King County Prosecutor’s cover up as “risk management”

For those of you that haven’t been reading the Gold Bar Reporter’s reports on King County’s racketeering scheme, using animal abuse cases to trump up criminal charges on honest hard working citizens, you should read the following links:

In 2012, Jason Markley, made one major mistake, he trusted his lawyer, Kevin Tarvin. In a past article, the Gold Bar Reporter wrote extensively on how Washington State attorney Kevin Tarvin threw his client under the bus, presumably as a political favor to lead Prosecutor Gretchen Holgram. Ms. Holgram is the daughter of Superbowl Seahawks coach, Mike Holgram.

King County animal control officer Jenee Westberg’s fixation on Jason  Markley grew through 2014.  Worst part is King County Prosecutor’s Office knew Jenee Westberg was a convicted criminal and drug addict, but King County Prosecutor’s Office withheld that information because she was the lead witness in 23 animal cases.

Imagine, King County hires a career criminal, uses her in at least 23 phony animal abuse cases, and then in violation of Brady v. Maryland, King County Prosecutor’s Office intentionally withholds material evidence.

Material evidence withheld includes, but is not limited to, these facts: Westberg is a convicted for illegal possession of a controlled substance ( police reports indicate that she was trafficking horse tranquilizers as well) caught trying to bribe a police officer after she was caught shop lifting at K-Mart, caught with counterfeit money, and had extensive disciplinary proceedings while employed at King County.

After Jason Markley was thrown under the bus by attorney Kevin Tarvin, Markley was stalked at his home by who he has ample reason to believe  was Jenee Westberg.  Markley’s car had been tampered with, he had dead rats bludgeoned to death placed inside his home, the wheels on his car had been loosened causing him to lose control of his car along I 5 while his children were in the car, and property at his home had been destroyed, Markley filed a criminal complaint with the City of Auburn.

Jason Markley had no doubt that Jenee Westberg is responsible, because by this time, he started to piece Jenee Westberg’s criminal history together by gaining access to pubic records in various police departments.  Jenee Westberg also learned around the same time that Markley had teamed up with an investigative journalist. From here, Jenee Westberg’s criminal conduct while inside King County’s Animal Control Office is exposed via public records request ( RCW 42.56).

Below is King County’s response to a criminal complaint filed against Jenee Westberg by Jason Markley in Auburn Washington.  After reading the email chain, our hope is that my readers say ” what the hell is King County advising an employee on fighting off a criminal charge or assisting her with restraining order against a citizen who is simply filing a criminal complaint for property damages.”

Sadly, Jenee Westberg’s racketeering has lead to phony felony convictions in several animal abuse cases.  As of today, we know of 23 cases, but there could be more.

“The Honorable Justice Alex Kozinski, you were right, King County is intentionally withholding evidence to ensure convictions, just as in the Joshua Frost case.”

This is the final conclusion of 10 days of drama Jenee Westberg, her mother and Nancy Balin conspired together in order to protect Jenee Westberg after Jason Markley filed a criminal complaint against Her for alleged criminal conduct while she was off duty. 

The email string was received via a public records request to King County Prosecutor’s Office. This emails shows King County Prosecutor’s Office helping discredit Jason Markley’s criminal complaint against Jenee Westberg.  At the time of the alleged criminal complaints, Jenee Westberg was off duty.

Washington State’s Constitution prohibits use of public resources for personal reasons. Jenee Westberg seems to be the exception, even though at the time of this email, she had been disciplined for falsifying time sheets with King County.


From: Hagen, Brittany Sent: Monday, November 25, 2013 4:50 PM To: Drangsholt, Tim Cc: Anderson, Tim; Mueller, Gene; Watson, Seth; Pedersen, Megan; Kalina, Lynne Subject: RE: Westberg, J

Good Afternoon,

I spoke with Officer E. Wickman The Auburn Police Department.  He stated he “saw no plausible threat to her, nor did he indicate a threat to her.”  He “doesn’t think that there is a credible threat to her at this time.”  He believes “he is not really the type of person who would be a credible threat” (meaning Markley). Wickman only wanted to notify Ms. Westberg “that she was propagated to be subject, and that he didn’t find anything.”  Nancy is helping Janee in working on a no contact order.  We will work to get the MOU to order and fit vests as soon as possible.


