Something no one is discussing: We’re still slaves

Snohomish County Reporter

Here is part of my Twitter Feed

End SnoCo Corruption (@AnimalLawAbuse) - Twitter 2014-12-07 03-28-24With the deaths of so many black males at the hands of police, some still children: There is a tremendous outcry as there should be but while it is going on young black men are still being executed while they protest.

Anytime something like this happens then there is any media spotlight on something like this the wacko’s come out of the woodwork. Especially on twitter but even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while & these white supremacists get something right on the head.

When I made the comment about young black men being born with 2 strikes one of the “Good Ol Boys” commented that the 3 was that they were fatherless. An inconvenient truth for most African American families…

but it is also the same for Native American families.


When slaves were first brought to the…

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