Trouble in Snohomish County’s lover’s lane?

Snohomish County Reporter

So… I see this SHINING endorsement for Remy Stephanson Leonard from Mark Roe in the local paper. ANYONE he endorses should be suspect More importantly is “when” Mr Roe wrote this endorsement… A prosecutor should NOT be endorsing Judges, that DEFINITELY gives the appearance of impropriety, & they most certainly shouldn’t be doing it on county time.

Everett District Court, Judge Pos 1 — VOTE411 Voter Guide 2014-10-18 07-03-27

Two things you should remember:

1) Mark Roe was PISSED that Leonard’s opponent Anthony Howard was even appointed to the job in the first place without his permission

From: Roe, Mark
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 01:32 PM
To: Koster, John
Subject: RE: District Court Consolidation Meeting
I really don’t wanna punish all Dist ct divisions, their employees, and judges, for the actions primarily of one judge in arlington. (we have tried to talk with him, but he won’t even meet with me…….)I wish he would just retire! Though 2 south judges can…

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