Update from Steve Markwell of Olympic Animal Sanctuary

AHA!!! I wrote a couple of stories about the Bailey incident, in January & February of 2012… Now I know where all the people involved in this slunk off to!



I didn’t realize that Steve was any relation to them but I lived up the hill on Banner road from the Bailey’s. They (Kitsap In~Humane) destroyed these people, their animals & their lives. I helped them & their attorney, & now it makes perfect sense why he is now Steve’s attorney. This also answers the question as to why this so~called ticket OAS haters are passing around was NOT listed on his record for the state website


So this Julie no~Goode issues a citation after there is an issue which is never posted on Steve’s record BUT hands it over to the general public. I think Rod Fleck had better worry now because that violates about 14 state laws I can think of & I’m going to send that to his attorney.

So for all the haters, who tried to bash me when they couldn’t get at Steve… How does that crow taste? Salt might help or it might sting just a little but you’ll get used to it.

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Many readers here have been following developments involving anonymous accusations against Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) in Forks, WA.  I’ve made my position clear.  Accordingly, I contacted Steve Markwell directly when anonymous accusers recently resurfaced in the blog comments to dredge up old news as if it’s new again.  I am reprinting his response here in its entirety.

At issue is an alleged cruelty citation which appears in a Forks police report about OAS spanning October – December 2012.  I posted about OAS in April and linked to an April article in an area newspaper which said:

“Conditions at the sanctuary also were investigated last fall in a six-week animal-cruelty investigation by the Forks Police Department that showed no evidence of cruelty, Bart said.”

Bart is Forks Police Administrator Rick Bart.  I asked Steve for an update and specifically to address the apparently contradictory information about the alleged cruelty citation:

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