Bob Caruso… 76 yr old & accused of rape??? WTHeck?

Snohomish County Reporter

Honestly I don’t know Robert Caruso as an attorney or as a human being but here we are. My occasional disdain for him was very misplaced though, as I have learned a lot of attorneys CAN’T fight for people without the fear of being sanctioned or disbarred. Him especially, I have found instances where he really did try to help his clients but he was just pile drived. Once we get rid of the WSBA this state is going to have a violent surge in champion attorneys, mark my words.

I don’t know Caruso personally, not sure I want to. I can get in enough trouble by myself thank you very much: I don’t need any help.

So I read that he has become the prime suspect in a rape HUH??? Evidently there was a car wreck & the lady was drunk Robert offered to take her to the hospital…

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