Who “owns” the Sky Valley Chronicle ~ Time to investigate the SnoCo D.E.M.

There is a local rag that runs bashing stories on Anne Block & WORSHIP ads for John Pennington. There are never any authors names, just “Sky Valley Staff” If you can’t put your name to it you shouldn’t write it. Period.

Their latest rant is that Ms Block is delusional, courtesy of the Snohomish County Prosecutor. So why would the Snohomish County Prosecutor, The Washington State Bar Association & The Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management be in bed together to go after one single woman?

Oh don’t worry it gets weirder at every turn. I just got an anonymous tip that there are major amounts of money missing being investigated at the Dept of Emergency Management, I haven’t been able to verify it yet but the Government Accountabillity Office seems very interested.

So we know that Aaron Reardon appointed John Pennington

We know that John Rudicil & Kevin Hulten were campaigning for Reardon during work hours, we don’t know why the PDC who has the same info & much more then we posted here have done NOTHING

We know that Hulten destroyed evidence in an ongoing state/federal investigation but we also don’t know why he got a tap on the hand, not even a good slap. When Judge Wisman was demanding to know why they weren’t asking for more & suggested jail time the prosecutor looked like he was going to cry, so that day: Seems as though Hulten had 2 defense lawyers.

We know that Reardon has moved to Indio California & spends quite a few late nights looking up Tami Dutton.

We know that Pennington claims to be a part of some “Secret Club” that will protect him no matter what, oh & he is gone from the Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management & currently looking for a job in Pennsylvania (but still has his county issued phone)

According to Pennington the position was created solely for him. SnoCo DEM was in fact “created” in 2006. but not for him…

What is VERY troubling is the “Press Release

Snohomish County ~ County Executive’s Office
For immediate release – Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon announced today the appointment of John E. Pennington to the position of Director of Snohomish County’s Department of Emergency Management (DEM). Pennington, who most recently served as FEMA Region X Director, . In an effort to develop a superior emergency services program for Snohomish County, Executive Reardon, with support from County Council and at the request of local stakeholders, took on management responsibility of DEM effective January 1, 2006. After the former DEM Director Roger Serra’s abrupt departure at the first of the year, Executive Reardon appointed Martha Robins as interim director until the position could be filled.
Executive Reardon’s expectations are borne from his experience having worked with Pennington in the Washington State Legislature. Both served as Co-Vice Chair of the House Committee on Finance from 1999 to 2001. Pennington served four terms of elected office in the Washington State House of Representatives. Pennington’s reputation as a leader in emergency management is well earned and widely valued among federal, state and local emergency management leaders.

“John is widely respected as one of this nation’s preeminent emergency management professionals. Snohomish County is very fortunate to have him dedicate his services to Western Washington,” says Major General Timothy Lowenberg, Adjutant General to Washington State, Director of the Washington Military Department, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee for the Adjutants General of the United States Association and Homeland Security Advisor to the Governor.

Jim Mullen, Director of Washington’s Emergency Management Division, says, “I want to congratulate Snohomish County on an excellent choice.  He will be missed within Region X by my colleagues, but he has left a legacy and set a standard of excellence that will guide his successor there as well,” says Mullen.

Pennington was appointed by both Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretaries Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff, to become one of only a select few individuals nationally to train as the single focal point for any federally driven disaster. Locally, Pennington was the interim PFO for the 2003 Department of Justice exercise, TOPOFF 2, held in Seattle, and was Deputy PFO for a 5,000 person Department of Defense anti-terrorism exercise in Alaska last year called Northern Edge/Alaska Shield.

So why did Jim Mullen & Timothy Lowenberg issue such stellar recommendations for him when they knew it wasn’t true, that he had been outed for the fake diploma by then & had his Homeland Security access revoked by then?

How was it that Tom Ridge & Michael Chertoff didn’t check his credentials in 2003 or 2005 either & appointed him to the Northern Edge/Alaska Shield exercise?

After 15 years of hanging with Mr Pennington Mr Reardon had to know this as well. Furthermore why didn’t the council check his credentials before they voted to approve his appointment?

Hopefully you’re following me here: Reardon appoints Pennington because they’ve been buddies for about 15 yrs, to a position he wasn’t qualified for, then of course the Oso tragedy happens, Pennington heads for Pa. on “administrative leave” still being paid by us & taking a county issued phone with him, Reardon is already gone & Homeland Security is singing his accolades.

Okay so getting back to the Sky Valley Chronicle which was established when the city water guy Karl Majerle disabled the city wells ~ who by the way got hired in Bellevue after getting a “Stellar” recommendation from former Gold Bar Mayor Crystal Hill but not til he walked off with 10K.

I was talking to Ms Block about the bizarre stories on there & the constant meltdowns they have when they are talking about her. She told me I was welcome to the emails showing that these stories were being proofread by Reardon, Rudicil, Hulten & others but she couldn’t prove who was actually writing them or posting them because she couldn’t figure out who was behind the SVC, so I did some digging:

The site admin is a man named Mark Mesenko, who has hundreds of sites, & is also a world traveling award winning photographer… What is his connection to Mr Reardon? Who are these other people also associated with his web building platforms? What does a guy in Montana, have to gain by hosting this platform for them when It could lead some to believe he is associated with it? (Edited)

12 websites with Addthis ID mesenko 2014-07-13 04-47-54 - 216-14-228-22.static.blackfoot.net - Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc., United States 2014-07-13 13-05-02

Don’t worry it does get weirder I kid you not: The Sky Valley Chronicle is listed as the Sky Valley Media Group according to their Washington State Business license, but it registered in Spokane

170 S Lincoln Ste 110 Spokane, WA 99201 2014-07-13 04-06-20

So why is it registered in Spokane? Well it is registered with the agent/owner name being Washington Limited Liabillity Co owned by none other then Ron Favor AKA Chet Rogers a former KJR radio show host.

This was quite frustrating as the SVC is hidden behind so many layers of protection it was like being in a corn maze, it is listed in Canada & then to Idaho, then to Montana, it took 6 hours of searching to get this information. I literally had to get hundreds of documents & print them out, lay them out on the floor so I could try to piece together everything just to get to these 3, there are many more sites which resemble the sky valley chronicle.

Now what does a world traveling web building photographer have to do with a former radio show host homeland security & snohomish county politicians? What is this “secret club” Pennington keeps blathering about? If it’s so secret why is he even talking about it?

Now HERE is where my autism fails me: I can find gather & disseminate information but this goes to human motives. People I have told this to & shown the other information to have gone on tangents about this that & the other, NSA, CIA, FBI, HSA, Secret Service etc.. Could they really be this stupid? It’s not that I don’t think they are bold enough but being this sloppy is not what I’d expect.

The scary part is I KNOW I have stumbled on to something big I just don’t know what it is. Not much scares me but this does & it pisses me off. All I wanted was to get my dogs back, get a few people fired, make the city pay me for the shit they have put me through to teach them a lesson so they wouldn’t do to anyone else what they did to me & my animals & THIS is what I get????? The worst part?

There is FAR MORE then this, enough to fill up a 2 terabite hard drive. I am just breaking it up into pieces so you can digest it. If it is in fact as clandestine as everyone is saying I have already taken the steps I need to to protect all of the information in several ways

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