Washington State Attorney General ties to O’Dell & Steve Tucker…

Snohomish County Reporter

I’ve written about the allegations against Robert Carusoa Spokane attorney made by a woman with a history of drug abuse, & FALSE reporting.

So as soon as I tie the last name Caruso to  Lin O’Dell &  Steve Tucker (The Spokane County Prosecutor who thankfully is on his way out the door) The Washington State Attorney General picks up the case & charges him! What in the hell???

I am not even sure if that is legal but what it did do is let me know that there is a connection to all of these people all the way to the Attorney General’s office!

Tucker is a monstrous putrid pile of everything that is wrong with our “system”


Tucker’s office to be reviewed

Spokane County commissioners agreed Tuesday to pay for an outside review of the prosecutor’s office. Commissioners gave consultant David Bennett $5,000 to…

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