Let me know if there are questions or concerns.




Brittany Hagen Crosser, PHR

Senior Human Resource Analyst

Department of Executive Services

Ph: 206-296-5172

Fax: 206-296-3904



Westberg never did get a bullet proof vest.


From: Hagen, Brittany Sent: Monday, November 25, 2013 1:59 PM To: Drangsholt, Tim Cc: Anderson, Tim; Mueller, Gene; Watson, Seth; Pedersen, Megan Subject: Westberg, J


Hi Tim,


I wanted to follow-up on our conversation regarding Ms. Westberg declining placement in the shelter until a bullet proof vest could be purchased and fit to her.  I left a message for the officer who completed the police report we were provided to determine if he agreed with our threat assessment and or if he had further information we would need.  The operator who answered the non-emergency number was unsure of how long it might take for E. Wickman to return my call.  I will let you know when I hear from him.




Brittany Hagen Crosser, PHR

Senior Human Resource Analyst

Department of Executive Services

Ph: 206-296-5172

Fax: 206-296-3904




Even Shelby Miklethun, who has participated in the suppression of public records with Kelli Williams, is suspicious.


Miklethun, Shelby

From: Wyss, Pamela

Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 3:52 PM

To: Hagen Crosser, Brittany

Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately

That’s kind of interesting. Perhaps she is not.


Brittany Hagen, Westberg’s investigator is also suspicious. She is assigned to the third and fourth Loudermill.


Based on review of Westberg’s GPS activity, it appears she cannot afford to give up her distribution which employs her RASKC truck in lieu of a desk job.


From: Hagen, Brittany

Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 3:51 PM

To: Wyss, Pamela

Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately


Not really, but we offered her shelter rather than field work and she denied the transfer, so I’m assuming she’s not that afraid?


Brittany Hagen Crosser, PHR

Senior Human Resource Analyst

Department of Executive Services

Ph: 206-296-5172

Fax: 206-296-3904


Here it is clear Pamela Wyss continues to be suspicious.


From: Wyss, Pamela

Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 3:50 PM

To: Hagen, Brittany

Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately


Okay Brittany, thanks. Was she doing any better?


On 11/21/2013 at 10:43am, while Westberg is being internally investigated by Brittany Hagen for Westberg’s third “Loudermill” and starting Westberg’s fourth Loudermill on completely unrelated turpitude issues, Hagen interviews Westberg about the unrelated Auburn vandalism case.

Westberg describes how she knows Markley as someone whom in the course of her employment cited him for animal abuse.

Westberg mentions that he alleged she threatened him with a gun she doesn’t carry.   (Westberg was accused of using this kind of “muscle” in two other cases).

At the end of the interview, Westberg expresses some concern that Markley may find the interview through public records. (He did).

Then she states that:


“Her sister just purchased the house across the street from Markley in April. She has probably been to her sister’s home about 10 times.”


Westberg’s sister does NOT own – nor did she ever “purchase” any “house across the street from Markley in April (2013).”

However, Jenee had just bought a house about 5 miles away from Markley in April 2013.

There is NO street. The assess is the third leg of an easement that is an undeveloped dirt road. It is also a dead end so there is no driving by Markley’s.

Westberg then admits that “she has probably been… (by Markley’s property)….about 10 times = about the same amount of times Markley alleges he was vandalized – the last – draining the oil (no leak = documented) from the family van, resulting in the engine seizing at 60 mph nearly causing what would have been a fatal accident.





From: Westberg, Jenee Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 9:00 AM To: Mueller, Gene Cc: Balin, Nancy Subject: RE: question


Thank you Gene



Gene Mueller grants permission for Balin to represent Westberg, an authority he cannot give IE he does not have the authority to break State law.


From: Mueller, Gene Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2013 4:59 PM To: Westberg, Jenee Cc: Anderson, Tim; Russell, Shelby; Balin, Nancy; Hagen, Brittany Subject: RE: question


Yes, Nancy can assist you.


Gene E. Mueller, DVM

Sent from mobile phone

Westberg is admitting she met with Balin and that Nancy Balin has done nothing to disclose to anyone that she is barred by law to represent Westberg as a private matter. (This is a topic Balin is very familiar with because she has had a WSBA complaint for the same complaint filed against her a year earlier).

