Getting closer to the bottom of things more disgusting corrupt officials running Washington State

Snohomish County Reporter

The reason this whole thing is taking so long is because I don’t understand some of the terms so it takes me a while to “get there” but now I find out that one of my main sources feels it necessary to not just tell me something but to make me research things surrounding events so I can understand them better. That is okay, that will make me a better smarter more well informed investigative reporter in the future.

So my list of clues were

Franklin Scandal
Host Homes
Foster Homes
Juvenile Facilities
Abrupt departures

Along with some documentation.

1) Franklin Scandal… easy enough, once you cut through the crazy it is a horrifying story which has never been resolved & seems most likely to still be occurring. Now I have people reaching out to me from that situation so I will continue to try to report on…

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