Sexual Harassment seems to be the norm in Everett

This story is just a couple out of hundreds of sex harassment/abuse that goes on in this county daily. Most are quietly arbitrated away so they never make headlines. This county culture of using the workforce as a sexual hunting ground is costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars every year

Snohomish County Reporter

The problem is that when city workers can’t keep control over their wee willie winkies it is us: The taxpayers who have to pay for it.

So what do you do if you’re an Everett city councilman accused of these crimes (Oh & you’re black) well you turn the tables & scream that everyone is racist. Here is a guy who can’t even show up 1/2 the time for a part time job he was elected by more then a few morons in the city of Everett… but his punishment for that? He was chosen as the council president! You can’t even make this stuff up.

This is a man who either does it or jokes about putting anti-biotics in his wife’s food so she doesn’t catch anything because he “catches so much action” Now I have been told this by 3 people so I’m inclined to believe he…

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