Ed Orcutt… The strangeness continues

Snohomish County Reporter

Okay to refresh everyone’s memory: Little 5 yr old girl was abducted while playing with a friend then thrown from the car down an embankment. She crawled back up the hill & waved down a car in 1992 in SW Washington, it took a couple of days before they realized she had also been raped so they did a rape kit which “mysteriously” disappeared from the police station.

There were 2 prime suspects, & the composite sketch looked a lot like either John Pennington our Snohomish County Emergency Operations Manager, former FEMA director for region 10 & former state representative, it also looked like another state representative, Mr Orcutt.

Okay so you have to ask yourself how did those two become the prime suspects… I asked & found that Mr Pennington & Mr Orcutt were calling in & having others call in to blame someone named “Walter” there is no…

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