Voting stupid just makes life harder… or maybe not

Snohomish County Reporter

I am not sure what is wrong with Washington State voters

Maybe they all have some version of the Stockholm Syndrome maybe they are really just that stupid. Yes I realize calling people from my state stupid might be counter-productive but it is what it is. The PROOF is in the ballot.

For those of you who didn’t vote because you didn’t think it made a difference you now have NO right to bitch about anything that happens to our country, period.

There is so much hoo ha about mainstream media only spoonfeeding the general public what they are told to report. BULLSHIT, I have watched the “mainstream local media” provide all the dirt, do years of investigative journalism, WARN people about these candidates over & over & over again yet the same people still get voted in!

Unfortunately with most “reporters” their job stops AT the story, not for…

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