Seems I’ve fissed off one more AC Officer… no surprise she’s a friend of Christine James

I am often attacked, sometimes it pisses me of, sometimes it makes me laugh. This one is laughable & very troubling

So some woman I don’t know, who doesn’t know me is posting a new blog about me which “she is going to update every week” Did not know I was that exciting but okay. It makes no sense, she accuses me of all kinds of crap then quotes from my pages & disproves everything she said. So obviously this is NOT a smart one… Oh but it gets better: Read on

Finally Home “Humane Society” Brandia Taamu  jjoneswithlove 2013-06-30 01-00-15So as you may have guessed this JJones is an anonymous coward. BUT evidently a King County Animal Control OFFICER named Rebecca Cleveland Diel, posted it on her page, but she is also a friend of Christine James, so of course Christine shared it on her page. So either the writer/author is Christine or this Rebecca, because I went through my donor list & I have no J. Jones who donated anything to me.

The other weird thing is I don’t even have any donation buttons on my pages right now, not that I don’t NEED donations but I got upset with payapl for not refunding stolen funds & took them off of my site. The only thing I have is a gift card registry but I have never even got a gift card from that because I haven’t really pushed it

Facebook 2013-06-30 01-13-22So here is the thing: She as a PUBLIC SERVANT is slandering me, BIG no~no but she seems to think if she hides her page no one can see it… Wrong. So I go from laughing to being pissed but then just to see who this is I google her name & I come up with some pictures which explains PERFECTLY why she is a friend of Christine James & also might explain the problems the shelter was plagued with for years.

First off I don’t know what she is doing with Panzer… one of the 12 dogs I took care of in Ollala

222623_1089206963100_3196269_nBut if you ever wonder what AC does all day: Here ya go (((sigh)))

co-workers who will not be happy 2013-06-29 15-14-42The ONLY one who seems concerned with the cat being prepped for surgery is someone named Nathan

co-workers who will not be happy 2013-06-29 15-12-30A DIRTY sop vac being used on a cat… ya that seems okay NOT!!!!

co-workers who will not be happy 2013-06-29 15-07-41I don’t know if there really is a cat in the suitcase or not but these people are supposed to be working, not making fun of abusing animals & YES this picture was taken while these folks were at work, so now you know how your hard earned tax dollars are being spent. I also don’t know what kind of a sick mind thinks it would be funny to put a cat in a suitcase or even joke about it. Keep in mind these are only her “public pictures” which go online, I shudder to think what she has set on private.

I only hope the 2 cats above faired better then this one

Cat fight Humane Society battling union over workers, bad raps - Bellevue Reporter 2013-06-30 02-54-59So about this time the Union Rep who is under the gun turns this whole thing around & starts after the Seattle Humane Society (((WTH)))) Now for those of you who are paying attention: NOTICE THE LAST NAME OF THE UNION REP! Yep it seems the little harpy who is slandering me is NON OTHER then the wife of this union rep who by the way is no longer with KCACC (King County Animal Care & Control) since he got passed over for a promotion he sued them & lost.

So now I am disgusted & only slightly amused. I hear the same shit over & over: I am somehow “scamming money” which is funny, no animals have ever died in my care for lack of medical care, or neglect, I have posted all of my vet records, I have a car that needs brakes, a new carberator because it is 28 years old, it also needs an alternator belt, & two CV joints & I have NO idea when or where the frickin muffler fell off but I haven’t seen it in about 3 years. I haven’t had an oil change in so long that I am afraid there is some sort of reverse osmosis going on in my engines & it is going to be growing dinosaurs in my engine soon. I don’t eat meat & I eat top ramen about 4 days of the week. I do have a can of “Spotted Dick” in my cupboard but quite frankly I am afraid to even open it let alone eat it. The clothes I have either came from Value Village or are hand me downs. I don’t drink booze, I’m allergic to it or I’d probably be a big old boozer by now with all the crap I have gone through, my phone & computer are the most expensive things I own (I know this because I checked the Blue Book Value on my car & the phone & computer are worth more) & those were given to me. I go get my water from a free artesian well so no bottled water for me. If I do manage to get a hold of any money it goes to premium dog food, wormer, flea meds & shots to give to the community. All of my kids have jobs & take care of their kids, I don’t even have the damn dollar to play the lotto to see if I could win… SO WHAT IN THE HELL AM I SCAMMING??? I suck at fundraising so I don’t get a lot of donations to begin with but yet I get accused of stealing something I don’t have?

Something else that pisses me off ~ I NEVER ABUSED MY ANIMALS. They are my life & the ONLY reason I haven’t killed myself til now, my skin kids are grown & on their own, my furkids I love just as much & they were my world. I stayed in my car for 17 days with my animals because 1 was terminally ill & didn’t have long to live, the others were seniors & there was no way in hell I was going to dump them in some shelter to be killed. I have years & years worth of vet records posted right on my web page, when they took my animals there are pictures of all of their medications, again right on my web page so if people are just too dumb to figure that out, I don’t know what to do about that because I learned a very long time ago you just can’t fix stupid. I am the person who gets teased for saying excuse me, thank & please to my animals.

Anyway just when I thought I ad found what I could about this Rebecca woman then I find this little gem: NOTHING LIKE BEING A HYPOCRITE!!!

Willhe's Place - Timeline  Facebook 2013-06-29 23-56-19I guess I should’ve stayed in tent instead of a warm car.

Seems to me like kind sticks with like kind… Christine still CAN NOT stop lying. My new rule for her is if her lips are moving or her fingers are hitting the keyboard then she is lying.

CJ's Dog Rescue 2013-06-30 01-18-02I wonder what the new shelter manager is going to think about these pictures? Better yet I wonder what the King County Council is going to think. I keep trying to tell people you shouldn’t talk about folks while your closet is overflowing with your own skeletons. I don’t hide anything about myself, no need to, I have been through crap in my life & made mistakes but I OWN them, I don’t try to blame everyone else for them. All it takes is a simple subpoena to get the IP address for the blog & viola! I have another name to add to the lawsuit.

You know what John Wayne says though!


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