Seattle Times warned of Pennington’s lack of credentials 9 yrs ago

I have come to a very sad realization. None of the people in power have any shame whatsoever. I flip the local paper a lot of crap but at least they really do try to report about the local corruption but they pick & choose very selectively. They also have access to 100’s of thousands of records that they could use to investigate further but don’t.

The Seattle times on the other hand had warned the public about Pennington 9 yrs ago

Local News - Local FEMA chief had little disaster experience - Seattle Times Newspaper 2014-07-04 11-55-27The information has always been available, it has always been out there, but no one takes the time to investigate on their own. What is most disturbing is there were 463 “diplomas” issued just in the Federal Employees, so that means in just the short time that was being investigated this school unleashed 463 + unqualified people into our Government workforce.

Even when the Herald does write about something folks STILL don’t pay attention. They warned the public about Chris Wright who was running for a Gold Bar Council position that he had a DUI & 2 assault/DV charges but he still won. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

You’d think they would dig further then anyone else since it is free for the media to get records.

So again we have to ask ourselves: What went wrong? Why was there never a background check run on Mr Pennington? Why was no one in Snohomish County privy to the info that he had a fake degree? Did they know? Did they cover it up as a political favor?

Why didn’t they know about him being a prime suspect in a child rape? The child described coffee in the backseat where she was hurt, she identified him, & he ran a coffee business at the time. I don’t know how much info I will get from that report & I am not sure how much if any of it I will publish for her sake but I know for a fact that Snohomish County could’ve easily obtained that information, much easier then I could, or even the other local papers. Why didn’t they? Or did they?

That girl is going to grow up, she is going to find her voice & when she does: She may be the only one capable of stopping this man.


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