How corruption kills…. slowly but surely

Snohomish County Reporter

2014 sux3

So they say bad things come in 3’s … BULLSHIT

In one year I have lost

1} my Aunt Linda  ~ She chose to die with dignity after a terminal diagnosis on 11/12/13

2} my Bulldog Foxy Brown ~ She passed in her sleep on 11/1/13

3} my nephew Matthew Grover ~ His body was found in the White River on 3/8/14 in Indianapolis but the last time he was seen alive was December 26th as far as we know. We suspect his father killed him but the local Barney Fife’s can’t seem to figure it out.

4} my adopted son Austin Derby ~ He was shot 11 times on 7/1/14 by the Seattle Police after running from them & several other police agencies. He claimed to have a gun, he did ~ a BB Gun under the seat of his truck (which we have proof of ) the King…

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