Anne Block another one of the things that get under Snohomish County’s skin.

I was doing another post (to come later) but my ADD kicked in, & now I have wandered off into another path.

I cam across what I would call the “National Enquirer” of small town papers. Most of the reports simply say Sky Valley Chronicle Exclusive  Whomever is writing for this blog is at least humorous at times. He/She or They attacks Zahid Arab as a journalist but makes statements like these:

Is your entire TV station afraid of being targeted by Block? Do reporters at KING start to tinkle in their pants at the thought of being targeted by this Blockhead from Palookaville? Are you easily frightened? Were you visited recently at your home or place of work by two interesting private investigators? (More on that number coming soon). Or did you simply lack the know-how to get information for your story? If that’s the case, then allow us to help you with some background pal. Trying looking in these and many other locations that are publicly available to anyone. here  here  here  here  here  And one final thing. May we suggest Mr. Arab you go back to the esteemed uncle Walty Cronkite School of Journalism and ask for your money back? Whatever snake oil they’ve been passing off as journalism there seems to us to be worthless. That is our take on the matter. Your mileage may vary of course. Do have a nice day.

So just to save you some time & trouble just read the “Headlines” Most of the stories are repeats of the same thing & calling an educated, trained journalist out on the web but not having the cajones to post your own name on a story seems a bit trite & hypocritical. They don’t even seem to have the answers as a good deal of the stories are posed as questions. In my whole life I have only seen two newspapers who go after people for their own info as in the case with story #26 & the Everett Herald when they were trying to find out who Edmond Thomas was.

Who is the mysterious Edmond Thomas? ….we think it is time to whistle up a digital posse to see if readers can help flush this person into the open.

I do take issue with Ms Block in posting some of the things she has. I am also uncomfortable with the fact that most of her posts disappear so there is no way to go back & verify anything. Most of it is just her writing, very little documentation if any is ever presented but that takes me back to my own Uncle who has documents hidden to keep himself safe. He has since passed away but the documents are held safe to protect his family. I myself have info that only one other person in this world has access to & I know if I released it I would come up missing with no questions asked. If I come up missing those documents & info will come up found though so it is a very uneasy cat & mouse game.

That being said 99% of this Sky Valley Chronicle is lacking most of the “proof” they claim they are going to have in a couple of days… They are always going to have it in a couple of days but most times all there is nothing more then a reprint of the same story.

Whoever this is get’s himself so worked up that they can’t seem to cognitively function: In this report about “Private Dicks” he seems to have some kind of meltdown, claiming the PI is an illegal alien, that he was a bum that lived off of us for decades yet he acknowledges that he served in the military & worked for Snohomish County for decades. So please let me know when SERVING OUR COUNTRY IN THE MILITARY IS LIVING OFF THE PUBLIC’S DIME? Please let me know when Snohomish County & the military started hiring/recruiting illegal aliens because I can go to Home Depot right now & get about 50 guys a job right now!

Christensen spent most of his life living on the taxpayer’s dime in Snohomish County and in the military, according to state records. He graduated high school in Everett in 1965 and after short stint in the military worked as a deputy Snohomish County coroner from 1971 to 1973, the same year he got work as a deputy sheriff with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office where he worked until 1997, according to state records. The same records also show he worked from 1997 to 2009 as a “civilian supervisor” with the sheriff’s department doing “audits”, “evidence management” and other tasks until he retired in 2010. If you or someone you know had contact with Mr. Christensen during the years he worked with the county in three different jobs – sheriff’s deputy, deputy coroner and “civilian supervisor” – we would appreciate hearing from you.

Oh but it gets funnier, I swear. Seems like they have an inordinate obsession with Ms Block themselves as evidenced by these FIFTY-ONE “Journalistic Gems”

45} GOLD BAR WEBSITE CARRIES UNTRUTHFUL ARTICLE ABOUT NEWSPAPER AND CITIZENSFalsely claims Gold Bar Mayor and former mayor are ghostwriters



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