Some folks just can’t help stepping in it… Another PRA fine & now the boogey man is gonna sue me… LOL!

Snohomish County Reporter

So someone with a fake twitter account says they are doing a story about my criminal record & my blog. I am waiting with bated breath for that little gem. I mean cause I’m such a bad bad girl, my 1 jaywalking ticket, my 17 traffic tickets, & my not leaving water out 24 hrs a day is evidently BIG headlines…

Twitter - Notifications 2014-09-07 01-03-15

Oh but here is the funny part: They say that defamation & libel suits are in the works… Now that: I would gladly welcome since I have documentation for everything I say & once they take me to court I will be able to enter EVERYTHING I have that I haven’t reported on yet & it will ALL become public record! So every scorned mistress’s or mister’s emails with descriptions of the bedrooms & bathrooms of the infidel’s homes, all of the private citizens who have given me tips…

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