Hulten’s on his way to court… Gets off scott free. Still don’t believe this county is corrupt???

I’m pretty sure Aaron Reardon is asking the same question himself judging by the amount of time he has been spending on my page.

That begs the question as to why Pennington is back in town today, along with Hulten meeting at a location in Lake Stevens… WTH do those two have to do with each other? Well it is a 3rd person that was there that is the key. I can not disclose who it was right this moment but just remember when I have said that there are other folks here involved, that those two are just a very small part.

So not only did he get away with destroying evidence in an  ongoing investigation BUT the PDC is evidently party to the corruption in this county. I am not employed by them, but even I can  tell that Hulten & Rudicil were campaigning for Reardon ON COUNTY TIME. That’s right you, the tax-payer donated to Reardon’s campaign whether you wanted to or not

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