——– Original message ——– From: “Westberg, Jenee” <> Date: 11/21/2013 15:16 (GMT-08:00) To: “Mueller, Gene” <> Cc: “Anderson, Tim” <>,”Russell, Shelby” <> Subject: question


Hello. While I was downtown today for BOA I had an opportunity to meet with Nancy Balin. Nancy stated that she would b e happy to represent me and assist me in obtaining an anti harassment order but she would need your approval to do so. Nancy agrees that it is a good idea to move forward with such actions a.s.a.p. and she is available to help out on that right away again she just needs the go ahead from you.


Thank you,

Jenee Westberg

Animal Control Officer #47

Regional Animal Services of King County

21615 64th ave s

Kent, Wa. 98032

Cell (206) 214-8388

Fax (206) 205-8043



Even after a “third review” Pamela Wyss is never quite convinced of Westberg’s claims though she is the one who is in charge of PTSD with King County employees.


From: Wyss, Pamela

Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2013 6:55 AM

To: Teply, Stephen; Drangsholt, Tim

Cc: Hagen, Brittany; Watson, Seth; Kalina, Lynne

Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately


After a third review of all this documentation I still do not see where Mr. Markley is making any direct or implied threats against ACO Jenee Westberg. It is understandable that she would be concerned about his allegations of plotting to murder him but there is no evidence that he is threatening to do anything to her (other than “investigate” her). While I am willing to meet with her to talk about this (though she may not agree with my perspective) at this time I do not have any additional recommendations to make beyond those made by Stephen.





From: Balin, Nancy

To: Westberg, Jenee


Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 9:09:54 AM


Send it on over. I’m at Harborview until 11 and have some noon meetings but am clearer this




Westberg admits she has already “talked” to Balin, no doubt Balin concocted the email blast Westberg sent on November 20, 2011 at 2:49PM. Balin states she is available later on that day. This was a day before Gene Mueller gave his misguided “permission” for Nancy Balin to represent Westberg.


From: Westberg, Jenee

Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 8:19 AM

To: Balin, Nancy



Hello Nancy,


I need to talk with you again. I received the police report from Auburn and there is a lot of concerning information in it which really has me in fear and other allegations regarding the prosecutor’s office altering documentation etc. I would like for you to either allow me to read it or send it over to you so you can review yourself to help me in figuring out what to do next.

Thank you in advance for your time,


Jenee Westberg

Animal Control Officer #47

Regional Animal Services of King County

21615 64th ave s

Kent, Wa. 98032

Cell (206) 214-8388

Fax (206) 205-8043



Pamela Wyss is not convinced.


From: Wyss, Pamela

Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 5:32 PM

To: Drangsholt, Tim; Teply, Stephen

Cc: Hagen, Brittany; Watson, Seth

Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately


I’ll re-read all of this tomorrow but after a first run-through (including the police report) I do not see where Mr. Markley is making any threats, direct or implied. Am I missing something?


Not saying we should not invest in the bullet-proof vest or take other precautions but as of this point I don’t see a viable threat per se.






Here is the crescendo of Westberg’s bait’n switch “truth.” No doubt written by Nancy Balin.


This is the outline:


1) Wednesday, November 20, 2013 – five days later – Jenee pens an account – an account that confesses that she is using her mother, Ann Westberg, who works for the King County Deputy Chief Prosecutor Dan Clark, chair of the “Brady Committee” that did not make Jenee a Brady officer in 2008, when she pled guilty and was convicted for a 19-county VUSCA arrest.


2) Westberg claims that APD Det. Wickman told her to “watch her back” words that Wickmen would later deny.


3) Westberg denies the allegations made while she fails to tell Det. Wickman that she is under investigation for her third Loudermill where she awaits sanctions and the fourth “Loudermill” is beginning that ultimately results in her termination a year later for falsifying her animal control reports and theft of county time.


4) He has contacted 3 other individuals 2 of which also have animal cruelty convictions 1st and 2nd degree and the 3rd person is Laurie Hart who has not been convicted at this time the case is still pending”.

That would be Markley, Lindsey’s, and Diemond.   It was Diemond who contacted Markley and Thomas – not the other way around.

Laurie Hart was discovered through court records. Because of Markley and Diemond’s investigations, her case would result in a dismissal two years later.


