Announcing our new blog focusing directly on Snohomish County Corruption

I started this blog to tell my story, to focus on abuse of animal laws & people. In the course of this I discovered corruption in so many areas throughout this entire state that at times it has made me physically ill.

I also found that my story was not the only one: I am merely 1 in hundreds of people who have been abused by these corrupt officials. I have created a new blog to deal with the corrupt county officials in Snohomish County specifically:

I will post simultaneously on both still but I want to keep the focus of animal law abuses for this page. Please feel free to subscribe to our new blog if you have been touched by corruption in our area or in your own.

There is a group of us who are getting ready to form a non-profit so that we can address communities & show them how to keep their elected officials in check. We will be teaching everywhere. Our hope is to build enough of a following & get as many communities involved so that we can become a major voice in how our Government is run & how our money is spent. It will also provide the means to remind these “public servants” that they are beholden to us, that they work for us & that if they can’t work in our best interest we will make sure they are removed from office.

It is time to take back our state, to take back our counties, & to take back our cities. It is way past time to put back the values of the Constitution that this country was built on, not the political whims of lobbyists & giant corporations. Once our state becomes the model of what citizens united can do hopefully other states, other citizens will follow & we can restore our nation & our civil liberties. This mess didn’t happen overnight so it is not going to be a quick fix & some have woken up to headless dead rats on their porch, other have been threatened at fast food restaurants, others have been stalked mercilessly but as it has been said: Those who are willing to give up a few freedoms for comfort deserve neither one.


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