Senator Steve Hobbs up to his same old shit

Further thoughts from the Gold Bar Reporter about the “Hot Tip” that was received inre: County exec hopeful Eslick


Over the weekend, the Gold Bar Reporters received a tip which stated:

Eslick DUI accident/homicide 12/2012. I believe Carolyn Eslick was in an accident in Monroe circa 12/27/2012 that resulted in the death of a homeless woman bicyclist and that she was DUI at the time. She called the sheriff officer in charge of Sultan, a personal friend of hers who responded to the scene and took her home to sober her up. she also called a high ranking city employee who took charge of the accident scene and helped cover up her involvement. See if you can get a copy of the accident report and investigate this. The officer was fired but hired as a city of Sultan parking enforcement officer. Both Ty Trenary and John Lovick are aware of this but can do little about it. Please look into this Ms Eslick would be a disaster as county…

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