Man sentenced for beating a puppy but there is more to the story & few heros too.

In an all too common headline we see a little bit of hope, maybe even a little inspiration. Man sentenced for beating, choking, kicking, throwing & slamming the head of a puppy into a porch

It took many hero’s to make this headline appear though. The neighbor who’s name is still unknown had to step in once she seen the puppy being abused.

Police were called Oct. 17 to a home in Sultan, where Palmer was a houseguest. A neighbor reported that she saw Palmer kick 2-month-old Precious across her neighbors’ yard and pick the dog up by the throat. Concerned for the puppy, she ran toward the pair. She told police Palmer had the animal by the throat and was hitting her head against a porch floor. The woman screamed for Palmer to stop. She told police the puppy belonged to the homeowners, her neighbors. Palmer allegedly told the woman the dog was his and repeatedly talked about the puppy defecating everywhere. The woman threatened to call 911 if Palmer didn’t hand over the dog. She told police that eventually Palmer tossed Precious to her. The woman was able to catch the dog. She fled and called 911. Palmer allegedly chased after the woman, but she warned him that she would defend herself if he stepped onto her property. Palmer left.
Precious was vomiting and unable to hold up her head or walk, court papers said. The puppy was taken to Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital, where an ultrasound revealed internal bleeding, most likely involving the liver or spleen. A veterinarian said that type of severe trauma is typically only present if a dog has been hit by a car or kicked in the stomach. The puppy also had an injury to her eye, either from direct trauma to the eye or increased blood pressure due to strangulation. When police questioned Palmer, he reportedly told them that he was disciplining the dog because she wouldn’t go outside to defecate, court papers said. He said “maybe” he shouldn’t have kicked or thrown the puppy. He later allegedly told an animal control officer that Precious was “just” a dog. The man told police he already owes the courts 16 hours in anger management classes.

This man is obviously very violent but yet she stepped up to save a life who could not save itself. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PEOPLE LIKE HER

As most of you have seen with the Edmonds case, if the prosecutor & police don’t step up to the plate it doesn’t matter who did what. In this case they all did the right thing, the man was sentenced & is prohibited from owning any animals ever again. He is probably out by now but the message was clear.

It is ashamed that most stories I have to write involve multiple agencies & people screwing up & not “getting it right” but I think the Heaven’s must be smiling down on all of us in Snohomish County right about now.

TWO TIMES in this week I have seen hope rise from ashes but you all know me by now. I can never just settle with a headline: I have to look further so that I can understand it start to finish. I looked up the Judge because someone thought it would be a good idea to thank him for doing the right thing when so many just don’t even seem to care. So I typed in the Judges name “Eric Z Lucas”

but there were many results for this man so I had to check it out

This article tells the story of Cyle, a little boy who died of leukemia and the foster parents who changed his life. This article introduces the idea that each and every person is important and actually can provide the world with real benefit if they just do their job – act in a manner that consider…
The piece above was actually written by the Judge. Without going into literally HUNDREDS of common sense rulings that he has made regarding children, those at risk & the law. I would invite you to look him up yourself. Most of all I would invite you to make sure to always vote for him. I have already volunteered for his next re-election campaign
Most telling is one particular book he wrote

The Tao of Public Service: A Memoir: On Seeking True Purpose

Who knew we had such a gem in the middle of all the smut & sexcapades that go on daily in Snohomish County?

I should also note something very important here: The REASON I have such disgust & hatred for the disgusting piece of garbage Municipal Court Judge in my case is the above book. I actually own & have read it. I didn’t put two & two together until just this moment. Maybe I should send a copy to Judge Mitchell so he can understand that the courts aren’t his palyground to run his own personal vendettas & that YES he does actually have to follow the LAW, & that he is beholden to the Supreme Court. I think his first statement to me was “The Supreme Court seems to think you have a right to represent yourself but we here in Everett don’t” is what made me hate him & realize he was no more an officer of the court then I am a “Cherokee Princess”

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One thought on “Man sentenced for beating a puppy but there is more to the story & few heros too.

  1. Judge Eric Lucas may care about animals, but he surely doesn’t care about human victims of abuse. My daughter and grand-daughter are going on over eight years of abuse by my ex son-in-law due to a blatant political favor this judge did for their abuser. He showed utter disregard for the law and evidence, and enjoyed subjecting my family to emotional, financial and physical torture, all as a favor to his friend, Aaron Reardon, who did a favor for my daughter’s abuser. Mr. Lucas should not be in a position to rule on anybody’s life, as he is an out of control socio-pathic bully. His own son is so afraid of him, that he would rather run down a cop, than answer to his father for drinking and driving-no worries, daddy was able to pull strings to get him off.


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