5) “I went to the court house yesterday and got the paperwork for an anti harassment order, I would rather have a protection order but since Markley hasn’t directly contacted me I’m not eligible. The harassment order is $93.00 which I don’t feel that I should have to pay out of my own personal pocket. I have sent the police report to Nancy Balin for her to review and I would like to request that she represent me and assist me in the filing of this paperwork. I would also like to request that the county purchase me a bullet proof vest immediately.


  1. a) Westberg may have gotten paperwork but she could NOT have gotten an anti harassment order as there were NO grounds. Westberg was never eligible for either an anti harassment order nor a protection order because Markley never threatened her. He just simply named her a person on interest in the vandalism on his property.
  2. b)  The cost of $93 is not an issue but just traffic to her inflated claim.
  3. c)  On November 20, 2013 Westberg states she sent the APD Police Report to Nancy Balin = Westberg has confessed that she has communicated with Balin at that moment in time prior to Gene Mueller’s misguided permission.
  4. d) Westberg requests that Balin represent her = a violation of RCW 36. 27.060 Private practice prohibited in certain counties – Deputy Prosecutors, IE Government attorneys cannot engage in the practice of law outside the government.
  5. e) On 11/20/13, it is clear Westberg has already engaged Nancy Balin in the private practice of Westberg’s defense in violation of RCW 36.27.060.
  6. f)  Westberg has had 5 days to communicate with her mother (admitted) and Nancy Balin (admitted).


——– Original message ——–

From: “Westberg, Jenee” <>

Date: 11/20/2013 14:49 (GMT-08:00)

To: “Mueller, Gene” <>,”Frederiksen, Glynis”

<>,”Pedersen, Megan”

<>,”Alberg, Norm”

<>,”Hagen, Brittany” <>

Cc: “Russell, Shelby” <>,”Anderson, Tim”


Subject: urgent please read immediately


Good afternoon,


I have been recently faced with a serious and possibly life threatening situation that is a direct result from me performing my duties as a ACO for RASKC. I received a disturbing phone call last Friday from a detective with Auburn pd. The detective informed me that Jason Markley (who was convicted of animal cruelty 1st degree, the case was from 2011) has accused me of attempting to murder his family and vandalizing his property. The detective told me that the allegations were completely unfounded but he had a concern for my safety. The exact words from detective Wickman were “You need to watch your

back, this guy is a real nut case and he has a lot of your personal information.”


While picking up the police file from Auburn pd, Officer T. Harris spoke to a different officer who had

initially been in contact with Markley and his comment was “he is a functional whack job!” The report is available for any of you to review upon request I will be happy to send it to you.


After reviewing the file report I can completely understand why the police officers placed such labels on

Mr. Markley. The statements which Markley provided to the police are rather disturbing, completely untrue, but extremely frightening that such thoughts even exist in his mind.


I do not know what this person is capable of or what his next plan is but detective Wickman said that Markley won’t be happy with the results of his investigation and he can almost guarantee that Markley won’t stop there.


I feel that my life is in great danger!


This has made myself and my family extremely afraid for our safety, this person has my DOB, social security number, current address as well as every previous address that I have ever had, my father and step mothers address, my personal phone number, and my vehicle license plate #’s. He has contacted 3 other individuals 2 of which also have animal cruelty convictions 1st and 2nd degree and the 3rd person is

Laurie Hart who has not been convicted at this time the case is still pending.


I went to the court house yesterday and got the paperwork for an anti harassment order, I would rather have a protection order but since Markley hasn’t directly contacted me I’m not eligible. The harassment order is $93.00 which I don’t feel that I should have to pay out of my own personal pocket. I have sent the police report to Nancy Balin for her to review and I would like to request that she represent me and assist me in the filing of this paperwork. I would also like to request that the county purchase me a bullet proof vest immediately.


I’m also open to ANY suggestions of other ways to protect myself which I haven’t thought about so please do not hesitate to send them my way. I have disabled all of my social media pages. There is no point in changing my name because it is all public records, aside from leaving the state or country I’m fresh out of ideas. I hope you all view this matter as serious because it is and as I said you are welcome

to view the report from Auburn if you think I’m over reacting and I guarantee it will completely change the way you view the situation and you to will fear for my life.


Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter in advance,


Jenee Westberg

Animal Control Officer #47

Regional Animal Services of King County

21615 64th ave s

Kent, Wa. 98032

Cell (206) 214 8388

Fax (206) 205 8043




First known contact by Auburn Police => Friday, November 15, 2013

“Professional courtesy “ call from APD Det. Wickman to Jenee Westberg… NOT to her RASKC supervisor , Director Gene Mueller.



From: Russell, Shelby Sent: Friday, November 15, 2013 2:25 PM To: Mueller, Gene; Anderson, Tim; Wheatley, Aaron; Harris, Tom; Kranig, Gary; Yoshizumi, David; McLaren, Pam; Nickelson, Steve; Norberg, Marc; Cronin, Michael Subject: Beware Jason Markley


An FYI for all field staff. Jenee just advised me she’s been contacted by Auburn PD regarding a complaint filed by a “citizen” convicted of 1st degree cruelty claiming Jenee is stalking him. The police officer advised Jenee to watch her back because this guy, Jason Markley (P038305) is a “nut case”. We are working on getting a photo of his to include in his person screen.


Shelby Russell

Animal Control Field Sergeant



























The following is the interview where Westberg admits she was stalking Markley. It was done six days after the Auburn Police Department Det. Wickman called Westberg regarding her being named as a person of interest in the Markley serial vandalism case that nearly cost Markley’s family their lives.


Misspellings are a device to thwart word searches by public information officers doing public records searches.


Jenee Westberg’s misrepresentations are corrected through cross referencing public records to her interview. This is a form of perjury and is criminal.


Janee Westberg


11/21/13. 10:43am


Shelby Russell-AGOC Representative


2011 maybe April 4th, (it was April 8th) she went to his location after receiving a complaint about a skinny horse house.

The call came from the call center, there were two calls actually (one of which was fictitious and both of which were suppressed and conceal at trial by KCDPA Gretchen Holmgren). Afternoon, towards the end of the day.

It wasn’t as late as he said. It was before Reeber (Reber) closed, they close at five (Reber closes at six. This is important because her whole testimony was around her switching her GPS enabled computer with ACO Wheatley to make it appear as though she was home when she was still at the Markley property terrorizing the family April 8th). She doesn’t know if it’s a modular, bright blue, surrounded by a solid cedar fence with a gate across the driveway (not accurate, good portion of fencing is wire) They came and met her at the gate. He and his wife, Cherrish (Cherish) and Jason. (Only Jason) She introduced herself and why she was there. They were looking at the horse in the driveway and then they started talking to her about the horse. Horse was brown (the color is “sorrel” the color of a bright copper penny. Anyone who knows about horses knows the proper color identification of a horse. “Brown” is not an identifiable DNA color. “Brown” was employed because the horse “Alex” was going to be switched with another horse of a different color, “Mr. Pibb” who was a liver chestnut) and it looked like a skeleton. (Old elderly animals get bony just like old elderly people) It was the skinniest horse she has ever seen. (lie-perjury)

They talked for a while and the horse came over and put it’s head over the fence. She asked if she could touch the horse. They invited her into the property. (Testimony from the family of six claim JW patted her gun in order to gain access to the property then seemed to have a drug fit in their driveway. Other cases claim that she used a gun/”muscle” to gain access) Nobody was ever angry. She was there to help them and to help the horse. She felt that was how they viewed her at that time. They never left the very front of the yard. (Six people claim Westberg refused to look at the plethora of feed and hay present) Their horse was under a leanto (covered driveway), it smelled of oil and grease (house has propane heat but this was not an accurate description). He went back through a gate and brought her a sample of the hay to the front yard. There was no shelter besides that. (Horses do not need any shelter. They were made to be in the weather.)

