The people in Oso did NOT have to die… The Snohomish County Council knew about the danger

Yes you read that right! There was a plan in place to buy up that property but nothing ever came of it. It was swept under the rug along with the victims of their political aspirations.

The local paper spent years going after the county exec but failed to notice that the county council had endangered these people’s lives. As a blogger, I hold my own self to higher standards realizing I am not a journalist: That is okay.

I have kept my mouth shut about this whole situation because I wouldn’t want to hurt any of the surviving victims of this county’s corruption & failure. Then I read this article: The article was fine, just jibber jabber mostly but the comments… fissed me off to no end. This is why no one in this county has 4 brain cells operating at one time evidently. Everyone wants to point a finger but there is much to be said about getting off your ass & doing something. Even if it is just simply voting smarter. Here is my comment… I was being snarky but they knew as early as 1999: 15 years ago that this thing was possible

This whole situation is like rotten onion. John Lovick is being used as the outer layer. I am not a fan of his but this is not his fault. Look to Reardon & the entire Snohomish County Council: There was a plan to buy up these properties but politics & elections got into the way of that & it was summarily ignored while they moved onto more popular topics. Take a look again at who voted against it & then take a look at their campaign contributors. There is a cancer that runs so deep in Snohomish County that it will take removal of the entire mass to clean it up. Getting rid of one man & an aide is like removing 2 fleas from a flea infested dog. The remaining fleas are breeding, creating even more blood sucking festering pustules of fleas. We, the taxpayers, will pay for it, make no mistakes. Lovick whether you like him or not was a cop. Most normal human beings become cops to save people, & this is obviously hitting him at his core. All I see is a very shaken defeated cop who couldn’t do anything to save any of these people. Maybe if someone had noted this instead of wasting time on someone who was already on his way out the door, they might’ve picked up on this very important piece of county business that got swept under the rug. Instead dozens of people, human beings got swept away… oh but it wasn’t an important election theme was it?

The Seattle Times reported late on Monday that a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report had warned as long ago as 1999 of the “potential for a large catastrophic failure” on the hill that collapsed at the weekend.

Geologic reports noted previous landslides in the area and warned of a potential disaster. In 2004, county officials evaluated three options, including voluntarily buying out properties at the base of the hillside that collapsed nearly two weeks ago. The county based its options in part on a report by a consultant, GeoEngineers, who wrote that the landslide posed a “significant risk to human lives and private property, since human development of the flood plain in this area has steadily increased since the 1967 event.” GeoEngineers had warned in a 2000 draft study about “catastrophic failure,” saying the river at the base of the landslide-prone hill was actively cutting into the slope. That study, authored by Tracy Drury, weighed five alternatives, including buying out all the properties in flood-plain area and moving the Stillaguamish River about 2,000 feet from the slide. The cost of land purchases was estimated to be $1.6 million.

1.6 million dollars: Is there anyone reading this that honestly thinks that just one of these precious lives is worth far more then 1.6 million dollars?

Please just read this story to find out the whole story from the Seattle times, it is far more comprehensive then anything in the local paper Risk of slide ‘unforeseen’? Warnings go back decades but then again they have been chasing around someone who was on his last term & on his way out the door. Maybe this info might’ve mattered more to the people of Oso then about who was buying intimacy kits. Also the folks who ignored this have been endorsed by the local paper so there ya go… They even took a swipe at a candidate who spoke out against this that they didn’t endorse to try to make this a new campaign issue.

“Rep. Elizabeth Scott, R-Monroe, didn’t feel so inhibited and decided to trash-talk the performance of government forces coordinating the response. I couldn’t ignore her and it’ll be up to her constituents to decide this fall if her performance this week merits another term.” direct quote from Jerry Cornfield

I will be hunting down as much paperwork as I can & hopefully the families that survived this & the families of those who didn’t will get retribution. Right now they need healing, help & compassion so I am going to tone it down a bit now. Please take just a few moments to say a prayer for these families. if you haven’t already

It seems that ONLY the bloggers have noticed the problem, but very few people listen to us without 3 letter brand names or titles. All the big guns tried to warn our county council of the dangers but no one cared.
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