Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal conspiracy theory or… Ties to Washington State?

Snohomish County Reporter

I don’t know how many of you remember the child sex ring abuse scandals from 1989. It was linked to the White House, Nebraska at Boys Town, Iowa, Florida & even Washington state

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There was far more to the stories & most of it got pushed under the rug by the ruling Judges in the investigations.

Perhaps the most disconcerting thing is the Wikipedia entry that tries to discredit everyone involved, no doubt written by someone “involved” in the scandal that walked away scott free. The children were mostly mined from the Nebraska foster care system but some were kidnapped right here from Washington State. The 2 main children, Alisha Owen &  Paul Bonacci who were brave enough to testify were imprisoned & tortured & discredited. Oddly enough the Wikipedia articles fails to mention Bonacci only Owens. Oh & a jury evidently believed them as well as evidenced…

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One thought on “Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal conspiracy theory or… Ties to Washington State?

  1. I remember this story well. The late Sherman Skolnick followed and reported on it. The mom of one kidnapped boy even gave information that she heard from him. He told her that he had been taken to the White House. The man from Nebraska was sued while in prison. A default judgment was entered against him.


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