Taking the city of Everett to task & dealing with corruption in govt

I have big big big plans for my future: Most of that involves getting the people who are running this city & county out of office or unemployed. My issue started with:

1) An ignorant prejudice portly animal control officer ~ Lori Trask, Lemaire, Staib Carlon
2) A POS shelter manager & assistant manager ~ Bud Wesman & Shannon Johnson, Delgado

Bud Wessman was running the city shelter & the non-profit for the shelter which is a conflict, then he went away & left Shannon Delgado in charge.

My foster son was just murdered 2 days ago & I see my attorney who texted me previously to tell me that the city of Everett is dragging me back into court, he never told me what time though. At no time have I been given proper notice but that is the norm.

I seen him on Wednesday & he tells me that Judge Mitchell is coming out of retirement just for me to hear my case. If that doesn’t show how personal his vendetta is against me then I am not sure what does. So what does my attorney do? Well the usual ~ NOTHING.

THIS is the corruption that is so rampant in this city & county.

So for everyone I have written about: Thank your city shelter workers Trask, & Delgado, the city of Everett Prosecutor Mike Fisher, the city attorney Jim Iles & Judge Mitchell. They started this new path I am on. All I wanted was my dogs & cat back & to get on with my life. Now they are probably dead & I don’t have anything else to focus on but them & all the corrupt leaders in this county

If they hadn’t screwed me so completely & violated every single right I have as a human being I never would’ve known about any of this. I’d just be in my own little world rescuing animals, but they did & now…

I have learned & so will they

There are some very important things that people need to know. YOU are responsible for all of the corruption going on. Yes, YOU. You & I vote these morons in, WE allow them to act this way.

Most of my regular readers know I am a Minister. I originally became ordained to make money for my rescue by doing weddings & blessings.

One of the perks of being a Minister is you get a press pass which means that I can go to council meetings & other functions as a member of the press/ministry. So I don’t have to fill out their little comment forms for them to pick & chose IF they will let me speak ~ so far they NEVER have.

So that got me to thinking, I am a “Blogger” but I have the same qualifications & protections as a “Journalist” because I “gather & disseminate information to serve the general public”

So why not just start an online newspaper? I have people who will advertise on our page & I can get a business license for it & register with the state. I can also get at least 2500 “subscribers” to begin with which meets all the legal definitions. Now here is the beauty of it, I can designate it as a not for profit newspaper.

Newspapers get most if not all of their public records for free. “Freedom of the press” so that will make it possible for me to get the info I need to be able to do more in depth stories & get the truth out about these lowlifes we are letting run amok in our government.

Mainstream media tends to bash folks who blog, or make multiple records requests almost to the point of demonizing them. Why? I am not sure, maybe it’s the editor’s call, maybe they don’t want the competition, maybe even both. They tend to have a monopoly on breaking news & scoops but as the internet grows so does access to information that was once jealously guarded by the big media outlets. Yet even they have to get their info from a few blogs. I know that there have been at least 5 other stories done on information I broke here, maybe more.

Sitting around whining about the condition this country is in is useless, you have to get involved in the process. You don’t have to spend 24 hours day at it, just a couple hours a week. Get a group of like minded folks together & get involved in your local city, or town government to start with, then look at your county & your state.

Hell even if you just focus on your own city or town that is enough if enough people do the same. If people spent the time on getting involved in the process as they did on Facebook things we could wipe out corruption in no time flat! (Then you can get back to playing with angry birds)

Here are 3 simple things YOU can do:
1st ~ check out the candidates that you are voting for, thoroughly.
2nd ~ VOTE!
3rd ~ Make your presence known to keep them on their toes ~ question every thing they do, & every dime they spend

Go to council meeting, get copies of the city town or county’s operating budget, learn how your local govt works & why.

On that note my new accomplices & I will be going to different communities to help people learn how to blog, request records, & start their own organizations to fight corruption in their own communities. I predict that this will be a raging success.

I do believe a lot of people WANT to get involved in the process, they just don’t know how to start. I am going to change that.

I will also be putting up a page here with the information you need to get things started as soon as I am able. I need to be able to grieve for a while so I will either get right on it or be sitting in a corner crying ~ Please bear with me


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3 thoughts on “Taking the city of Everett to task & dealing with corruption in govt

  1. I’m disabled and live on a fixed income…few people in government actually know what that means and automatically assume that I don’t deserve it. I went from a career that gave me total freedom to do what i wanted to without having to submit to men and it paid me more that 70K a year…so I assure you when i was diagnosed in 2010 with the illness i have that prevents me from working it was devistating. Foolishly i never planned on retiring so now i live well below the poverty the level.

    That’s MY fault, but the City of Everett is charging me a penalty fee and threatened to suspend my license because i religiously paid my traffic ticket off in installments (which they never told me i couldn’t do)…interestingly they didn’t notify me until i paid the last installment.

    So, I ask you this: Somebody TELL me how i can help bring this mother-fuckers down and get them out of government. I can no longer work but I STILL can be of some use.

    My landlady world for the City of Everett and she calls in sic when she’s “too tired to work”…that YOUR tax dollars paying for HER LAZINESS.


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