Why we need laws governing “Rescues”

So it seems like just another one of my un~popular ideas. Laws rules regulation, & registration for any rescue in our state. In ALL states. Well except for Illinois, they have oversight & you even have to apply with their state’s Dept of Ag to be a foster home! It is their rules I want to model our new rules after. Our Washington State Department of Agriculture is absolutely on board with this whole plan as well.

Animal Welfare

So many stories about bad rescues have hit the news lately that I am surprised anyone with a pulse would trust any of us with a sock let alone a living creature.

HSUS is not even an animal care facility even though the commercials show them caring for the injured & unloved, ad nauseam & they are currently under investigation for fraud & numerous other things, PETA has a kill rate of about 98% & even with the millions in donations they get they are still too cheap to pay for their own garbage cans to dump the bodies of these poor souls, so they them in neighboring businesses dumpsters, ASPCA has turned into media whores with their bread & butter term “hoarders” City & County shelters are killing animals left & right by accident or abuse. Animal Protection laws are not being used to protect animals but they are doing as good of a job at stripping & violating people’s civil rights as the the un~Patriot Act or NDAA.

Add the downward spiral of the economy & the first victims of that are usually the animals & the need is overwhelming. It is easy for good rescues to get overwhelmed, it is easier for bad people to get in on the act to make a quick buck. Even more sinister is the fact that the glut of animals in need has created a virtual overflow of animals for abusers & fighters.

Trust me when I tell you it is easy to get overwhelmed, I have been in over my head a few times, not to the point where the media showed up but to the point where I have sat in a corner & cried while eating a cup of soup & drinking a cup of tea from a 4 time used tea bag. As a new rescuer I got in too deep with no idea what the hell I was doing because I was operating on emotion, not logic. The difference between a good rescuer & a rescue/hoarder is the ability to separate your emotions from what you are doing. The problem is that there are no “guidelines” & no “training” & that sets a dangerous precedence for people & animals. Humans need guidelines, seriously.

First off all rescues need to be registered & licensed, period. I was licensed as an “Animal  Shelter” for years before getting my non-profit, but the way it is normally done is that people start a rescue & get a non-profit when they get the money for it. A Washington State Non-Profit is less then 100 dollars & the Master Business License is around 30 bucks. Honestly if you don’t have the money for that you have no business doing rescue.

As it stands now anyone can get a statement from a vet saying you bring in animals to be treated as a “rescue” & you can get an Adoptpet or Petfinder account. Then you can create a Facebook account & a free web page somewhere & you are “in business” no accreditation, no training, no one to oversee what you are doing or to make sure you are doing things right. It is a bit like giving some folks a B-52 bomber & no more then a love for airplanes & letting them fly.

I know because I started out this way I was lucky in the fact that I had 4 other rescues to bail me out when I started getting in too deep. The only problem with that is that they kept bailing me out instead of putting their foot in my arse, not because they were irresponsible but because they started out the same exact way.

I am sorry but “Rescue” is a business, granted it is not a business model endeavor, it is more like the anti-business model, but you deal with buying & selling or “adoption fees” as we like to say to give others the warm fuzzies.

Back in the old days before there were “rescues” there were shelters, dump the dog there, they kill it or there were breeders. Yes breeders were the original “rescuers” & as much as HSUS, PETA, ASPCA & the other rescues & shelter would like you to believe they are the living breathing anti~christ, they were the first one’s to rescue. THEY are also the first ones to put their feet about 10 feet deep in my arse, I got no mercy from them but they did help me & they taught me more then anyone else. Why? Because they already knew the financial ins & outs, the space requirements, what it took in daily food & activity & interaction with specific animals & they already know their limit but they also have “regulations”

So who would I have you blame for the pet overpopulation? Most dogs in the shelters come from one of 2 sources, “oops puppies” & BAD breeders. Even then the bad breeders dogs only account for about 18% of the shelter pet population. GOOD breeders dogs don’t end up at shelters & if they do it is purely by mistake. I learned this by getting a purebred from a shelter, when I went to change the micro-chip info I had a hysterical woman calling me within 10 minutes. She was the dogs breeder, there was a contract, this dog was supposed to be returned to her… problem is she lives on the east coast & I am a poor rescue scared out of my mind I was going to get sued. She paid the cost to fly the dog back home & even gave me 100.00 donation!!! WTH??? I thought breeders were all Amish creeps or people from Missouri with pitchforks, with 4 teeth & married into their own families! Since that time I have gotten a few dogs & I found ways to contact their breeders & almost all but 1 of them retrieved their dogs, the one who didn’t ~ she let a family member of mine adopt the dog with a contract & after a home visit by one of her friends over here.

We had a crappy mill, they were going out of “business”, it was either come get the 60+ dogs or they’d take them all out back & shoot them all, pit was already dug with a back-hoe. I essentially emailed 450 rescues, they wanted to start a paypal account, a facebook campaign, get donations first etc… We had 3 days, they screwed around with 2 of them. I called a breeder friend of mine 2 states over, she said “Where can I meet you?” She took almost all of those dogs, got them groomed, got them fixed, got them vetted & all it says on her page as of today, is she still has standard poodle or doodle mixes fixed & vetted for sale. NO DRAMA. Oh there was 5 she didn’t take I did, but I just met her in Moses Lake & she took the last 5 back from me. They were small ones who could get adopted quickly to help her pay for a fraction of the vetting she has already done. I didn’t have the heart to adopt them out & get money off her back & all the work she did.

But back to who else to “blame”… WHO HAS THE ABSOLUTE POWER TO END PET OVER POPULATION? Veterinarian’s that’s who! We don’t need to create programs to pay them in excess of 300.00 per animal we need to put a cap on their fees. Seriously think about it from a purely money motivated point of view or from the vet’s perspective, more puppies = more clients… So what if a couple 1000 die a month in this state, there is a chance that the one’s who don’t could perspectively be “new clients”

There wouldn’t even be a pet “over~population” issue if it wasn’t for the insanely cruel fees these people are charging. There are good vet’s who really do care for animals, that will charge a very very low fee to both pet owners & rescues. The rest need to be run out of business & I would love to be the one to do it.

If we don’t want the left wing crazy animal rights wacko’s to take over our country we need to take some initiative & get involved in the process, to be a part of the solution. Breeders have regulations, so should rescues. Vet’s have the power to end the overpopulation problem: let’s MAKE them do it.

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2 thoughts on “Why we need laws governing “Rescues”

  1. I believe the USDA should be regulating animal shelters…they are already set up with regulations and inspectors to see the regulations are followed and the best part (already paid with taxpayer money. We don’t need state laws and reason to increase state taxes)-we need a federal standard. Best -B


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