In the news for Snohomish County this week & the drama goes on.

Snohomish County Reporter

It seems Lovick’s 2nd hand man Mark Ericks, can not keep control of his mouth. He is threatening Councilman Somers & Ryan…. but that’s not all

So Lovick & Ericks were both State Legislators & at one point Lovick served with Councilman Ryan on the Mill Creek City Council & have had serious problems in the past. So of course when Somers & Ryan brought it to Lovick’s attention he did that thing he always does: NOTHING

Mill Creek seems to have their share of pissy girls & boys in-fighting & made the news today too. Some people just need a nap or a time out it seems

The County Council just did a budget that cuts Ericks wages by 17,000.00 & eliminates the Deputy Director of the Medical Examiners Office ~ Dan Chrisman. More correctly Councilman Klein, Ryan, & Somers voted for the budget… the proverbial suck ups…

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