So now the WSBA is in bed with Pennington & Crew?

I’m still waiting for a reply from the WSBA, I am anxious to see what they do to stall me or what wild claims they’ll make about giving me records. It is time to disband the Bar as it is known & reorganize it entirely. The state needs to get involved in this clown convention

Snohomish County Reporter

I am a little bit more then confused here…

Most of you know of Anne Block, some of you may think she is out of control bent on destroying the tiny town of Gold Bar. If you listen to Mark Roe, or Sean Raey at the Snohomish County Prosecutors Office she is said to be “delusional” & oh boy: If you want to kill a few brain cells & read the Sky Valley Chronicle then you can get a whole host of other lies.

Meanwhile in an apparent meltdown another attorney who is representing Mr Roe (courtesy of our tax dolars) went into some kind of insane rant, threatening Ms Block with sanctions & punishments that she could not deliver on.

For those that don’t know or understand the way it works. The Washington State Bar Association is just that, an association, something like an elite club. In order to…

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