, instead of being distraught, & freaking out about such a horrid death, she gives the values of the dogs & disses the code enforcement provisions saying someone had to watch the dogs at all times, well at 3:20 in the morning no one was there to watch them & they died & all she is worried about was the money she lost on them & fighting a ticket because she evidently has always felt as though she could do whatever she damn well pleases & screw the law

So how do I know this is the same person? This article said she was booked into jail on a totally different name which really made me curious…

Iron Horse Ranch dog breeder arrested, released on bail August 4th, 2010

Iron Horse Ranch. Photo by Janice Simeone – By Janice Simeone
On a tip alleging animal abuse, Wilma L. Turner, 61, was arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, Friday, July 30, at her commercially licensed dog breeding facility, the Iron Horse Ranch, 26727 E. Hauser Lake Rd., Newman Lake, Wash., according to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. She was booked under the name Wilma Lorraine Dyreson into the Spokane County Jail. Thirty-eight dogs were seized from the property. Turner has been the subject of numerous allegations by area residents about possible mistreatment, abuse and neglect of her dogs. Nancy Hill of the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) served a warrant on the property and teams of agents entered to conduct inspections on the welfare of the animals.
Photos of the ranch show a property laden with cages, kennels, old vehicles, debris, assorted outbuildings, and an old motorhome. Journalists were not allowed on the ranch during the inspections but on Friday a strong odor of feces and urine was apparent from the road nearly 50 yards away from buildings on the property. Hill said her office is evaluating possible charges related to animal mistreatment. The investigation is continuing.

Iron Horse Ranch. Photo by Janice Simeone

Iron Horse Ranch. Photo by Janice Simeone

Written by

There is the matter of her being arrested for pot, but that was an illegal search & seizure & the Supreme Court struck down her conviction & sentence. I hate weed personally but I think law enforcement would & should have better things to tackle without violating someone’s rights. As a side note the newspapers incorrectly reported she had been arrested for gun & marijuana charges, it was only for pot & the gun charge came with the raid because as part of her original sentencing she was ordered to not have fire arms but the whole thing was thrown out hence no charges because there was no violation. If I am going to say something I want to be able to back it up & prove it.

Kind of a moot point when you consider the shit these poor dogs have had to live in though.

102_5388 102_5393 102_5395 102_5398 102_5410 102_5419 102_5423 After1 Almost there Before and after Before1 Before2 Getting better whatitis whatuget1

I don’t care what your excuse is there is NO REASON FOR ANY ANIMAL TO BE IN THIS CONDITION. I had cancer & was getting chemo & radiation & was in a wheel-chair because I was in a car accident & paralyzed from the waist down but I still managed to take care of my 7 kids, 4 sisters, 1 brother (the same ages as my kids) 2 nephews & a niece.

As I was cutting the mats away from one of the dog’s butt because it was matted shut & he looked pregnant, he pooped 3 times more then any big lab would’ve one girls eye was matted shut & she was covered in so much urine & crap that she was yellow orange, this is filth & neglect pure & simple. The funny part is they keep telling me that a “very prominent national attorney” is going to come after me for what I am posting. I will tell you this much: any prominent attorney who would condone or protect this type of treatment or behavior needs to be outed so that everyone can know what kind of person they are & furthermore I DARE any of these people to find one lie, untruth or misrepresentation on any of the stories or any of my statements.


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Hooved Animal “Rescue”??? Can they be beat at thier own game?

Okay so this makes the 10th story I have had the displeasure of doing about Hooved Animal “Rescue” of Thurston County

For those of you who are not familiar with this particular county, rescue & animal control practices here is a short version.

1) 2 ladies start a horse rescue called Livestock Protection Association. Mary Cooper-Ware & Debbie Moss. PAWS find out they are collecting livestock from Craigslist claiming they will be given good homes all the while they were selling those animals to a horse-meat dealer slaughterhouse.

2) One of the ladies Mary Cooper-Ware starts another rescue called Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County. Her husband Lt Mike Ware is almost ALWAYS the investigating officer for any cruelty case & they always seize the animals, & on their adoption site it seems that 385 animals were never adopted out, they were also probably sold to slaughter, oh & the slaughter-house is one of their “foster homes”

3) The lady steps down as the head of the Hooved Animal Rescue but is still active but the lady who takes it over is the head of Thurston County Animal Services, Ms Patterson.

4) In any seizure they ask/beg for public donations, then they ask the courts for 10 to 20K for care of the horses or other animals, then they sell them off to slaughter once the case is finished. So they are making money from the public, the accused, the courts & from grants that are awarded to them from the County.

Did I also happen to mention that the prosecuting attorney Cassandra Jones shows up when the search warrants are served so she can get on the news, & that the local paper/news the Olympian, is also a relative to someone in the agency, so they do stories about the animals every time they cough fart or sneeze… BUT… they don’t do a single story about animals dying & being permanently disfigured while in their care. They LOVE to brag that they have only lost one case of animal neglect or cruelty & NOW I hope you can figure out WHY!!!

