Welcome to the new slave trade: American Prison Corporations

Snohomish County Reporter

As local, state & federal prisons move towards privatization NO ONE seemed to notice that the slave trade has resumed business as usual. The only difference is that it is not just primarily Africans being traded for baubles by their Chiefs, or groups from other tribes  getting kidnapped to be sold or traded.

It is American citizens who are being rounded up & enslaved by CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) started by 3 former Government Officials. Along with many new fledging (and thriving) prison industries

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) was founded on January 28, 1983, by Tom Beasley, Doctor Robert Crants and T. Don Hutto. CCA houses approximately 90,000 offenders and detainees in its more than 60 facilities and employs more than 17,000 nationwide

In a 1990s report, Prudential Securities noted, “It takes time to bring inmate population levels up to where they cover costs. Low occupancy is a…

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