What do the FBI, Beavers, Pennington, Okrent & the WSBA have in common?

Snohomish County Reporter

So we already know that Christine Gregoire got Jenny Durkan her appointment as the US District Federal Prosecutor.

Which in my mind explains why the DOJ & FBI have done nothing about the obvious blatant corruption in this state. There is NO other explanation.

Mike Carter from the Seattle Times brought up that very issue 5 years ago

Are Jenny Durkan's party ties an ethics issue- - Fordham Law 2014-08-13 00-09-06

I was going through all of the info that Ms Block gave me about all of her court issues & the WSBA involvement.

I went through a deposition where the prosecutor said she was lying. The question was about if she had ever  changed her name. Now I checked her out thoroughly before I got involved with her so I even have her family tree which is a tool I use often to find the relations between certain people to understand what & who I am dealing with. I can promise God…

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