The Reardon’s “fall from grace”… More like a step up

So Leland Dart broke this story first on My Everett News

Kate Reardon Resigns as Everett Public Information Director

It is a short article chronicling all of her accomplishments: with one little snide remark “Here is the press release she issued about herself…”

Of course I didn’t miss that. I doubt the Reardon’s did either. I am waiting for all the snide remarks one the Herald breaks the news. I think that was the smartest move she could’ve made, for herself, for her children, & for her marriage.

I personally will not miss her, I don’t even know her. I prefer the other woman as a person because I know her & what she has been through, but I bet a few biddies around the water cooler will. I also know she is not so innocent herself, far from it but when you are in that kind of company you do what you have to.

I know all of the rhetoric will be about her husband & how his “fall from grace” incited this career path but considering the company they were keeping the fall is most definitely a step up.

Them rock throwing glass house living hypocrites had not better utter a peep or I will get a sudden case of SnoHO shenanigans diarrhea of the mouth… Worse yet maybe the SnoCo “up & coming first family” may get a case of their own diarrhea of the mouth & I don’t think ANYONE in govt or politics wants that. (but I sure as hell do!)

I bet there are going to be a few folks crapping out a few proverbial bricks once they realize that the Reardon’s no longer have anything “left to lose” & I still say I am right & that Mr Reardon will rear his head again & a few dirty little secrets are going to come flying out of quite a few closets. What better way to come back stronger then ever as the guy who was repressed by corruption who gave up his career to take down the real bad guys?

Either way it does my heart good to know that there are going to be some corrupt devious good for nothing squirming for a very long time…

I smell some very big changes coming in the City of Everett or it could just be the “bricks”

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