So what’s my problem with Pennington, or even Lovick?

Anyone who protects & lies for a convicted woman beater, is just as guilty & just as much of a piece of crap as the actual abuser. ESPECIALLY someone who swore an oath to defend & uphold the law

Snohomish County Reporter

Someone asked me this… anonymously of course

First off I HATE woman beaters & child abusers. I have another woman this man beat so badly that he put her in the hospital & she is STILL terrified of him which is what this guy gets off on.

I’m pissed that instead of protecting the public from this man that SO MANY county officials protected him. I am pissed that NO ONE stepped up & spoke out for the sake of a helpless child a woman, many women. I am upset that all the lies & corruption cost people their lives. I am upset that there are still children under this man’s care

I recently received this document, it was heartbreaking, astounding & horrifying all at once. I generally try to explain each document I post but this one stands on it own.

Can you imagine being a woman being abused…

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