Did you ever just feel like flushing 95,000 dollars down the toilet? Well you did!

Snohomish County Reporter

Keep voting stupid & stupid is what you get…

This guy Jason Cummings flushed 95K of your hard earned tax dollars right down the crapper

Jason Cummings

Cause this guy told him to…


You might recognize him because you keep voting him back in if you are from the Snohomish County area! Mr Mark Roe

While the guy on the left was the Sheriff: John Lovick about 23 people died in the jail… about 12 of them made the news but the others didn’t even get an honorable mention. So now the guy on the right is the new fall guy Ty Trenary, oh but don’t cry for Trenary too much remember it was he & Lovick who couldn’t do anything about a woman getting killed

Washington Mudslide Search

Anyway Mr Cummings lies about video taped evidence not being in existence when it clearly was after they let this kid die


He was one of…

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