They didn’t know what they were getting into. He invited her in, (Family interviews claim she patted her gun to gain access) his horse was a skeleton (23 (perjury). They talked about how he got the horses (Craiglists 3 months prior) JW said it would be to his advantage to give her an address of where they came from. They told her immediately that they got the horses off Craigslist (deception). Looked at a black horse (the fat one “Hebo” JW rarely mentions) and got the other in a package deal. She felt they were lead to believe that the horse looked like that because it was old. (family photos show the horse is actually very “old” teeth placement in face shows this) She didn’t have to ask hardly any questions. She asked them so you got them off craigslist, who, they couldn’t remember, she asked can you remember whereabouts and they said somewhere in Yelm. She suggested that they might try and get back there. She had to write up the findings and the horse was in bad shape. Nobody was ever mad. At that point they tried to call the vet and there wasn’t one available. They called 3-4, the earliest was the next day (Heather Stewart who supported the lack of shelter script and ended up embezzling from the county along with SAFE and Hannah Mueller Evergreen).   They got the horses because they thought it would be fun, but the pony bucked the kid, so the only horse they could do anything with. They were compassionate about the fact that it was sick (because JW told them it was sick and at the time they believed her credibility). Once they realized. First they talked to the vet and the vet suggested to get the better hay for overnight. (Court testimony Stewart claims she did not look at any of the feed or four types of hay on premises). They didn’t have a vehicle to haul hay. She showed how to mix the hay so the horse didn’t get sick. They followed JW to Reeber (Reber) ranch and purchased Hay (Westberg insisted on going to Reber Ranch while GPS shows that Wheatley likely exchanged his GPS enable computer with hers at Reber while Cherish was distracted in the store and Westberg secured moldy hay from the back). She helped them transport the hay back to the house. There was a vet appoint for the next day. They seemed like a nice couple. She then left.


The next time was the next day. He called her after the vet had been out. He asked if there was any way for us to assist him in placing the horses. They weren’t able to sustain the cost of the recovery and didn’t realize what bad shape the horses were in. (Because Heather Stewart was gouging and had already collected $250 for the farm call – did not perform any procedures to justify that amount – while failing to note that “Alex” was very old – Stewart is either dishonest or incompetent) She had to figure out and didn’t have an answer right away. She called him back and let him know she could take them in. Aaron Wheatley and JW went out to his house.   (2 only one in bad shape (Hebo)). They did not enter the property. She corrects this, she did have to go into the property and get the other horse on a halter (fat Hebo who was located in the remaining 5 acres of pasture that Westberg claimed was eaten down to nothing – a “script” Westberg uses in virtually all her cases). The other horse was out there already. They walked the horses from there to Reeber (Reber) Ranch after he signed the owner surrender. (There is NO evidence that the horses were ever at Reber Ranch. No invoices, no GPS, no photos of “Barn D.” However invoices indicate the horses were actually transported to Ben and Gera Dobbins ranch about five miles away) Then they went back to get the truck, (That she had parked to block the gate so that no one could drive out of the road to watch them) she did not see him at this time. The kids were sad. The female wasn’t there. She felt like they were just doing what they needed to do.


For three of four days she went to care for them (deception) (this is an interesting observation given it appears that neither Chelsea Eykel nor Jenee Westberg went to Reber to feed Alex and Hebo – because they were never located there) Chelsea also went out there and did some stuff regarding nurturing them back to health. CE (Chelsea Eykel) arranged for the horse to be sent to Dr. Hanah (Hannah) Mueller and then to safe haven (AKA Save a Forgotten Equine to create another revenue stream for the kickbacks on taxpayer dollars). No actually that was the old horse, (admission Alex is old) the other went to foster care.


She did see the horse one other time because he was at a foster home in Auburn (Ben and Gera Dobbins whose invoices for that year were concealed and suppressed in Gretchen Holmgren’s storage file box until July of 2016) and she saw the healthy horse. She has seen pictures of the older horse. Who is now called Mr. Pibb (The bait n switched horse for Alex. Westberg admits her participation in the switch). She remarks all they did was feed him (Because Hannah Mueller Evergreen and Jamie Taft/Bonnie Hammond of SAFE had queued Mr. Pibb up to be starved for the photo opts at Hannah’s locale in Monroe for the press). She saw him on TV after the court case, Safe Rescue (Save a Forgotten Equine-SAFE) was on one of the news channels. This is all second hand information, her other half googled “Jason markley” last weekend. She didn’t actually hear Markley. She told him to not do anything like that ever again. She doesn’t want anyone to think she was stalking that person (because she was). She thinks he did this because she told him what was going on. She doesn’t think he actually did the google himself, he had told his family.


