John E Pennington criminal record/misuse of time Snohomish County D.E.M.

Remember when I said…

If I ever got the chance to meet Anne Block that there was going to be a problem for Snohomish County?

I did & there is.

I thought they screwed me over, but they have done everything humanly possible to destroy this woman. They seem to have gotten away with most of it, & they seem to always prevail at all the dirty tricks they use but as the saying goes “Every dog has it’s day but every dog has it’s dog”

It’s like the conga line of corruption. Not just one person or one agency, they all seem to be working together to destroy her. Evidently they ALL have something to hide.

Why else would they come together on account of one single woman?

Public records are a powerful thing ESPECIALLY when the people in charge so blatantly conspire against this woman on the county dime & as a group. They believe they are so untouchable that they don’t even try to hide their crimes. Yes they are crimes but in Snohomish County they can they have & they will get away with it.

This corruption runs so deep that there is no place, no agency, no division that is not dripping in shit.

Let’s start with John Pennington…

So the county has ran several background checks on Ms Block Tit for tat.

Pennington001So I am getting mixed messages about this criminal background check. A very seasoned PR/HR person tells me that the “Harrassment W/Prior Harsmnt” is that just means he had prior acts of harassment that culminated in this one charge but a very seasoned detective said that he has a prior conviction of harassment.

The fact remains he was kicked out of his church for sexually abusing kid(s), (confirmed by church members) & that he is the prime suspect in the rape of a child, (confirmed by police ~ still waiting for those records & will post)  that he is a wife beater, stalker & an abuser & he is getting paid for his govt job with OUR tax money with a FAKE degree. That should piss you off, if it doesn’t then I don’t know what would.

So I made a trip down to the court house & what I found was horrifying, there are SO many people involved in his cover up that it would make your head spin. Government employees all emailing back & forth writing statements to bash his ex-wife during county & state time which is illegal but it went in front of a Superior court Judge who did NOT take notice or even mention that it was happening: Not just in ONE case but in TWO. You cannot conduct personal business on city, county, or state computers when you are supposed to be working, period.

Here is just one just at the county level. The other one has to be an entire blog post on it’s own because it involves the other people involved in the cover up of the abuse that this woman endured.

Some would say his private life is his own & that would be true if he wasn’t using county resources & tax-payer money to abuse one of his many wives. Reading these files just broke my heart to imagine this woman living like this for YEARS with no one to reach out to, no one to believe her & with people in power protecting this man…. but this is the “norm” in Snohomish County. There are 100’s of pages so I got what I could I will get more as finances permit

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