How dare you challenge Mark Roe’s Power! (Carolyn Weikel has his back though)

Snohomish County Reporter

Seems this guy is a legend in his own mind… ANOTHER Snohomish County Elected Official I thought was golden, turns out he is just as corrupt as the rest of them

Funny thing about public records is that these pompous asses don’t even seem to care that everything they write is public record ~ Everything.

This works in my favor most of the time. Below is an email thread between Mark Roe & John Koster.

It seems there are atleast 3 judges who do NOT suckle from the Mark Roe teat. We need to find these Judges & vote vote vote for them to make sure that they can level out some of this power this man has. He is giddy about how the consolidation will increase his perceived power inre: the District Court & their judges.

He seems to LOVE Judges Clough & Lyons from The Everegreen District Court…

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