Then when they went to trial, she had to testify and she saw him (before she testified) several times during the trial in the courthouse, they never spoke. She felt like he was glaring at her during her testimony “staring at me the whole time.” At one point his wife, she smiled at her during the trial and said “hi.” JW responded back “hi” and smile. She thinks maybe she got on the stand twice. She sat in the hallway a lot. She isn’t sure if it was before or after she testified the second time.


They had a hearing about whether or not she had trespassed on the property. He glared at her every time she saw her.


If you read the police report, he said she patted her gun and trespassed and then held them hostage. She doesn’t carry a gun (Westberg patting her gun and/or using “muscle” to gain access got two other cases dismissed). That came up earlier and they took a photo of her duty belt. She had a radio and a badge. She doesn’t own a gun.


He was charged with animal cruelty (Due to her falsifying her reports). She thinks he views this as her fault.


She felt bad that they were charged because they got the horse in poor condition. But they never came up with someone else to charge. It wasn’t her fault.


She has not dealt with him at all except what she just told me.


On November 15th a police officer, a detective from auburn, to say he had been investigating her and wanted to let her know. He said they hadn’t found anything. He asked her if she knew Markley, she said yes there was a cruelty case and the APD said he had been investigating her and threat everything was unfounded, but he wanted to let her know that the guy was a nutcase (something APD Det Wickman would deny several days later). He didn’t feel that Markley was going to be happy that the APD did not find anything with Janee (Jenee) and that he would likely do something. He apologized as a fellow colleague to be investigating her (Professional courtesy). She said Markley had accused JW as trying to kill his whole family. She states “you have read the report so.”


JW came back to the shelter and told GM (RASKC director Gene Mueller) and SR (ACO Shelby Russell). She told them what she told me (Brittany Hagen). The PD (Det. Wickman) had contacted her and he was on her radar, at this point she hasn’t gotten all the details. The PD didn’t say anything about murder; she read that in the report. The PD said she had cut his brake lines, but that’s not what was in the report.


She carried on with her day. That night she told her stepmother (Ann Westberg who works for Dan Clark, chair of the Brady Committee. This is the committee that failed to name Jenee Westberg as a Brady office in 2009.) She told her she should take this seriously, sTM (stepmother) works for prosecuting attorney. JW then emailed Nancy Balin (who is barred as a government attorney to represent as defense for Jenee Westberg in a private criminal case). NB left her an email and then they spoke on Saturday. NB relayed that she has been through similar stuff and she should alert the neighbors, NB told her to not park her truck in her house. NB told her to have the county come and check her house to see if it was secure enough. (Nancy Balin orchestrated a drama to distract from the likelihood that Jenee was the culprit)


On Monday Tom Harris got her the police report. She didn’t get it until Tuesday. She had spoke with TH on either Friday or Monday. She told him exactly what she told everyone else. Markley has filed complaint against her and it was unfounded. (Not so much)


She wouldn’t have thought that her life was in danger if she hadn’t been contacted by the police. She was now concerned about the fact that she was a subject of the report (because she is guilty).


Then she went to the PAO and got a anti-harassment, she went to several offices and got the paperwork and began filing that out. When her shift ended she asked her mom to look over the police report and harassment order. (There was never an anti harassment order filed because there were no grounds) She told her at that time she should let the higher-ups know. She also said she should contact NB and ask if she could get representation for the anti -harassment order (Nancy Balin violated state law representing Jenee in this while being paid by King County). JW gave a copy of the request to her stepmother to take to her bosses. She now voices concerns that the information she is giving me during this interview maybe subject in public disclosure and then could be requested by Markley. (It was requested by Diemond who gave it to Markley)


TH got a picture for her yesterday.


Volunteer Efforts


No volunteer efforts.


No fosters.


No donations.


Private Facebook, but she has 300 friends.


She got rid of the Facebook page altogether (because the defense in Markley and Thomas’s trials were using her abuse comments to impeach her).


No other contact with regard to animals.


Her sister just purchased a house across the street from Markley in April. (Sister does not live across the street from Markley. Sister did not purchase a house in April Jenee did. Jenee’s house is 5 miles away from Markley. There is no “street.” It is an undeveloped dirt road easement dead end.) She doesn’t know Markley She has probably been to her sister’s home about 10 times. (Westberg just admitted to being at Markley’s property 10 times about the same amount of times Markley claims his property was vandalized.) She is sure doesn’t know Markey.


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