So much for avoiding the “Appearance of Impropriety”

There are a few updates I haven’t gotten to though:

I found out that Carlos, the horse from the Turner case that was forfeited illegally is doing great, he is under saddle & doing well. I’m sure that doesn’t make Ms Turner as happy as she could be if he was home with her but it is better then the HORRENDOUS fate of Sassy who died 4 or 5 months after being in their care of a ruptured intestine. At least Carlos is alive… Sassy suffered the most painful death a horse or person could experience. For a while they had told her it was her other horse Kat that died… Idiots didn’t even know which horse died.

I still am not aware of how the Danes lost their toes & tails in the care of Thurston County, I don’t think they even know.

There has been no sign or mention of Quinn the pig so we can only hope they didn’t jump the gun & forfeit him to their slaughterhouse. (Please note the pictures they show you of Quinn are NOT him, they are of some other pig)

Ms Turner finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy in spite of the miscarriage & death of her first child from all of this stress.

I got a hold of quite of a bit of their “evidence” because of some big bragging mouths & a little bird who is giving me info as well & there are some exciting things on the forefront for this whole case. Most of it I can’t tell you yet but just trust me it is going to be GOOD!!! I was told there was a meeting today & that it was quite fruitful. I am still trying to get a hold of Ms Turner to see if she can or will confirm it, but will let you all know as soon as I do.

I do know something is brewing because they have been on my page up to 25 times a day all combined the past few days so it seems like they are trying to see what I know or what I will say….

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What is hoarding?

Human beings are all different. They all have different tolerance thresholds & motivators.

Hoarding is a word I detest because it is a blanket label with NO basis in Mental Health care, there is no classification or designation for the term, it is not recognized in the psychiatric community as a “disorder”, merely as a symptom of other disorders.

We have a whole page dedicated to explaining it on my rescue web page, what it is & what it is not.


I am concerned about this whole thing because once it is deemed a “mental disorder” it will become a LEGAL DEFENSE… I bet no one ever figured that one out! Commercial Kennels/Puppy Mills/Dog Fighting Rings/Cock Fighting Rings will all be using the “Hoarder” defense.

Now that Ms Hamilton’s case is over I am going to talk about it. I have never talked to or met the Hamilton’s & I was so afraid that Pasado’s breaking & entering would’ve compromised the entire case, the dogs that were killed were “sacrificed” for the sake of the prosecution. No one won in all of this.

From what I can gather is that they had all of these prior show dogs & being in the show ring community is mentally taxing at best, the competition & backbiting makes rescue drama look like kindergarten.

One rumor & your career is over, your precious dogs have no more value than a pound pup & everything you’ve worked your whole life for is gone. One of the dogs fosters commented that their dogs had congenital heart defects, if that was the case they couldn’t let those dogs be adopted out & have someone find out. So why just keep them, why not put them down or quit breeding from that line?

My own personal opinion & preference is that I should NEVER have anymore dogs then I can pay attention to on an individual basis so that they maintain good mental health, & I take dogs who require more care so that limits my intake numbers.

I work with breeders for this very reason: They give them to me, & we get them adopted out & no one has any idea where they came from only that they were formerly a breeders dog. I have walked into situations with up to 125 dogs & I can only thank God that every situation I have walked into (so far) the dogs have been healthy & well fed, albeit STARVED for attention. I honest to God don’t know what I would do if I walked into a situation with the Hamilton’s Burien house, that would’ve shaken me to my very core.

But you see I am a Minister as well as a rescuer, there are always humans involved & helpless animals. I try to find the balance. If it is a situation I know can be monitored or remedied I handle it myself with help from lots of friends, but if it is a situation that I can’t safely keep an eye on, or someone who will not work with me or completely denies there is a problem then I get the authorities involved. If I feel it is a mental health issue I get them resources from the community & make myself available to them. Some of the mental health issues I have encountered do not warrant any kindness on my part, & some of these have nothing to do with mental health issues just plain selfishness & mean spiritedness.

I do have to commend the Animal Control authorities, in situations where I have had to call them in they have given the situations immediate attention & worked with the people, they monitor them & there has never been any media involved. The POS animal control officer I am having problems with is the exception, not the rule, most of the AC Officers are in it for the animals, & most also care about people & will bend over backwards to help both.

On the flip side I have a friend I go visit & she has as far as I can tell 19 dogs, all fixed, all microchipped, all healthy, well fed & they all get along great, my great grandpa always had at least 12 hound dogs, I have seen people with high numbers of animals do just fine.

I want to leave you with a lesson in humanity today, we don’t know the whole story behind the Hamilton’s situation. She took a plea deal, everything that I know about her is that she loved her animals, but the situation was awful for those dogs. If you have EVER called yourself her friend then as her friend if you had been to the Issaquah home you should’ve been concerned & talked to her about it, you should’ve offered help.

