Making some sense of the Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal… Well sort of

Snohomish County Reporter

I do not like stories that make no sense, or that are wrapped in so much whoopdy woo that you can’t make heads or tails of it.

As I said in the last story, the whole situation is is drenched in so many bizarre conspiracy theories that it’s hard to cut through it to make some sense of it. Which is EXACTLY what the CIA/Secret Service & the others involved in this want to happen so that the stories & people involved lose all credibility.

The problem is that this involves some of the info I was given about some local people so I HAVE to figure it out to connect the dots. I “got the gist of it” but no one in hell is going to understand it unless they know the stories behind it.

What makes it worse is that if you just do a simple search on…

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4 thoughts on “Making some sense of the Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal… Well sort of

    1. I wish I would’ve found that when I was writing these stories. So many people get lost in conspiracy theories that they tend to lose all credibility about 2 paragraphs into it. Then people seem to only catalog or write about what is relevant to them or whatever crazy theory they are trying to prove. That takes so much away from the entire story & it is a story that needs to be told & FULLY understood so that the people involved can be held accountable, instead most of them got promoted!!! Thank you for the link!


      1. There’s a video on Youtube where Sherman Skolnick talks about how he came about the information and when he finally broke the story. Rather than embed the video here, (it is somewhat long), and if you are interested, search Youtube for “Franklin” “sex-ring” “Sherman Skolnick.” It’s an interview from the Rense program.

        There is always truth to be ferreted out from conspiracy theories.

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      2. As the saying goes: Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. I did find alot of truths strung together into the C.T.’s & from there is where I searched. I am more of dates, times, place, documents & chronological kind of writer but I will go check out the video. I HAVE to understand this because these people are connected to the people I am fighting in Washington state, & if I ever stand a chance of winning I have to know my enemy intimately 😦


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