Commentary: So now we know there a problem, what do we do about Snohomish County

The ball is in the voters court. It always has been, the problems in this county can be directly attributed to the citizens lack of involvement, or even willingness to become a part of the solution. Keep voting for the same old, same old, & you get more of the same

Snohomish County Reporter

The first thing to do is vote smarter, by voting smarter I mean get rid of most of our elected leaders. There are several big elections coming up this year.

The next is to really learn about the candidates: Call them & if they refer you to their “staff” they have gotten too big, they no longer “serve” you they think they are too important to waste their time on you. If they don’t have the time to talk to you bag it then, vote different, but also understand if it’s in the middle of a work day then they may not be able to talk. Do a background check on them. I hope to be able to get the funding to run a background check on every candidate that files for office to post here as soon as we are up & running as an official “news periodical”


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