Mrs Hamilton has lost everything, her husband, her career & most of the animals. Now let it go… I got over 165 emails about this situation, some of them were snide awful emails from bitter hateful people, most of them were from other breeder/show people who were trying to explain to me how it got to that point, & how common it is. I have a far better understanding of what happened & how to help the next people. I also helped 3 other people in a similar situation so they didn’t end up on the news 1/2 way across the country.

When people work together for the good of animals & people everyone wins. When you turn things into a media circus no one wins, it only feeds the misery trolls.

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Legal stuff in Laymans terms: This case in review

Okay first a Thank you to my followers, my friends, & my family. I realize that I have a tendency to go off on tangents about this legal term, & that legal paper & this law without explaining what a lot of it means. The knowledge I have didn’t come from a fancy university, it came from pain, fear & suffering. 18 to 23 hours a day I sat up & read & learned, I know more about the law then I ever cared to, so much so that I now have aspirations of becoming a paralegal, & possibly a lawyer.

I will be the weird lawyer, the one that pisses everyone off, that doesn’t schmooze & will probably spend more than my fair share of time in jail for contempt of court & I will decidely take cases in Everett pro-bono or low-bono. I promise to be the most irritating low cost attorney you can get, irritating to the judges & prosecutors that is.

Okay so my trial date has FINALLY been set, I have been to court now 28 times. I have a reporter looking up the cost of each hearing & each filing, as well as the man hours the City Prosecutor is wasting on prosecuting a misdemeanor charge. This is what happens when you get their knickers in a knot. I evidently have a gift for this.

As I blogged about before as soon as I filed my tort claim they offered me a plea deal… Evidently they don’t get the fact that I will not plead guilty or otherwise, to something I am not guilty of, but it was pretty smart to dangle the promise of the return of my animals in front of me to sweeten the deal, but if they believed I was guilty of neglect or abuse there is absolutely no way in all of hell that they would’ve offered to return them. DUH! Seriously why would the city send a bunch of helpless animals that can’t defend themselves to evil lil’ ol’ me? LOL! It also let me know that since one of the conditions, the ONLY condition in BOLD LETTERS was that I drop my tort claim, it also let me know I have a valid claim. Everett has an attorney for a Mayor, so he will get all his buddies to work like mad on this case & literally spend upward of over 150,000.00 to fight me on this, combined with the court costs & fees, Everett will eventually spend upwards of a quarter of a million dollars to maliciously prosecute someone for a misdemeanor.

Seriously though, I have not been allowed to see or get status reports on any of my animals & they have lost my dead dog’s body so why would I even entertain any kind of agreement? Really I wasn’t even offered a “Sign of Life” which even terrorists give to someone, but not Everett.

So here is what is next. My attorney & their attorney will banter back & forth as to what is admisable for evidence, they will argue over what evidence will be presented, they will refuse to allow the crazy woman’s past record of child abuse & criminal conduct to be entered into evidence. Then everyone will be talking to witnesses, then comes jury selection, I want a panel of thin Native American women but it doesn’t work that way… We will go to court & the testimony will begin & the prosecutor will twist everything around to make me look like a heathen dog killing murderous sloth BUT then I will get up on the stand & trust me, it will be fun. If anyone would like to be present let me know & I’ll send you the date & court time. See the critical difference is that I will be able to talk to a “jury of my peers” they have nothing to win or lose by being there, most of them will be interested in the whole process & most people take jury duty very seriously. These will also be TAX PAYING CITIZENS OF THE CITY OF EVERETT who will also be very interested in how much the city is wasting of their tax dollars. In a recent poll it was said that over 85% of US citizens have little to no faith in the justice system. (WONDER WHY?)

So here is the answers to some private questions, that I do know. I don’t know why my attorney won’t bring up the fact that Rose Adams had SIX pending charges, 3 of which were gross misdemeanors for dogs at loose, pit bulls in the city which are gross misdemeanors, & that the city dropped those charges in exchange for her testimony against me for ONE misdemeanor, but I do know this:

I have 17 different judgements for evictions, I have her mental evaluations for when the state took her kids away, I have various assault charges, I have about 32 anti- harassment orders she has filed & that have been filed against her. I have forgery charges, but NONE of those are considered crimes of dishonesty so to all you forger’s out there evidently it is perfectly honest but not legal to be a forger.

As for why they charged me with violating the WHOLE code it is because they had no chance in hell in winning with only 1 or 2 parts, but they can’t fight my affirmative defense which is law, so it up to me to PROVE I am innocent, it is up to them to prove I am guilty, they just made it infinitely harder on themselves by offering me the plea deal though.

Next is I grew up with an abusive step-father, & then an abusive husband, very verbally abusive, in order for a prosecutor to be good at what they do they have to have a little bit of a batterer inside of themselves, I am very adept at defending myself in verbal sparring.

I have faith that all will work out as it is intended. I will never give up, ever. No matter what I will continue to fight in the memory of my own babies, my little furry children. I have also found out that since 2 of my dogs are considered a therapy & a service dog that may open even more avenues to go after them.

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