Pennington ~ Roe ~ Hill ~ Will the house of cards in SnoCo finally fall?

I have established without a doubt that there is a corruption that runs through the county like a festering pustule.

But who do you point the finger at? Who is in charge? Who is really running things? Is it one person, or is it an elite group? Worse yet has it just become the norm that attracts these types of miscreants? I don’t know but I promise I am going to find out.

There is so much infighting that I am surprised that this little house of cards hasn’t exploded yet, but it’s going to be fun to watch it blow.

I hope Snohomish County’s Insurance carrier has a business back up plan.

Our former FEMA director is originally from Tennessee. ALWAYS start at the source & then follow the slug trail. This guy has enough of a trail to write a very very very long book.

The problem is they ALL protect each other so that they are allowed to continue this behavior… Coffee in the backseat of where a little girl was raped, CPS investigations hindered, credit card fraud, trails of human beings being beaten & abused, the more I learn the less I understand. Why would anyone protect people like this? Is it because they are a reflection of themselves or do these people know something they are holding over those in power’s heads?

Or is it the builders? The big money who actually run things? There has been numerous changing of the officials yet the pervasive corruption still persists so now it is up to me to figure out who the real players are.

I’ve got over 15K files, I know some of them have answers but I don’t know all the players so they are meaningless to me BUT if you put a few more heads into it, people who KNOW who, what, where, & when… it will get figured out. I am closer now just some of what I have learned over the past 2 days has my head spinning. I should be so excited but I am just sick. It is one thing to think that you might be right but once you realize how right you were, you have to face the reality. Kind of like a wife who “thinks” her husband is cheating & finds out he has another wife & 6 kids 4 mistresses & picks up hookers at the stripper bars a couple times a week.

As a child I was raised to believe that our leaders were there to “protect our interests” NOTHING could be further from the truth in Snohomish County.

I will be adding some other collaborators to our blog so they can give more perspectives on what is really going on & just how deeply the cancer of corruption runs in this place. They may have a different style of writing & they may not include documentation right away but they have proof of everything they may write about. I have seen it, sadly it is far worse then I ever imagined.

I want you to keep your mind open please, these new writers may not agree with me about who is good or bad, they will have a different perspective on how to handle things but that is the beauty of it.

I can promise you this much: The days of these dirty people’s reign of power are numbered. They have become so comfortable that they don’t even try to hide their activities until they are caught: Even then all they do is erase all the evidence.

This “Tower of Power” that corruption has built has turned out to be a very interesting game of Jenga…

So who is going to pull out the first Block? (Pun very much intended)

CHE09_Career1-displayI tell you what though. Since the new ruling on bloggers, & the fact that I am a Minister with a press pass, a whole new world of information & protection just opened up for me! So I am getting everyone else ordained for their own protection. Never underestimate the POWER of a group of strong minded women!


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