Please visit our newspaper!

We are finally going to change the way news gets reported in Snohomish County!!! The premise is “He (or she) who controls the media, controls the message” Well we’ve got community writers & advocates writing for this newspaper so we can tell the truth along with the WHOLE story

Snohomish County Reporter

We are finally up & running, with a few fixes that still need to be worked on but so far we have 3 other authors from the community that have degrees in journalism.

I will still be writing in this blog, it is my only release some days but most of our content will be on our news site. We also have a newsletter so if you don’t have time to peruse through the site then just sign up for that & it will save you some time.

So wish us all luck & hopefully we can get the news out that really matters to those of us in our community who really need it. I was smart enough to put someone else in as the editor so it will be more professional

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