Where is Hollywood when you need them? Snohomish County drama in FULL swing

Snohomish County Reporter

You can NOT make this stuff up! I bet if I could write a screen play of all the crap that goes on in SnoCo I could have get one hell of a deal in Hollywood… Not sure if it would be a comedy, a drama, or maybe a sitcom or made for TV movie hmmm…….. It couldn’t be a reality show because no one would believe it.

I’m sure everyone remembers this: Former Mountlake Terrace police commander Don Duncan got a traffic ticket and a $550 fine in his drunken-driving arrest earlier this year. The only bright spot is that he hasn’t been on PAID administrative leave this whole time because they fired him & kicked him off the taxpayer teat

The problems at the Denny Youth Center keep piling up but 3 women were finally compensated 750K Dee Thayer, Barbara Lucken and Karen Hastings for the years of…

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