Dirty Bastards… I’m still here & not going away any time soon

Don’t hate it when you find out that somebody you had respect for is nothing but another government cog in the wheel. As most of you know I had to file an appeal the problem is is that I can’t file an appeal because the judge did not enter a final order, two months & one day he still has not entered an order. So why is that? I’ll tell you why: it is just another pathetic petty way for them to harass me. If he doesn’t file a final order then I have to continue filing again and again and again.

It just occurs to me where I know judge Okrent from, he was a speaker over at our Chabad and he was talking about he wanted to be a teacher instead of a lawyer… well I didn’t realize at the time because I don’t do facial recognition that this was the same judge that I was in front of I went back through my pictures of that I took at the event and realized it was him. Which makes me almost physically ill here’s somebody who pretends like they’re such a great scholar, such a great leader, like they’re such a great person, and it turns out to nothing more than just another cog in the wheel of the corruption that is Snohomish County.


Like I said I’m not going anywhere I don’t know why they continue to play the games but all they’re doing is just making things worse for themselves because I’m not going to shut up, I’m not going to go away, I’m not going to quit writing. All this does is waste taxpayer money but they don’t care it’s not their money it’s your money and they get too waste it because you elected these morons actually that’s not fair judge Okrent was appointed by the last governor, I think this year he’s going to have to be elected.

I have no idea what it was in my head that made me think that he had integrity or that he was any different than anybody else. I learn these lessons every day just when I think that somebody might have a shred of decency or might actually be different I find out that I was wrong. At any rate that means I have to refile my appeal is and I will continue to refile it and then I will file it again and again and again and again and again since they’ve taken my animals I have nothing left to do but fight for them and I am going to fight for them. I’m not going to stop I don’t care if it’s two years or ten more years, I’m not going to quit. What it is about that that they don’t understand I’m not sure they all seem to be college-educated but evidently that doesn’t mean that they have the market on common sense.

I don’t think they understand it is as far as the city actors and the people that have done all this crap to me is that they have made themselves personally liable for everything that they’ve done. If they would have stayed within the parameters of the law… Well if they would’ve followed the law we wouldn’t be going to court & they wouldn’t have my animals  but if they had any of them paid attention to any of the basic laws then we wouldn’t be going through this.

Unfortunately instead of being angry I think I’m more sad. As soon as I realized that yes in fact Judge Okrent was the speaker at the Chabad it made me sad very sad that he could act like he could come in as a leader and speak and then turn around as a leader in a courtroom and do what he’s doing

So as most you know the day of my appeal of my car broke down so I can even get in to hear what he arguments were so by pretty sure my attorney wasn’t going to fight for me he won’t even call me back so you know it’s kind of a moot point down expecting him to represent my interest is like expecting me to grow in animal groups. It is frustrating, it’s maddening & it sad that the people who were sworn to uphold the law and the Constitution do nothing of the sort not even close basically it all want to get in and serve their own needs to serve their own and serve their own purpose none of which has to do with what is right and what is true and what is correct.

Here is my total court appearances… not all of them but most of them so far:

02-02-2011 Municipal

02-09-2011 Municipal

02-11-2011 Municipal

02-16-2011 Municipal

02-23-2012 Superior

02-25-2011 Municipal

02-28-2011 Superior

03-03-2011 Superior

03-11-2011 Superior

03-20-2012 Superior


03-24-2011 Municipal

03-25-2011 Municipal

03-28-2011 Municipal

03-30-2011 Municipal

04-01-2011 Municipal

04-06-2011 Municipal

04-20-2011 Superior

04-21-2011 Municpal

04-22-2011 Municipal

04-24-2011 Municipal

04-26-2011 Municipal

04-27-2011 Municipal

05-09-2011 Municipal

05-10-2011 Municipal

05/17-2011 Municipal

05-26-2011 Municipal

06-02-2011 Municipal

06-08-2011 Municipal

06-13-2011 Municipal

06-29-2011 Municipal

07-15-2011 Municipal

07-20-2011 Municipal

07-27-2011 Municipal

07-28-2011 Municipal

07-29-2011 Municipal

08-02-2011 Municipal

08-10-2011 Municipal

08-11-2011 Municipal

08-19-2011 Municipal


08-26-2011 Municipal

08-29-2011 Municipal

08-31-2011 Municipal

09-07-2011 Municipal

09-09-2011 Municipal

09-28-2011 Municipal

10-19-2011 Municipal

10-20-2011 Municipal

10-27-2011 Municipal

10-28-2011 Municipal

11-03-2011 Municipal

11-04-2011 Municipal

11-07-2011 Municipal

11-23-2011 Municipal

11-30-2011 Municipal

01-18-2012 Municipal

01-05-2012 Municipal

01-26-2012 Trial

01-27-2012 Trial

01-30-2012 Superior

01-07-2012 Superior

02-01-2012 Superior

02-07-2012 Superior

02-10-2012 Superior

02-13-2012 Superior

02-14-2012 Superior

02-15-2012 Superior

02-22-2012 Municipal

02-27-12 Municipal

03-01-2012 Superior

03-02-2012 Superior

03-05-2012 Superior

03-06-2012 Superior

03-13-2012 Superior

03-15-12 Superior

03-29-2012 Superior

04-06-2012 Superior

05-02-12 Superior

05-18-12 Superior

08-08-2012 Superior

10-29-2012 Superior

11-02-2012 Superior

11-07-2012 Superior

11-15-2012 Superior

12-06-2012 Superior

02-15-2013 Superior

03-20-2013 Superior

04-05-2013 Superior

05-02-2013 Superior

05-03-2013 Superior

05-08-2013 Superior

05-22-2013 Superior

05-29-2013 Superior

06-03-2013 Superior

06-03-13 COA

06-04-13 COA

06-04-13 Supreme Court

06-04-2013 Superior

06-07-2013 Superior

06-18-13 COA

06-26-13 COA

06-27-13 Supreme Court

07-03-13 Supreme Court

07-08-13 COA

Don’t bother counting, it is 105 appearances, there are about 15 more & don’t forget when I have to go in & file all these motions, or all the hearings I had to sit through to get ON the calendar. I average 3 to 4 hearings a month for 30 months. You can’t even make stuff like this up sadly enough. I know we passed the million dollar mark last year for the amount of money they have spent to prosecute me for a 500.00 citation which they turned into a 1000.00 misdemeanor by inventing a charge. But you know what they say…

like a bitchSnohomish County… City of Everett: You hit like a bitch

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2 thoughts on “Dirty Bastards… I’m still here & not going away any time soon

  1. Brandia, you have a Tenacity, that is God given, Animal driven, and I know it’s not funny in the least, but You Go Girl! You poster statement at the end of this article, says it all. LMAO! ASO TRUE! Well Said… Hang Tough! Dean


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