Lake Stevens Sued Again, Conflict of Interest at Center of Suit

It is so sad but so common that the leaders in Snohomish County seem to believe they have the right to destroy others for speaking out. Ms Hoffman didn’t even say anything earthshaking just shared an opinion based on what others have told her, but if you take a good look at Lake Stevens you would be shocked & horrified how the city conducts itself


  A Lake Stevens women and former LS Chamber employee is suing the City Of Lake Stevens for damages in the amount of $175,000. Her claim is that she was let go from her job at the Chamber due her comments as a private citizen, comments that she was assured were to be kept private and confidential.
 On the 19th of June Ms. Amy Hoffman attended a private forum put on by Sno-Isle Library. Hoffman tells me that she was assured numerous times that her comments at this forum would not be shared with outside parties. The forum was produced  by Consumer Opinion Services of Seattle. It was known a panel of library employees in another room watching the forum  
  A few days following strange things started happening to Hoffman, based on comments she made in private. The following seems to present a clear conflict of interest on…

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