Preston Ellis Gates ~ Abramoff ~ Jenny Durkan & Washington State Leaders

Snohomish County Reporter

Okay curiosity got the better of me… I couldn’t leave this tangled web alone. The more I learn the less I understand about how or why the same people are in power that have been nothing but dishonest & corrupt.

Many of you may remember the Abramoff scandal, it was a doozie, & Mr Abramoff was said to have ties to Lawrence (Larry) King from the Franklin Sex Scandal. I do see about 30 connections between their associates. Mr King & Mr Abramoff are out in the world free men now.

For some reason thought Abramoff was still in prison but it turns out he is alive & well & playing the “Imma changed man” routine even down to giving lectures about corruption! AYFKM???

So how does he tie into our local leaders?

Investigation: Rep. George Nethercutt
Disposition: Received contributions from Abramoff

Investigation: Rep. Doc Hastings
Disposition: Received contributions from…

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